British Shorthair White: Originally from Great Britain with a Majestic Look

    If there is a cat on the mind of everyone who wants to own a cat, it should be the British Shorthair. Also known as the teddy bear, this beautiful velvety fluffy and docile cat breed has been every cat lover's dream for once. White coat is particularly rare for this breed and therefore few specimens have this coat. The British Shorthair white is then one of the most often sought-after cats of this species. The beauty of this fur is so striking that this cat is exceptional.

    Kittens that fall into this category have a colored birthmark on the top of the forehead. This color does not always identify the animal as belonging to the British Shorthair white line. The kitten's eyes are also blue, which differs from the final color. Their particularities will gradually change to proudly represent this type of British Shorthair cat.

British Shorthair white

   Growing up, the cat will no longer have parts of the fur of another color but will have an entirely white coat. On their sides, the eyes also change color. Having become golden, they are between coppery and golden nuances.

   This particularity is all the more interesting as the contrast is striking with the white of the dress. The British Shorthair white is therefore very attractive with its unique look.

   Now, to get to know these beautiful cats better, let's learn a little more about them.

   British Shorthair white

The British Shorthair  Its name allows us to know its origins and physical characteristics from the outset. The British Shorthair originated in Great Britain. Its majestic look is recognizable by its short hair and looks like a real teddy bear.


   Characteristics of the British Shorthair White

  The British Shorthair's body is strong and muscular. This quite robust body also has nice curves. This is also why it is considered the "teddy bear" of the feline race. With broad shoulders and hips, it also has medium to short length legs and a thick tail.

 One of the peculiarities of this breed is the level of its short nose with open and curved nostrils. His very round eyes are generally the same color as his dress which can be declined in 17 shades, although the British Shorthair silver is the most appreciated.

 British Shorthair white

  History of the British Shorthair breed

  The British Shorthair has had quite a checkered history. Originally from England, he had as ancestors alley cats whose ancestors themselves had a strong Chartreux appearance. Significant crosses were made between the best of the breed so that they could be exhibited in London at the Crystal Palace in 1871.

  However, these different breed mixes took several generations before they were recognized as British Shorthairs. The same problem appears during the Second World War which destroyed the farms of this breed. Persian crosses in particular made it possible at the time to restore all the physical characteristics of the British Shorthair.

 British Shorthair white

   Suitable Home And Behavior

   The British Shorthair white's character is quite calm and peaceful. enjoys the presence of other cats or dogs in the house. He is also good with children. He is a great hunter as well as very playful. Even if he can't find anyone to play with, he can play with a small toy or any object he finds in the house. The cat trees and cat towers are well suited for the British Shorthair White as he is a playful cat.

Moreover, the British do not suffer from loneliness, he can stay alone for a long time in the apartment, an interesting feature for masters who are often absent. Although we say all this, it is very important to create the appropriate environment if you are going to leave your cat at home for long hours. You can get cat condos and cat scratcher houses for your cat. When you come home after a long day at work, it's so fun to see your cat sleeping inside the cat house.

    It can also do very well in gardens and large spaces. The ideal would be to equip it with a bell or a GPS collar connected to Wifi integrating a GSM chip if it is left free.

 British Shorthair white

   The Right Diet and Health Care for British Shorthair White

   The British Shorthair can easily be prone to overweight if its diet is not properly monitored. This great gourmand must consume foods rich in protein, preferably with low-fat content. To ensure iron health, intake of essential vitamins and nutrients is also recommended.

  Genetic diseases such as polycystic kidney disease or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy should be considered, as they are descended from the Persian cat. It would be appropriate to perform tests for these diseases at regular intervals.

 British Shorthair white

In the light of this information, you can now make a better decision about owning a British shorthair white.

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