Devon Rex Kitten [A Must Read Before Adopting One, All the Essentials]

  Everyone says that the Devon Rex kitten is ideal for a family, But at the same time, this eccentric, very affectionate, and highly sensitive cat is too special to be given to everyone.

    Devon Rex is an atypical breed of cat with large ears. He likes humans and other animals very much in the home. Smart and sociable. His only wish is to be cuddled by his master. When not in your arms or on your shoulder, the Devon Rex likes to play and run around the house.

   For people allergic to cats, Devon Rex is a good choice to own. The standard of the cat breed tells us that Devon Rex Kitten is so curious, his body muscular and solid with beautiful finesse and he is a medium-sized cat.

The head is small, longer than wide with a short muzzle. The chin is strong, the cheeks prominent, the ears open at the base and large about his head ending in a nice roundness. The eyes are large and set apart with the shape of a lemon and of a harmonious color concerning her dress.

  The legs of Devon rex are moderately thin with small oval feet. The tail is long and tapers towards the tip. He has medium-sized curly eyebrows and mustaches.


Devon Rex kitten

  The origins of the breed

  This breed of cat originates from Devonshire in England. Devon Rex exists thanks to a genetic mutation between a domestic cat and a curly-haired cat created by Beryl Cox in 1960. After the resale of her Karlee cat to breeders of Cornish Rex, a recently created breed, and after several matings, the Devon Rex was on sight by day.

  Through breeding programs, it was found that the Kirlee cat and the Cornish Rex cats had a different genes; in fact, it was found that the Devon gene and the Cornish gene each had their characteristics. The breed was definitively recognized in 1979.


  The character and behavior of the Devon Rex Kitten

  This cat seems shy at first glance, but it is a really playful and very funny feline. The Devon Rex is sociable and will enjoy spending time with his master and other family members, but also with his congeners.

   He likes to spend time in your arms or on your shoulder. Joyful and curious, he does not like to be alone at home, and he has an infinite need for affection. He is a cat with an excellent character and you will not be able to do without him. You can place cat towers and trees to your home when you leave home, so your cat can climb on them and have fun. Exercising is a need for all cat breeds, especially if they are playful like a Devon Rex kitten. 

 Devon Rex kitten

The suitable diet for the Devon Rex Kitten

This cat has an excessive appetite, he always asks for more even though he may have intestinal disorders. Ideally, you should give him his food several times and in smaller quantities. Adapt his diet according to his daily physical activity and his age.


   The health of the Devon Rex Kitten

  The Devon Rex cat breed is sensitive to temperature extremes; the cold and the very hot. Never take him out in the winter or he will quickly catch a cold.

  It can easily be affected by skin infections, and ear infections although quite strong, and will live up to more than 15 years very easily. Vaccinate him against cat diseases; coryza, leucosis, typhus, and rabies.


  The life expectancy of a cat of the breed

  Its life expectancy is between 15 to 18 years. With quality food and good care, you can ensure that your Devon Rex kitten lives a long and healthy life with you.

 Devon Rex kitten

     Hygiene for the Devon Rex cat

  The Devon Rex does not require too much care or brushing; his very short hair means that he will be able to clean himself. You will have to make an effort in cleaning his ears, without too much hair, they are a nest of dust because without any protection.

  In winter, it is possible to put a sweater on it so that it does not catch a cold. You should know that you should never brush it; instead, rub it with a glove or soft cloth. Last little care, clean his eyes, he tends to secrete more than other cats.


   The Training of a Devon Rex Cat

  As he loves his master, the Devon Rex will be lively and cheerful to learn how to behave well. He will be confident toward his master and the other people in the home because he needs to be reassured. He is a cat who is easy to bring back objects. He needs regular mental exercise to learn and communicate better. He also needs his instinctive need like scratching and hunting to be satisfied for the suitable mindset for training. You can check our cat scratchers for the job. 

 Devon Rex kitten

  The colors of the Devon Rex

  The breed color standard supports all color variations and designs. The two-tone and the dress to point like the Siamese is authorized.


   Size and weight

  The size of a cat is 12 inches on average and the weight is between 7 to 11 pounds.

  The Devon Rex kitten doesn’t like loneliness. He loves the cuddles of his master. He likes to climb and jump everywhere and is full of energy. You absolutely must offer him a large cat tree.

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