White Maine Coon: General Presentation Health And Care ( Full Guide)

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Originally from the state of Maine in the United State. This breed of cat, characterized by its imposing size, is today the most popular ahead of the Persian and the Sacred Birman. The White Maine Coon is distinguished from other Maine coons only by its striking feathers. However, like all white cats of any breed, he has certain sensitivities.


General Presentation Of White Maine Coon


According to an old legend, the Maine Coon is the result of a cross between cats and raccoons, hence its name Coon, meaning raccoon in English (short for raccoon). Genetically, it's impossible, but it remains the most widespread legend to this day.

The most plausible origin would be the interbreeding between native and semi-wild cats from the northeastern United States, with Angora cats imported by the first English settlers. Another hypothesis also states that these cats would have been imported by European immigrants and would have adapted to the harsh living conditions of the region.

white maine coon 

Physical description

The White Maine Coon is characterized by its powerful musculature and its long size, its body being able to measure up to one meter in length. Its growth lasts between 3 and 5 years, reaching a weight between 6 and 9 kg for males and between 4 and 6 kg for females. Her head is medium in size and her cheekbones are high and prominent. The square muzzle is another characteristic of this breed. The Maine Coon has long hair and a long, thick tail. Its ears are large and wide at the base with tufts of hair at their ends, called “tufts”.


Life Expectancy

  The Maine Coon lives an average of 16 years. Genetics and the choice of breeding have a significant impact on its health and lifespan.


 Reproduction And Gestation

 The ideal age to have babies is between 2 and 5 years old, although, from 8 to 9 months, the body of the cat allows her to support a pregnancy. Pregnancy usually lasts 65 days in the female Maine Coon. The first signs only appear 3 to 4 weeks after mating. Different elements show the beginning of pregnancy, such as the nipples which swell and become pinker, the belly which grows, and nausea. The cat also tends to become more cuddly during gestation. Before whelping, you must provide a whelping box with absorbent paper in a calm and clean place. After giving birth, the cat grooms itself and the kittens will have to instinctively find the teats and cling to them.

 A female Maine Coon can give birth to a litter of 4 to 6 kittens. However, at 8 weeks, the kittens are not completely weaned and it is best to wait 10 to 12 weeks before separating the young from their mother.

 white maine coon


 Due to its larger size and the fact that it grows longer than other cats, it is possible to give white Maine Coon kitten croquettes longer because they are richer than adult croquettes. This will promote its growth and in particular that of its framework. In addition, with its long hair, it needs more protein and fatty acids than other cat breeds. However, like other cats, it feeds several times a day, in small portions. 

There are 3 types of food for the Maine Coon:

Dry food (kibbles)

Wet food (cans or trays)

Homemade food

 Dry food corresponds to kibble. These have a balanced composition of proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Feeding only kibble is therefore quite possible. The kibble just like the water must be at will because the cat knows how to self-regulate.

Wet food is found in the form of boxes or trays. This form of feeding can sometimes cause an acceleration of intestinal transit resulting in odorous stools. These boxes often have a higher cost than kibble.

 Regarding homemade food, the master must be careful to balance the nutritional intake between the different constituents of the meal. Cats fed homemade food sometimes suffer from deficiencies.

 Regardless of the type of food chosen, the basis of the Maine Coon's diet must be meat. In other words, his diet should be high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and variable in fat.


Despite what most people think, giving milk to an adult cat is not recommended. Indeed, a digestive ferment (lactase) is necessary to digest milk. At birth, this ferment is present in the body and thus allows the kitten to digest its mother's milk. During weaning and switching to a meat diet, this ferment decreases. The cat will no longer digest milk properly. However, if you continue to give milk to your cat from time to time, it will continue to produce the lactase necessary for the digestion of milk.


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 White Maine Coon Health And Care


 Like other cat breeds, the white Maine Coon licks itself clean. One brushing per week is sufficient to keep the cat's coat in good condition. During the molt, more frequent brushing is necessary, this will prevent him from swallowing too much hair.

  In addition, a shower every 3-4 months is recommended. The Maine Coon will be all the more grateful because it is a cat that likes to feel clean.

 The shower must be taken in a previously heated room to prevent the cat from getting cold when leaving the shower. Before washing the cat, it is better to comb it because a wet knot is much harder to remove. It is also advisable to apply and leave a degreaser on the animal's hair. After a few minutes, rinse and then apply the shampoo all over the body, being careful not to get water in the ears and eyes.

 Finally, rinsing is an important step in the final appearance of the animal's hair. Rinse from the front of the body to the rear end. A well-rinsed hair has a crunchy texture under the fingers. Once the cat has been well rinsed, a new delicate detangling of the hair with a comb is necessary. A low-power, moderate-heat hair dryer can then be used to dry the cat.



 White Maine Coons can be affected by different pathologies:

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HMC: This disease affects adult or young adult cats. It is difficult to detect until the onset of heart failure. In some cases, the only visible symptoms are lethargy, anorexia, or difficulty breathing. This disease can be congenital, hereditary, or a consequence of another disease.
  • Hip dysplasia: This is an abnormality in the development of the joint. These malformations cause joint instability and the development of joint disease. Dysplasia often leads to osteoarthritis. This disease can be genetic or favored by certain environmental factors.
  • Polycystic kidney disease: This disease causes cysts in the kidneys, destroying kidney tissue, which can cause kidney failure and death of the animal. These cysts can be present from birth and grow larger thereafter. However, this disease is still rare in Maine Coons.

 Why are white cats more fragile?

Unfortunately, cats of this magnificent color tend to have a few more worries than others. For starters, a completely white cat is more likely to be deaf. It depends on his genes. The probability of being deaf is greater (up to 85%) if the cat has blue eyes, while it decreases if the eyes have another color (20%). It is also very important to avoid crossing 2 white cats so as not to increase the probability that the babies are deaf, and you should never breed a deaf white cat because it has a good chance of transmitting this deafness to babies. kittens.

White also increases the likelihood of contracting skin cancers related to sun exposure. In this case, the cat may not be completely white, it is enough that it has white extremities (especially the nose and ears). This can be avoided with the application of protective creams, but it is often complicated to put them on constantly. If the cat develops squamous cell carcinoma, the only solution is amputation, which is possible, especially for the ears, but rarely for the nose.

The simplest solution to manage these problems is to keep these cats in an apartment or in any case to prevent outside access. Deaf cats are in great danger on the street because they cannot hear cars and the windows effectively mask UV rays. Beware of deafness, it can be monolateral and therefore more difficult to diagnose.

 White maine coon

 Maine Coon Kittens

 In a litter, kittens should be healthy, free from puffy eyes, and not abnormally limp. You have to let the kitten “choose you”. As with all animals, there is usually a baby in the litter that will instinctively come and is interested in you more than the others. The kitten should not show real signs of aggression and be curious about you.


Differences Between Male And Female?

 As we explained earlier, the male will be more imposing than the female, but just as sweet and affectionate. THE only real difference between a male and a female is that the male will tend to urinate to mark his territory and the female will be in heat repeatedly. 

The Maine Coon can have different colors:
  • Solid color (solid): black, red, brown, white, gray (etc.)
  • Striped (tabby)
  • “Diluted”, in other words, a gene “dilutes” the color: brown/black becomes blue, red becomes cream.
  • Silver or smoke: Maine Coon silver (said of a tabby cat) and Maine Coon smoke (said of a solid cat) have the base of silver hair.


Did you know?

In 2012, the record for the largest cat was held by a Maine Coon named Stewie who was 123 cm long.



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