Discover the White Ragdoll Cat: Gentle Calm Affectionate (With Pictures)

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The Ragdoll is a large cat that competes for the title of largest cat in the world with the Maine Coon. We talk about a White Ragdoll cat by his attitude when he is in your arms. Gentle giant, balanced and quiet strength, it will adapt to your family life. The antithesis of a feline, its behavior, and its character without any aggressiveness make it an extraordinary domestic cat. The white Ragdoll cat’s coat is very soft, he will be in adoration in front of his master and will remain for hours on your lap.

white ragdoll breed

The origins of the breed

The breed of this cat’s origins date back to the 60s in the United States and its name means rag doll. Indeed, as soon as you have it in your arms, it becomes soft like a rag doll. Originally from Riverside, California, the first cat of this breed was created in 1963 by Ann Baker, a breeder of Persian cats.

The mating between a white cat with semi-long hair named Josephine and a male of unknown origin named Blackie gave rise to this new breed of cat.

From the 1980s, the descendants of Joséphine were imported to Great Britain with 2 pairs of this breed. These 2 couples are for a lot in the standard of the breed in Europe.

white ragdoll breed

Appearance of the White Ragdoll Cat

For the standards of this breed, the head should be broad, triangular and with rounded outlines, the skull should be flat, the muzzle and chin should be moderately long and the nose should have a curve.

The ears are medium, wide, and slightly tilted forward, and the eyes are oval and large with intense blue color.

The body is large with solid musculature, the legs are long, the hind ones longer than the front ones, and the feet are long and large with interdigital hair. The tail white Ragdoll cat is long and in proportion to the body, its coat is medium to long with a very soft texture.

White Ragdoll Cat size and weight

The size of the Ragdoll is more or less 35 centimeters and its weight is between 3 and 9 kilos.

white ragdoll breed

The character and behavior of White Ragdoll Cat

Balanced, gentle, calm, discreet, and affectionate cat. Discreet because its meow is very soft. Homebody and not very fearful, it is even inadvisable to let him out, he is unaware of the danger that can await him. Ideal domestic cat for all calm people and elderly people, it exudes sweetness and kindness.

Ragdolls get along well with other pets. Thanks to their calm and dignified character, they are very suitable for large families. The white Ragdoll cat is an indoor cat, very homey, the Ragdoll can travel without a problem and will adapt to its new environment.

This breed of cat seeks cuddles and tenderness from its master and will always be behind you!

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The diet

For your cat, avoid all so-called human food, which is too fatty and salty. To avoid weight gain, you can give him a portion of mash every day or quality kibble.

Always choose your food according to its specific needs; kittens, sterilized cats, indoor cats, and senior cats.

 white ragdoll breed

The health of the White Ragdoll Cat

Of good constitution, this breed can however be affected by cardiomyopathy, that is to say, a cardiac syndrome following the thickening of the wall of the heart.

For hereditary disease, ask the breeder at the time of your purchase for the parents' pedigree certificates.

20% of cats of this breed are threatened by this disease because of the gene mutation.

Life Expectancy:

The life expectancy of the breed is between 12 to 17 years.


Weekly grooming is sufficient for this medium to the long-haired cat.

During molting, you will need to brush it every day.

This cat does not require special care and its hair does not tangle.

The colors of the Ragdoll cat breed

The Ragdoll cat has the same colors as the Siamese; it is of the pointed category and its colors are: Seal points, blue points, lilac points, chocolate points, cinnamon points, and fawn points, white points always in gloved version with white feet or in two-tone.

White Ragdoll Cat size and weight

The size of the Ragdoll is more or less 35 centimeters and its weight is between 3 and 9 kilos.

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