Different Types of Dog Breeds Hounds You Didn't Know

From the moment dogs began to live with humans, dogs have been used for hunting. There are many different types of hunting dogs used as aids in hunting humans. Read on to find out what these different types of hunting dogs are!

There are four different types of hunting dogs. Each of them has a different task. Let's take a closer look at what their duties are!


Different types of hunting dogs


People refer to bloodhounds as tracking dogs. They have a strong sense of smell that allows them to follow the tracks of prey. When they find prey, they bark while chasing the prey to alert other predators.

These dogs can hunt alone or in groups. However, they always follow the directions of their owners when hunting. They are always commanded by their owners to chase, capture or bring prey to them.

For large and small hunts, people prefer bloodhounds as hunting dogs. They are used in deer hunting in France, fox hunting in England, and wild rabbit and brown bear hunting in Spain.



Hounds are renowned for their sense of smell, while whippet dogs are known for their keen eyesight. They can cut prey from very long distances. When they see the prey, they chase it until they catch it.

The method (modus operandi) of whippets is to be quiet and fast. This method is highly effective in hunting many prey as large as deer.

Hunters have used this type of dog for years. They are said to be the underlying name of many successes during hunting seasons. Among the most well-known breeds in this business are Afghani Hounds and Azawakhs.


Hunting Dogs

These dogs are specially used for hunting small animals. It is among the number one preferences of amateur hunters.

group of labrador retriever dogs


Retriever: These dogs are responsible for finding and returning birds that hunters shoot in mid-air. Retrievers are patient animals because they can sometimes have to wait for hours for a command to fetch a bird.

Dog Breeds For Hunting


Setter: They find their prey by their scent. It is generally used for large birds such as pheasants and partridges. When they find prey, they stay motionless so their owners know they've located the prey.


Spaniel: These dogs are an excellent choice for hunting prey in grassy areas with lots of bush. They can also search for prey in the water.

Dog Breeds For Hunting


Pointer: These dogs are a little different from the hunting dogs we've talked about so far because when they find prey, they point to the prey with their noses. Expert hunters cherish these dogs, known for their "pointing instincts."

Water dogs: Finally, there are water dogs on the list. These dogs can chase and catch prey in the water. These dogs are used to hunt waterfowl or some animals that escape and hide in the water.


US hunters often prefer these animals for big game. Special training is essential for these animals to develop a strong hunting instinct. However, these dogs can sometimes cause problems such as attacking strangers.


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