Golden Retriever : Features And Care ( With Pictures)

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Golden Retriever attracts all eyes with its cuteness, friendliness, and playfulness in its environment. This cute medium-sized breed wins hearts with its soft and eye-catching body in light brown and cream tones. He is athletic and has a strong build. With its strong fore and hind legs, it can move and hunt in water as well as on land. It has smooth or wavy fluffy fur. The friendly Golden Retriever quickly becomes a member of your family. Because they are intelligent and can execute commands, the training process can be completed in a short time depending on the layout shown. They enjoy spending time with family members and are eager to please their owners. The Golden Retriever breed loves to be petted and shown their love.

At A Glance To The Golden Retriever




50- 60 lbs


25- 30 inch





Origin Date



10- 13 Years


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 History Of The Golden Retriever

There are multiple rumors about the Golden Retriever's ancestry. The most well-known of these is that the Golden Retriever line comes from the Russian shepherd dog taken from the circus. In reality, the Golden Retriever breed was developed by Sir Dudley Majoribanks, known as Lord Tweedmouth. He is responsible for the Lord Tweedmouth Golden Retriever breed, which lives on the border of the Tweed River in Scotland. Lord Tweedmounth has bred animals of different breeds. He has worked on these animals to perfect their breed. 

Lord Tweedmounth recorded his reproductive work from 1835 to 1890. Information about the development of the Golden Retriever breed was also found in these notes. This information enabled the truth to be reached from the rumors when Lord Tweedmouth's nephew shared the recorded notes in 1952. 

Lord Tweedmount wanted a talented, hunting dog that could be successful in the water in his studies on dogs, and that he could also keep at home. Between 1868 and 1872, Majoribanks named his dog Nous with yellow hair and the Tweed Water Spaniel breed, which he named Belle, which is now extinct. mated a dog. Nous and Belle had 4 known offspring. Later, the offspring were also mated with different breeds. 

Lord Tweedmouth has spent 50 years creating a dog breed with enhanced hunting ability, water loving, loyal and home-dwelling yellow-haired dog. He continued to work only on yellow-haired pups, giving birth to puppies with different coat colors to those around him. 

In the end, these efforts paid off. He created this Golden Retriever breed with fluffy yellow fur as he wanted, capable of hunting, high sense of smell, instinctively loving the water, good-natured and loyal. The Golden Retriever breed was officially accepted by The Kennel Club of England in 1920. 

Starting from Scotland, the Golden Retriever has become a breed that is loved and popular all over the world for its wonderful beauty. The race that got this name because of its shiny, fluffy golden feathers; There are also 3 subspecies: Canadian, British and American.

 Personality & Character Traits

The Golden Retriever breed, whether male or female, has a muscular, athletic body under its feathers. He has a calm, sweet, gentle, and playful temperament. It is a complete family dog ​​with brown eyes that look lovingly around. They get along very well with people, children, and other pets. Docile and affectionate, Goldens are ideal companions for all family members and children. There is no perfect watchdog and high guard instinct. However, since they are loyal friends, they have the instinct to protect their owners in case of danger. 

Since they are a harmonious breed, their training and care do not force their owners. Being easy to train and take care of shortens the time for both the family and the Golden to get used to each other. It may be more encouraging for the training to be shaped according to your dog's interest and relevance from time to time and to progress with the reward system. Golden Retriever is a dog that loves to be loved and can show its love to its owner. Therefore, it is observed that the owner tries to return to their education successfully and to please him. 

Golden Retriever does not make much noise and does not bark in the home environment. Generally, howling and barking are seen at a minimum level and in certain situations, which we can call a warning. The Golden Retriever, which can sleep between 10 and 12 hours a day, is a breed that is suitable for weight gain. Therefore, due attention should be paid to their nutrition and activities. 

With a Golden Retriever, it is necessary to allocate a certain period for walking and playing games during the day. You can socialize your dog by visiting dog parks in these activities. In addition to the training, you will give, interacting with different breeds of dogs and animals under your supervision should also be a part of the training. Golden Retrievers, who generally have good communication with other pets and dogs, can gain good habits in this way. 

Golden Retrievers are excited to accompany activities such as cycling, catching, and returning an item. Golden Retriever likes to move things from one place to another. For example balls, socks, slippers, soft toys, etc. These interactions determine your dog's personality. Golden Retriever, a sports breed, loves to move. That's why you should spend at least 1 hour with him during the day and take a walk on the grass in the open area. 

The Golden Retriever, which comes across with its loyal, fun, playful, well-mannered, and obedient nature, can form friendships with a loving family for many years and become a part of that family.golden retriever puppies

Physical Attributes


They have an athletic and symmetrical body. Their self-confidence is also reflected in the way they walk. The adult female Golden Retriever is more petite than the male Golden Retriever breed. While males are 58-61 cm in length and 29-34 in weight, females are 52 57 cm in length and 25-29 in weight. He likes to move and play. They have a body that is suitable for weight gain in a calm and inactive life. Golden breed is divided into three as Canadian, British and American. The bodies of the English race are lower, their bones are heavier. Their fur appears to be long and light. The American breed, on the other hand, has longer bodies and is long, slender dogs, in addition to being decorated with the English breed with some features. As they age, their breasts enlarge and their bodies become more muscular. 


The head structure is directly proportional to the dog's body size and there is no imbalance. It has low ears, a flat nose, and a broad head. The skull and mouth are parallel to each other. The nose is black and has wide and open holes. 


From the first moment they are born, their ears hang down from both sides of their heads. Its drooping, drooping ears swing harmoniously as it runs and walks, just like its tail. Golden's ears, which are sensitive to sound and have high hunting skills, are never fully erected. 


They have brown or black eyes that take their place in the hearts of people with their affectionate and sweet eyes. It has impressive eyes with its slightly slanted or round eyes. They can have 3 different types and 3 different eye structures as Canadian, British and American Golden Retrievers. While the British Golden has more rounded eyes, the eyes of the American Golden breed can be slightly slanted or triangular. The Golden Retriever's eyes are located in the middle of the face, on either side of the mouth. He always has a smiling expression with loving eyes. 

Legs and Feet

They have medium arched, rounded, webbed and compact feet. The hairs on the chest and back of the forelimbs are longer. The fur on the chest is more prominent when your dog is younger. 


It has a straight, shaggy tail. The Golden Retriever has a cool gait with its tail wagging cheerfully when it is on the go. They wag their tails when they are happy, loved, delighted and sometimes when they are worried. 


It has fluffy feathers that vary between bright golden yellow, cream and brown tones. Their plumage can vary from light to dark yellow tones. It has double layer fur. The upper layer is smooth or wavy and has a soft structure. The lower fur layer retains body heat and is water resistant. It has a waterproof feature with its dense hairs in the upper layer and thick hairs in the lower layer. Hair distribution on the body of Goldens differs. The hairs on the abdomen, chest, under the tail, and the back of the front legs are longer. While there is moderate shedding in winter and summer, intense shedding in spring and autumn is quite normal. You can minimize spills with daily combing. 


Golden Retriever breed has bright colors of golden yellow, cream and brown. The colors of their feathers vary from light to dark, depending on the denser regions. White color is extremely rare in the Golden Retviever breed. Therefore, we can say that brown, yellow and yellow tones are the original color of the Golden race.

handsome golden retriever puppies smiling


 Golden Retrievers shed their thick, densely layered and water-repellent straight or wavy coat once or twice a year. You can reduce the shedding intensity by daily combing and brushing. If you don't have time for this, you should brush at least once or twice a week.

The bathroom also plays an important role in Golden Retriever cleaning. Golden Retrievers should take a bath at least once a month. Shedding continues after bathing as it is observed during bathing. Therefore, you should do the brushing after the Golden is completely dry. In addition to these care, you should also pay attention to nail care in certain cycles. Depending on the wear and length of your nails, you can cut once or twice a month.

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 Like most sports breeds, Golden Retrievers need exercises such as walking, jogging, and playing during the day. It is possible for a Golden Retriever that does not get enough exercise to exhibit undesirable behaviors. The Golden breed makes an excellent companion for its owner on hiking, jogging, and cycling trips. It is observed that they like to run on the grass, catch the thrown objects and play with excitement. The rhythm of the activities to be done is important for your dog's bone and joint health. you should give your dog an opportunity to rest during play sessions. If you have a long-term, strenuous activity plan with your Golden Retriever, consult your veterinarian before starting this activity. 


Early training is recommended for the Golden Retriever to grow up to be a good-natured dog. This training, which starts when the Golden Retriever is a puppy, lasts between 7 weeks and 4 months. The puppy is taken to different places and it is ensured that it communicates with different people. This whole process is done to make the Golden a good-natured adult dog. This early-stage training allows the owner to correct if the dog has a bad habit. Training times must be set so that the dog is not distracted and bored. In this way, more efficiency is obtained in a shorter time. Golden Retrievers are devoted and loyal to their owners. This bond is further strengthened by obedience training. The Golden Retriever is an outgoing breed that is easy to train and fulfills its owner's wishes.


Golden Retriever breeds are generally healthy. In addition, they are prone to some health problems that can be seen in all races. Knowing what the aforementioned diseases are allowed you to be in control of your dog's health. Simply, you can check your ears against the risk of infection and brush your teeth for oral health. If you see anything wrong during these procedures, you can consult your veterinarian. 

Health tests recommended by the National Breed Club:

 Hip Assessment

Elbow Evaluation,

Heart Examination

Ophthalmologist Evaluation

Appears in the form. 

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