How to Care for Pitbull Puppies [Everything You Need to Know]

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    Pitbull puppies are getting more and more popular with their gorgeous looks, loyal characters and always smiling faces. If you have lost your heart to this dog breed, this article is for you.

Let's see what you need to give your pittbull puppies the best life!


 So Important! Training your Pitbull Puppies

       Start training your puppies very early. You should find out about the education to give a pitbull before acquiring one. You can start his training right away and socialize your pitbull when you bring him home. You may have started socializing the pitbull puppies beforehand if you got your puppy from a good breeder. Your dog is therefore already used to new situations, to other sounds, to the presence of new people and animals.


pitbull puppies

        Consider hiring a trained dog behaviorist to talk to the pup and teach him good manners.


        Teach them some basic commands, such as "come", "sit", or "stay". So when you notice that the puppies are misbehaving, you can immediately refocus his attention. If, for example, you notice the puppies rushing at someone and jumping on them, you can quickly command them to come. They should stop jumping on the person and instead come towards you.

       Teaching them a few simple commands will also keep your pitbull puppies safe. You can command him to sit or not move if he is about to do something dangerous like crossing a street, so you can reach him.

      Teach the puppy not to bite. Many pitbull puppies will chew or grab something when they are playing. They must learn not to bite, especially when they are playing so that they know that biting is forbidden. You can teach him this in several ways. But it is often enough to firmly say "no" and stop playing with him to make him understand that he has no right to bite.

       Rather than letting the puppies chew on your hands, instead hand him a toy that the pitbull can learn to release.

You can also put your puppies in the corner as soon as he has bitten. This will calm them down and make them understand that they have no right to bite.

pitbull puppies


       Encourage them in a positive way. Never get upset with your pitbull puppies when you are training them. Animals don't understand punishment and will instead learn to fear you. Puppies make mistakes when learning new things, so you should be patient. You should always find a way to praise your puppies, even if it's just small progress or results.

        For example, give the puppy a treat when he is calm, rather than punishing him if he has been too excited.

       Let your puppies know you're in control. You could ask the puppies to repeat certain actions or commands, especially if they didn't obey. This tells the pitbull that he didn't do something right and that he should keep trying until they get it right. Let them rest when he is about to respond to your command. Give them all the time he needs to follow the order you give them.

       Your puppies should be used to being touched all over his body, paws, ears and tail. This tells them you're in control, which will also make it easier for you to groom him, give him medicine, and cut his nails.


       Caring for the pitbull puppies

      Put a collar on the puppies and have it inserted with a microchip. Have an electronic identification chip placed under the pitbull's skin as well as a collar with an identification plate. This will make it easier to find it if they are lost. Pitbull puppies are good at escaping their yard, so it's important to equip them with an identification system. You can always ask a pet support association to have a chip inserted, it is often cheaper than at a veterinarian.

pitbull puppies

       Make sure you have secure ground, ideally with a solid fence at least two meters high. A fence can be climbed over and does not block the view of other animals or humans who may be of concern to your dog.

        Feed your pitbull puppies  a quality diet. Talk to your veterinarian about choosing a good quality puppy food. Avoid cheap store-bought foods that include ingredients such as meat and grain products. Instead, choose those that include meat as the main ingredient. Offer the puppies several regular meals throughout the day rather than leaving a bowl of food available.

       Read what is recommended on the product packaging or ask the veterinarian about the exact amounts to feed the pitbull puppies each day.

       Have the puppies checked and vaccinated regularly. Speak with the veterinarian about castration or sterilization of the puppies to avoid having unwanted litters and have him dewormed. Your puppies will also need basic vaccines, given to all puppies and which are administered from two months of age. A reminder should be given three to four weeks later. Any other vaccine recommended by the veterinarian should be given annually.

       The puppies should have seen a veterinarian before arriving at your home. You should then have it examined and vaccinated every year.

         Check local laws regarding the rabies vaccine. The latter is injected for the first time at three months and the vaccine against Lyme disease is given at 9 weeks with a booster three to four weeks later.

         Give your pitbull puppies enough physical activity. Try to take the puppies out for fairly short walks (less than a quarter of an hour) if they are less than three months old. You should take them out at least twice a day, even when they are still small. Physical activity is important to keep him healthy, to burn energy, to make him happy and active. Try, if you can, to let the puppies exercise in wide open spaces. This gives them the freedom to run as much as they want.


Teaching them to play fetch is a great way to interact with your pitbull puppies while providing physical activity.

 pitbull puppies

Importance of the Mental Stimulation

        Provide the puppies with mental stimulation. Offer them chews, toys and treats while you are training them. You could, for example, bury treats and ask your pitbulls to go dig them up. This will strain his energy and require them to use their brain. You can also let them practice on toys that require them to think about how to open them and retrieve the treat that is housed in them. This will prevent your pitbulls from getting bored and destroying your interior.

        Pitbull puppies are very intelligent and can become destructive if they have nothing to do. Leave it, if necessary, in an enclosed place like a cage or enclosure with lots of toys but not too long.


       Socializing a Pitbull Puppies

        Introduce your puppies to new people and situations. Start by introducing the pitbulls to people and other animals as early as possible. This will help them get used to all kinds of people and animals. The best time to start socializing the puppies are  around three to five weeks and up to fourteen to sixteen weeks. Your puppies easily learns and assimilates new information during this period of their life, which can give them confidence later on.


       Offer the pitbull puppies treats as a reward for welcoming people. You can let other people feed your puppies so that they  associate the presence of new people with something good. 

       Treats can also focus the puppies’ attention in surroundings that may frighten them such as road traffic, skateboards and bicycles.

        Make sure your puppies are comfortable. Your young pitbull may be scared when he meets new people or faces a new situation. Put them at ease by starting with calm and relaxed situations before gradually introducing them to more exciting events. Watch the puppies for signs of contentment. Never force the pitbull  puppies to get involved in exchanges that seem to overwhelm or frighten.

pitbull puppies

How to introduce the pitbull puppies to new people

       Start, for example, by introducing the puppies to new people in your home, before doing it outside, if they frighten him. Your puppies will probably be more relaxed in familiar surroundings. You will end up exposing it to new things outside as well.

        Enroll your pitbull in puppy socialization classes. This is one of the best ways to socialize a puppies. You might find an association that empowers pit bull owners, a canine good citizenship program, or dog behavior therapy. These classes can give you the skills you need to teach the dog commands and help the puppy interact with fellow dogs.

        You can find programs in the context of your municipality of residence, with animal aid associations or via a pet store. The dog's veterinarian can also recommend a dog training center near you.

        Watch his interactions with other dogs. You should always observe your puppies when they  are playing with other dogs, young or adult. Stop problematic behavior right away before it escalates. The game has gone too far when, for example, a puppy bites the skin of another, especially if the biting puppy shakes its head and presses its congener to the ground. Reward the puppies when you've ended the quarrel and when they've calmed down, then let them play again.

        Keep each of the puppies on a leash about two meters long to easily break up a fight. You can also use a horn or crumple a plastic water bottle to end the argument.

You can give the pitbull puppies a command if they  don't often fight with other puppies. You can, for example, call them and ask them to come to the heels and reward him if they obey.

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