Toy Poddle: Fancy & Cute

The Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle represents an intelligent and active breed with its elegant body. Also known as Poodle, Barbone, Caniche. The Poodle breed is divided into three categories as standard, toy, and miniature dogs. It is the Toy Poodle (poodle) breed, which we will include in detail in this article. The Toy Poodle breed is a noble and elegant-looking dog with square proportions. They move in short steps, usually springing slightly. The breed is said to have a history of working hounds, and their athletic body traits come from their ancestors. 

It has water-resistant, curly, and dense hairs. Poodles have a distinctive proud and elegant stance, which adds a different air to them.


Personality & Character Traits

The Toy Poodle, which is among the small breed dogs, is called "Toy Poodle". This breed, which is friendly, cute, and playful, is quite smart. They easily adapt to their environment with their behavior wanting to please their owner, their sensitive state, and their obedient nature. Their quick wit and eagerness to please their owners make their training easier and speed up their learning time.


With his cute ways, he attracts attention in a short time wherever he goes and becomes one of the most loved members of the family he enters. It is a loyal and loyal breed to its owners. They are sensitive and have high instincts and strong feelings. Being with family members and receiving attention from them makes them happy. They don't like to be alone at all. When they are alone, they may worry about abandonment and exhibit negative behaviors and bark attacks. He is highly devoted to his loved ones in his relationships and may even be jealous of family members against strangers. Foreigners are shy at first. Frequent arrivals of strangers can disturb the Toy Poodle breed. Spending time alone with their family is more important to them.


adorable brown toy poodle sittimg on a couch


In the early stage, the training you will give when you are a puppy is very important. Because they are so intelligent, they learn pretty quickly, good or bad. If you spoil the Toy Poodle breed and do not pay attention to its training, it sees itself as the alpha dog. By adopting a dominant character, they exhibit dominant-character behaviors that will change their upside-down balance at home. Train him so that he is not spoiled and does not acquire bad habits. Teach them what the behavior of a good dog should be. Show who is in charge, that you are the leader, and that he is not leading the pack so that he is not a dominant alpha dog. During this entire training process, remember that it is a sensitive breed and strictly avoid punishment methods. They are affected by the smallest punishments and their accustomed order can be disrupted.

When they are well trained, it is seen that they adapt to their environment without any problems. They can live in the apartment, they do not show the tendency to bark except in certain situations and they do not cause much disturbance to the environment. It is seen that Toy Poodle, who is trained in barking, senses danger and does not bark attacks except when they are alone at home for a long time. This is a generalization because some of The Poodle breeds are also known to bark quite a lot. Therefore, it is possible to say that character traits tend to bark, but this can be overcome with early training.

 adorable white toy poodle having a walk in snowy weather

It is a lively and active breed. They need exercise to get their energies out. It is observed that the Toy Poodle who does not exercise regularly has a tense temperament, while those who exercise regularly have a calmer temperament. Even if they are shy towards strangers, this shyness does not affect their social activities and socialization. Toy Poodle is very happy to meet and spend time with different people and animals in different environments he enters whenever he wants. They get along very well with children and show a loving approach to them.



Toy Poodle has flamboyant and eye-catching fur. This breed, which attracts people's attention and love, sheds very little. When the hair is shed, it sticks to the hairs on its body, not around, and does not fall to the ground much. For this reason, loose and dead hairs can cause matting. We teach you to brush and comb the dense hairy parts every other day, that is, 3 times a week. It is sufficient to brush the parts with a few hairs 1-2 times a week. During this process, you should choose brushes that are suitable for your body. You can also do small daily scans with gloves. You can also tell the matting of your dog's hair by the dulling of its color. Because the hairs fall out and start to gather close to their roots, their color becomes dull and this color tone indicates that matting has started. You may need to have it shaved as a result of this situation.

 white toy poodle running in a beautiful land

If you want a showy and densely-haired Poodle, you may have to spend a lot of effort and money on maintenance. Although there is little hair care with little shedding, professional care is required to have a cool coat. The cut style of the fur requires extra effort. If you cannot do this, you should go to the relevant places for professional care every 3-6 weeks. Even if you learn to shave, it will make your life financially easier. However, it will take a long time and effort. When you decide to do the shaving yourself, there are various tools that you can get. You can provide the same care at home by buying them for your dog. You can trim your dog's hair from time to time. This way it can become easier to maintain. Long and short-haired Toy Poodle dogs are seen depending on the owner's preference.

One of the most beautiful features of this breed is that its hair do not smell and have an anti-allergic structure. Its non-smell hairs also minimize the need for bathing and make it easier to care for the bathroom. However, it is recommended to take a bath 1-2 times a month.

For dental care and oral health, you should brush your teeth with a suitable toothbrush twice a week. Otherwise, you may experience bad breath and gum disease. You can do nail care 1-2 times a month depending on how long it grows. Your weekly grooming routine should include nail, nose, eye, ear, and paw control. You should regularly monitor whether there is a wound or difference in their bodies and take them to the vet when necessary.

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