Symbol of purity, white is very popular as a coat color for cat breeds, but white dog breeds are not left out. Moreover, many popular dog breeds in the world wear a very light color, even white.

This color is often found in small bichon-type dogs, but it is also present in others of medium or even large size. Thus, those who dream of a companion with an immaculate coat are likely to find their happiness, whatever their preferences.

Many white dog breeds can be found, but most of them are small in stature and have fairly long hair. Real living stuffed animals! 

 Here is a small selection of 15 small white dog breeds - knowing that some of them can also sport other coat colors.




The Maltese Terrier

Here is a very good example of white dog breeds. Probably originating from one of the countries of the Mediterranean basin (which also explains its name), the Bichon Maltese is an elegant little dog whose long and silky fleece is pure white or possibly ivory white. Unlike other bichons and dogs of the same type, his hair does not form curls or waves: they are stiff and fall elegantly on each side of his head, body, and legs. It is also distinguished by the originality of its tail, carried curved over the back - a little like the Spitz.

 white dog breeds

Although it is a very old breed, the Maltese Terrier has never really been used to fulfill other functions than that of a companion dog. It must be said that he excels in this role: his adorable face melts hearts, and his fairly conciliatory character allows him to live harmoniously with his family. In addition, the magnificent coat that makes you want to pamper it has the advantage of triggering fewer allergies than the average, which makes it a suitable breed of dog for an allergic person.


The Japanese Spitz

A most fluffy wolf-like white dog breeds. But cute, little, lovely wolf. real living little stuffed animal, the Japanese Spitz has the usual morphological traits of spitz-type dogs: an overall appearance close to the wolf (even if it is quite small), a harmonious body, and an elegantly curved tail on it. -same. To top it all off, his spiky, voluminous fur is always pure white, which contrasts with his jet-black nose.

white dog breeds

 Like other Spitz, it is distinguished by great intelligence, natural distrust of strangers, and a powerful voice, which makes it a very good alert dog. However, we cannot count on him as a guard: his small size does not allow him to be sufficiently dissuasive to defend his home and repel malicious people. This does not prevent him from being a very good companion in life, and from filling those who take care of him with happiness.


The Bichon Frise

Lightweight and very graceful of white dog breeds, the Bichon Frisé descends from various European breeds, including the Bichon Maltese and the Poodle. From the first, he inherited her immaculate white dress, and from the second the pretty curls that adorn her entire body. Its bushy and fairly long ears about its size fall on either side of its head, and its tail is carried raised upwards, without being curved like that of the Spitz.

 white dog breeds

Although he has distinguished working dogs among his ancestors, the Bichon Frisé has rarely been used for other purposes than that of a simple pet. It can be used to give the alert because it can give voice to the approach of a stranger, but its tiny size does not in any way make it a true guardian strictly speaking.


The West Highland White Terrier

While white dog breeds have a lot of spitz in their ranks, all-white terrier-type dogs are quite rare. The Westie (or West Highland White Terrier) is one of the exceptions: originally from Scotland like many other terriers, it has a tiny but solidly built body covered with double, stiff, white fur. His hair forms hair-like shapes on the top of his skull and whiskers around his nose.

white dog breeds

Contrary to what its small size suggests, the Westie was for a long time an effective hunter, who made life difficult for foxes, badgers, weasels, and other animals living in burrows. Over time, it was eventually replaced by other breeds more suited to hunting, but remains highly valued as a simple companion. He also stands out in the field of zootherapy, because of his sociability and his joyful character.


The Coton de Tulear

Is it really surprising that a white dog breed whose name is Coton de Tulear is always white? Named thus because of its dress and its soft, wavy, and fluffy coat, it can however sport a few colored hairs at the level of the ears. Its longer than the tall body is more muscular than it appears and ends in a small tail carried curved over the back when it walks or runs.

Life companion par excellence, delights almost all types of families, from singles and the elderly to homes with children. In addition, his cheerful and affectionate character makes him able to provide comfort and emotional support to people who need it, for example, those who suffer from depression. Finally, its small size does not prevent it from excelling in certain sports, such as dog dancing.


The American Eskimo

Another plush-looking white dog breed! Despite what its name might suggest, the American Eskimo has its origins in Europe, not the United States. It descends from crosses between different European breeds, in particular the German Spitz, which it looks a lot like. However, unlike the latter, it necessarily has an all-white coat, or possibly creamy white; it is the reason which was worth to him to be called Eskimo.

white dog breeds

Although he is not very leggy, he has long been used as a guard dog, because he barks a lot and is quick to sound the alarm loudly as soon as a stranger approaches the home. However, its use is not limited to playing the role of guardian: it also quite simply makes a very good pet, because of its many qualities and its pleasant character.


The Sealyham Terrier

Tiny but endowed with a rather particular look, the Sealyham Terrier is one of those white dog breeds that we do not forget. He has long, wavy hair that almost touches the ground if left to grow, bushy eyebrows, and long, fringe-like whiskers on either side of his muzzle. His dress is entirely pure white, with possibly some color spots on the head and ears.

white dog breeds

Like all terriers, the Sealyham Terrier was originally a hunting dog responsible for flushing out the small game (fox, badger, etc.) from its hiding place. It's a role he continues to fill today, even though he's now widely preferred as a simple companion. His gentle and affectionate temperament is indeed very popular, and his moderate need for exercise is compatible with town life or even in an apartment. On the other hand, he is a bit stubborn and has retained a strong predatory instinct.


The Bichon Bolognese

Another bichon! Without real surprise, the Bichon Bolognese is indeed one of the small white dog breeds: moreover, unlike other breeds mentioned above, no spot or shade is allowed in him. Its coat is quite long and forms a kind of pretty curls as well as whiskers around its muzzle. As it does not fall along the body and on the contrary remains rather straightened, it gives it volume.

 white dog breeds

Like other bichons, the Bichon Bolonais is essentially an indoor dog: it is perfectly suited to life in an apartment, and even if it still needs outings and walks, it is not a big fan of overflowing activities. His jovial character and his great gentleness mean that he is often used as a therapy dog, to morally support people in hospitals and retirement homes.


Little Fox Of The White Dog Breeds: The Volpino

A small Italian dog whose name means "little fox", the Volpino has all the particularities of spitz-type breeds: a pointed muzzle, triangular and straight ears, a thick coat, and a bushy tail carried curved over the back. If it was for a long time mainly red, the most widespread dress today is now the unicolor white. It can nevertheless always have a red dress or be champagne color (a shade of yellow).

 white dog breedsSource: https://www.quattrozampe.online/cani/razze-canine/volpino-italiano/

Despite its tiny size, the Volpino knows very well how to give an alert in case of threat or even danger. It was therefore used for a long time on farms or by carters in Italy to signal the presence of prowlers in the area. It is still a role that he can fill today, but it is above all his beauty, his kindness, and his natural elegance that have now earned him such popularity.


The Poodle

An emblematic figure of curly-haired dogs, the Poodle is recognizable among a thousand thanks to its pretty face, its thick and woolly coat, its drooping ears, and the tuft of hair that forms a kind of big-cap above its skull. Although it is generally quite small in size, there is a rather imposing variety: the Royal Poodle, which is more of a medium dog than a small one. Whatever the format, the dress is uniform, most often white or cream, but sometimes also black, gray, brown...


 Renowned for its docility and intelligence, the Poodle was originally a dog for hunting aquatic birds, and more particularly ducks. It is no longer a task that he fulfills today: now, he essentially acts as a simple pet, well suited to city life and even in an apartment. He is not very big and therefore not very dissuasive, but his alert side still makes him a good alarm dog, always quick to warn in case of danger.


Alaskan Klee Kai

The Alaskan Klee Kai is often called "mini Husky", not without reason: it descends from crosses between the Siberian Husky and other breeds of the same type. This is what gives him that typical huskie appearance and those incredible, often blue eyes – a fairly rare feature, since there are few blue-eyed dogs out there. Her dress is most often two-tone, but there are also all-white individuals, which are very popular.

 white dog breedsSource: https://a-z-animals.com/animals/alaskan-klee-kai/pictures/

 Although he hassled dog breeds among his ancestors, the Alaskan Klee Kai has neither the stamina nor the size sufficient to fulfill this role. It is therefore mainly adopted as a simple companion, or possibly to stand guard and give the alert to the approach of suspicious people. If its modest dimensions do not make it a particularly dissuasive guardian, it is however quite capable of giving voice and warning in case of danger.


The Mudi

A recent and still rare breed (including in Hungary, its country of origin), the Mudi would benefit from being better known. He is quite small but looks bulkier than that due to his fluffy, wavy, or even curly coat. It is one of the common merle white dog breeds (i.e. dark with a large number of lighter areas), but can also be plain, including black or white.

Despite its small size, the Mudi is very versatile, and its skills go far beyond herding and herding, its two original uses. It can indeed be used for hunting (especially wild boar), tracking, or even defense, thanks to its very keen sense of smell. It is also an excellent companion, to which it is however necessary to offer enough outings and sports activities so that it is happy and in good health. Living in an apartment or even in the city is therefore not what suits him best.


 The Labradoodle:

Quite a surprising result of crosses between the Poodle and the Labrador, the Labradoodle looks like a big plush because of its very soft hair. Depending on which of its two parents it inherited the most, it can be quite variable in size and appearance. In any case, its fur, considered hypoallergenic, is likely to display all kinds of colors, especially white.

Originally designed to be a guide dog for the blind who would also be suitable for people with allergies, he fulfills this role so well and has such an endearing character that he quickly gained popularity around the world. Thus, even if it is still often used to help blind or partially sighted people, it is now also very popular as a simple companion - like its two ancestors.


The Miniature Bull Terrier

A tiny version of the famous Bull Terrier from which it is also derived, the Miniature Bull Terrier is tiny: less than 10 kg in adulthood. He, therefore, looks more cute than fierce or threatening, unlike his cousin. Its short coat and devoid of undercoat can be entirely white, or bicolor or tricolor. In any case, it highlights his muscular figure and his solid build.

white dog breeds

 Unlike its ancestor, the Miniature Bull Terrier does not have the build of a fighting dog at all and is not the size to confront bulls or other opponents of the same type. On the other hand, he makes an excellent companion for life: his small size is perfectly suited to living in an apartment, and his affectionate character, even a little clumsy, makes him very endearing.


The Shiba Inu

Another wolf-like white dog breeds. Symbol of Japan (his country of origin), the Shiba Inu is no longer to be presented. Despite its small size, it remained genetically relatively close to the wolf. He is best known for his guajiro coat (i.e. colored above and white below) but he can also be all white. Although very beautiful, this coat color is rare, since recognized by very few canine organizations. Only a few like the Kennel Club accept white Shiba Inus, which adds to their charm even more.

 Originally used for hunting (including fairly large game such as wild boar), this dog is not fooled, even if he is not very big. He thus makes a very good guard, sounding the alert as soon as he spots a malicious person. However, it is as a simple companion that it is today most widely used and appreciated throughout the world.

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