White dog breeds owe their great popularity to their many assets. These are not limited to their aesthetic appearance, because having a white coat is also useful in certain particular cases.

In parallel with the small breeds, some large dog breeds are more impressive in size while maintaining a beautiful white coat. A number of them come from very cold regions - many of them are mountain dogs.

As it is difficult to present them all, here is a small selection of 13 large white dog breeds.


One of the Most Popular White Dog Breeds: The Samoyed

white dog breeds

Endowed with a very beautiful coat as white as snow, the Samoyed is a muscular and imposing white dog breed originating from Russia. Like other breeds in the Spitz family, it has erect ears, a long muzzle, and a curled tail.

Its thick and necessarily immaculate white fur provides very good protection against the cold: it was even used for a time to make warm clothes by the nomadic Russian people who gave it its name, the Samoyeds.

In addition to this unusual use for a dog, it served different functions with humans. One of them, which may come as a surprise when you see his adorable face, is the stalking game; he even participated in polar bear hunting, which speaks volumes about his strength and courage. Its size also allows it to be used to tow sleds, as well as to guard and guide herds of reindeer. As for his kindness and gentleness, they explain that he also quite simply makes a very good life companion.


Great Pyrenees

white dog breeds

Slightly longer than tall, the Great Pyrenees is a very solid and imposing dog, but which nevertheless retains a majestic and elegant air. Endowed with a double, thick, and long fur which keeps him very warm even in winter, he wears a beautiful white dress possibly dotted with spots on the head, body, or tail. The latter is very bushy and carried low.

The Great Pyrenees is best known for its role as a herding dog, in which it has long excelled: it is responsible for both driving the sheep and protecting them against predators. It must be said that with his size and his thick coat which serves as his natural armor, he is not afraid to confront wolves or even bears. Apart from this use, it also makes a good guardian and can be used in a therapeutic setting, to support people who are sick or in need.


White Swiss Shepherd Dog: The most child-loving of the white dog breeds

white dog breeds

Robust, solid, and muscular, the White Swiss Shepherd still has an elegant silhouette, similar to that of the German Shepherd, from which it is also derived. However, unlike the latter, its ears are very high, its tail is saber-shaped, and its fur is inevitably more or less bright white. The latter is not very long, but its abundant undercoat effectively protects it from cold, rain, and wind.

Despite what its name might suggest, the White Swiss Shepherd is far from being just a herding dog, even though it was created with this in mind. Indeed, like its Germanic ancestor, it excels in all sorts of disciplines: detecting drugs and explosives, guarding, rescuing missing persons in the event of an accident or disaster, sled racing... It is also an excellent domestic companion, which is a delight for families - and especially children.


The Abruzzo Shepherd

white dog breeds

Like many sheepdogs, the Abruzzo Shepherd is large and powerful, with a long, all-white coat (possibly embellished with a few shades of color), which effectively protects it from cold and bad weather. He is close to the famous Patou, with whom he shares a certain number of morphological traits. It is however a little less tall and heavy than its French cousin.

 Like the latter, its primary role is to stand guard and protect the flocks of sheep from possible predators (especially wolves). He also makes a good guide dog for the blind: however, as he does not support the city and even less apartment life, this is not the mission that is most often entrusted to him. The great outdoors suits him much better.


Slovak Cuvac

In the series of large, long-haired white dogs that look like teddy bears, the Slovak Cuvac is very well placed. It is not as well known as its congeners but looks a lot like them: dense and thick fur that keeps it warm, a beautiful immaculate coat with possibly a few yellowish areas, and an imposing size that hides a real Gold heart.

Like his fellow herdsmen, he is not made to live in the city and even less in an apartment: what he needs are wide open spaces, long outings in nature, and certain freedom. Thanks to his natural distrust of strangers and his massive build, he excels as a guardian, fearing little or no danger. His loyalty and docility also make him a good companion, affectionate and pleasant.



The Borzoi

white dog breeds

A model of grace and elegance due to its slender silhouette, the Borzoi is one of the slimmest dog breeds there is. However, he seems more imposing, because of his thick and long coat which allows him to withstand the harsh winters of his native Russia. There are two-tone individuals, but its coat is most often white with occasional brown, red or black spots.

Originally bred to hunt wolves, the Borzoi was for a long time a highly prized pet of Russian nobility, seduced by its sophisticated coat and graceful silhouette. Passed near extinction during the Russian Revolution of 1917, it is now mainly used as a simple companion, but it also happens to be encountered in dog races, because it can reach high speeds.


The Dogo Argentino

white dog breeds

Molossian with a very muscular body and a look that is often considered off-putting, the Dogo Argentino naturally gives off an impression of strength and power, without appearing heavy or imposing. Its close-cropped coat covers a thick but smooth and elastic skin; it is pure white, except for the head where a dark spot may be present.

Known mainly for his participation in dog fights, the Dogo Argentino excels above all in another area: hunting big game. Its keen sense of smell allows it to flush out its prey, its speed and stamina to pursue it, and its powerful jaws to put it to death. However, he is also very popular as a drug detection dog or even as a simple pet, because he surprisingly has a character as pleasant as he is affectionate.


The Labrador Retriever:  One of the most popular white dog breeds in the world

white dog breeds

Often presented as the most popular breed in the world, the Labrador is relatively imposing and very muscular, without appearing heavy or corpulent. Its coat is often light, oscillating between cream and white. It can however be markedly darker, for example, brown or even black. In all cases, the hair is short and the coat must be plain, even if a small white spot is accepted on the chest.

Versatile animal par excellence, the Labrador can do (almost) everything: swim, bring back game, guide blind or visually impaired people, spot illegal products thanks to its flair, intervene as an emotional support dog with fragile people, or everything simply live in harmony within a family. Finally, the only role that is not at all made for him is that of guardian, because the approach of a stranger does not generally lead to a hostile reaction - even if only vocal - on his part.



The Hokkaido Ken

As beautiful as they are intelligent, the Hokkaido Ken is a relatively unknown breed of Japanese dog - at least much less well known than its cousins ​​the Shiba and the Akita. Like the latter, he can wear different colors of dresses; however, unlike them, the white dress is probably the most popular and widespread. It gives it a very soft plush appearance that you want to hug.

However, anyone who thinks this dog is harmless and just quick to be petted would be making a big mistake. Indeed, although he does indeed make an adorable life companion, he is best known for being a formidable big game hunter, even capable of attacking a bear when acting in a pack. Its strength and endurance also allow it to be used for search and rescue missions, or even as a sled dog.


The American Bulldog

white dog breeds

With a stocky and imposing silhouette, the American Bulldog does not at first glance look very friendly. Physically resembling either the English Bulldog or the Pitbull, depending on the line from which it descends, it has in both cases a very short coat that can be entirely white, spotted white, or colored with white markings.

Known for its affectionate and dynamic nature, it was first used mainly to protect flocks of sheep and guard properties. It must be said that with his size and his scowl, he has enough to dissuade more than one from approaching! His strength was also an undeniable asset in the practice of boar hunting, even if it was not his favorite role. Today, it is most often found as a simple pet.


The Korean Jindo

Originally, as its name suggests, from the small island of Jindo, in southwest Korea, the Korean Jindo is very similar to its Japanese cousins. It indeed has a lupoid muzzle, a tall and muscular body, and a tail generally folded over its back. Also, like most of them, he can take on all kinds of coat colors. In his case, fawn and white are the most popular and widespread.

Particularly renowned for his hunting skills, the Korean Jindo can track down and kill games much larger than him, such as wild boar or deer. The legend even says that when he hunts in a team, he would be able to shoot down Siberian tigers, which says a lot about his physical abilities and his courage. These qualities are also worth him to be appreciated by the police and the military, even if the fact that he has trouble obeying several different masters sometimes leads them to prefer more docile breeds like the German Shepherd.


West Siberian Laika: The Real Wolf Of White Dog Breeds

Wolf lovers who dream of owning one at home can only appreciate the West Siberian Laïka. It is indeed a breed of dog that looks a lot like a wolf, even if it is noticeably smaller than its ancestor. Like the latter, he is quite high on his legs and often wears a beautiful gray coat. However, its coat can also be entirely white, or white with some colored markings.

Like many primitive dogs, its traditional use is to flush out and then track game: it is capable of attacking small animals such as squirrels or sables (a small mammal cousin of the marten) as well as larger prey such as wild boar. When he is adopted as a simple pet, he does not fail to show his talents to stand guard, warn of the approach of intruders and defend his home against malicious people.


The Kishu Ken

Although looking a lot like their cousins ​​from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Kishu Ken is probably the least known and widespread of the Japanese breeds. Originally from the Kishu mountains, located between the prefectures of Wakayama and Mie (near Osaka), it has long sported a coat with colored markings. However, the only one-color dress is now accepted: white of course, which is perhaps the most sought-after color, but also red or sesame.

Despite his wild look, the Kishu Ken makes a very good companion white dog breed even in urban areas, as he adapts well to the atmosphere of the city. However, it is mainly for the hunting skills that he has always appreciated. Its specialty is wild boar hunting, but for a time it was used more for stalking deer. He also has skills as a shepherd, even if he is not very tall.



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