Archie Wooden Pet Bowl


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Our company is specialized in making dog water bowls! We have different materials and sizes available, made of iron, wooden or plastic. These bowls are designed for the dogs with a gnawing habit which won't spill water and food. They come in fashionable colors and shapes, so you and your pet can keep up with the latest trends!

Mealtime made easier and healthier!

Archie Wooden Pet Bowl serves delicious food with style.

Wooden Pet Bowl

Archie provides felines and small canines with the healthiest feeding posture. Promotes the digestive health of your pet, and prevents neck and back problems.

Adjustable height makes Archie wooden pet bowl easier to use. The wooden material is waterproof which makes Archie more durable.

Archie: a modern, chic, and reliable feeding bowl for your beloved pet. Designed for all cat breeds and small canines, Archie provides the perfect feeding posture to prevent neck and back problems. With adjustable height, it's also easier to clean up after your pet.