Paris Calming Dog Bed Large

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 Calming Dog Bed Benefits 

Paris Calming Dog Bed model is dedicated to interiors with a modern, functional...

 Calming Dog Bed Benefits 

Paris Calming Dog Bed model is dedicated to interiors with a modern, functional and elegant style. This timeless dog bed design guarantees comfort and sweet dreams for your pet, and beautiful addition to the interior design of your home. 

The luxurious soft dog bed just got softer 

The difference between the Paris Calming Dog Bed and regular pet beds is the super soft velvet cushion cover so your little friend can just relax in the luxury. Isn't that what all pets need after a busy day?

The Paris Calming Dog Bed is pet-friendly and safe. Due to being stuffed with eco-friendly and high-quality fiber, it keeps the original shape for a long time. The comfortable and soft material supports the joints and neck of your beloved dog. Raised rims of the Paris Calming Dog Bed makes your dog feel safe and protected. 

Pet-friendly and durable fabric

The Paris Calming Dog Bed is really easy to clean. You can wash it in the machine in case something spills or gets dirty and it maintains its shape after cleaning. The durable fabric of this large dog bed will be loved by your dog for so many years to come.

Handmade dog bed for your unique dog

We believe every dog is unique. So is Paris Calming Dog Bed! This luxurious soft dog bed is 100% handcrafted by the most talented artisans. Thanks to this, each pet bed is made with the accuracy that only an enthusiast can provide and that only a lover of luxury can truly appreciate. It is the same quality found in our high-quality pet furniture and will last a lifetime.

Highest quality large dog bed

All of our pet furniture and dog beds are handcrafted in a small business. This gives us full control over the entire production process down to the smallest detail. Our craftsmen spend many hours with each product to make it as luxurious and comfortable as possible. We love our four-legged friends, so when designing luxury pet beds, we use the finest materials and focus on quality, not mass production. Pets love it, you will love it. 

Each piece of furniture from Petguin is unique

We take our craft very seriously. That's why we mark every piece of furniture with a sewn-in label.

Safe and luxurious packaging

We care that the wonderful bed you bought for your beloved dog reaches you in the most secure way. We pack them in durable packaging so they get to you intact. The packaging also contains specific information about your unique pet bed. This way you know you have received the original piece of Petguin product.

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