Colorado Outdoor Dog Bed

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Outdoor Dog Bed for Adventures Dogs

We guarantee your pup will love the Colorado Outdoor...

Outdoor Dog Bed for Adventures Dogs

We guarantee your pup will love the Colorado Outdoor Dog Bed! This bed is perfectly suited for outdoor life and built to withstand wet and dirty fur. The waterproof fabric  and eco-friendly thick foam filling, prevent your dog from sinking into the bed, while providing the perfect amount of comfort and support. Your pup will thank you for this great upgrade from a dog bed you have to wash every week!

Made for adventurous dogs and their people who love to spend time outdoors. Colorado Outdoor Dog Bed’s waterproof fabric provides the best experience for dog owners who like to keep their dog beds clean. The right amount of eco-friendly foam filling makes this outdoor dog bed the best napping place. 

Eco-friendly and Waterproof Fabric

Both sides of the Colorado Dog Bed are waterproof and very hygienic, making it highly stain-resistant. It can be used on floors, in crates/kennels, on sofas/beds, in the back seat, or in the trunk. You can wash it whenever you want by removing the zippered waterproof cover.  For small stains, simply wipe with a damp cloth or spray with a hose.The entire mat can be machine washed in case of a big mess!

One Comfortable Size For All Dogs 

The large outdoor dog bed fits most dogs or pets and brings a cozy feeling to small, medium, or large dogs. This anti-scratch, durable and breathable dog bed is comfortable for all breeds. The thick-filled cushion will give your dog a satisfying resting after an intense play session in the garden. 

Safe and Solid Packaging

We managed to create the best packaging system so this outdoor bed reaches you safe and sound. 

We prepare a solid package for each unique product. The packaging includes every information about the new favorite product of your pup. This way you know you have received the original piece of Petguin product.

You and your dog's life-long friendship deserves the best! We'll make sure your pup is living in the lap of luxury with our durable, waterproof fabric. We know you like to keep things clean, so we made sure to use eco-friendly foam filling and give them a little extra support.

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