Oslo Cozy Cave Dog Bed

$107.10 (10% off) $119


The Most Comfy Cozy Cave Dog Bed

This high-end dog bed or your noble pooch is twice as comfortable as your average pet furniture. With its luxurious velvet fabric and royal color options, this eye-catching piece is not only comfortable for your pet, it's also a fabulous decorative element for your home!

Suitable for Both Small & Large Dog Breeds

No matter what breed he is, the Petguin dog bed is the perfect place for your pet to curl up and get comfortable. The large, open design allows him to move around without bumping into anything, and the enclosed space makes him feel safe and secure. It's also super cute, which means your pet will love it!

Bring Your Dog's Bed to Everywhere You Go

If you're a globetrotting dog owner, you'll want a bed for your pup that's lightweight and easy to carry. The Oslo Cozy Cave Dog Bed folds up into a small package and is suitable for any breed or size of dog.

Always Clean & Fresh Cozy Cave Dog Bed

Looking for the perfect gift for a dog owner who just moved into a new home? The Cozy Cave Dog Bed is made from dirt-repellent fabric that's easy to clean and can be put in the washer. It also dries quickly to make your life easier.

Safe Packaging & Safe Delivery

We want to make sure your Petguin pet bed arrives in perfect condition. We use durable packaging for this reason, and we also include information about your specific bed in the box so you know it's the real thing!

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