Dorian Faux Fur Dog Bed

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This reversible faux fur dog bed is designed for dogs of all breeds to enjoy a comfortable sleep...

This reversible faux fur dog bed is designed for dogs of all breeds to enjoy a comfortable sleep experience. You can sit back and enjoy this lovely view while your dog is resting in his bed made of eco-friendly material after a long walk.

A Faux Fur Dog Bed Designed for Cuddly Dogs of All Breeds & Sizes

We produce various sizes for your dog to enjoy this comfortable bed, regardless of her breed and size. You can take a look at the dimensions of the Dog cave bed large, medium and xlarge sizes.

Practical Use

Dorian Faux Fur Dog Bed will be one of your greatest assistants in dog care with its practical usage area. This bed is so easy to fold and doesn't take up too much space. No matter how far from home you are, it is possible to provide your dog with an environment that will make him feel warm. Thanks to its spectacular design, you can use your velvet dog cave bed in different ways by putting a pillow inside.

How Do I Clean My Dorian Faux Fur Dog Bed?

 When it comes to cleaning, the Dorian Faux Fur Dog Bed is a unique product. Its easy-to-clean and dirt-repellent fabric will save you hours of cleaning. No matter how messy your dog gets, just throw this dog cave in the washing machine. Plus, you'll be surprised how quickly it dries!

Each Bed is Unique

Petguin dog beds are handmade. We never compromise on quality and rely on the dexterity of our animal-loving artisans. Each Petguin cozy cave dog bed is hand sewn by our artisans, checked many times, and packaged in this way. That's how this bed is made, as special as your dog.

Why is the Dorian Faux Fur Dog Bed special?

The Faux Fur Dog Bed is a must-have for any dog enthusiast. The bed’s durable construction and plush velvet lining will provide comfort and warmth for your pet. The cuddle cave is compatible with any breed or size, and it features an attractive design that will complement any home décor.

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