Sofia Faux Fur Dog Bed Couch Protector

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Comfort for Your Dog, Protection for Your Seat

Made for dog owners who...

Comfort for Your Dog, Protection for Your Seat

Made for dog owners who want to be couch potatoes with their dogs. This soft plush dog bed is the perfect dog bed for those who don't want your couch to be covered in dog hair while watching TV or relaxing on your couch. Thanks to its eco-friendly fiber-filled edges, it provides your dog with a comfortable resting experience and keeps your seats clean.

Soft Plush Fabric

Regardless of age or breed, your dog will be addicted to sleeping on this plush fabric dog bed that looks fluffy. She will feel safe in this bed. It has never been easier for your dog to fall asleep into his sweetest dreams. This high-quality plush fabric and fiberfill contribute positively to your beloved dog's bone and joint health.

Faux Fur Dog Bed that Protects Your Couch

Available in multiple sizes, this wonderful bed has options for dogs of all breeds and ages. This comfy dog ​​bed has a circular and rectangle design surrounded by bulges around the, which is very suitable for pets that relax like to roll up. The dog cushion can protect your sofa from stains, fur, shedding and normal wear and tear or possible messes and accidents.

Clean Use and Easy Maintenance

This bed is as useful as it looks beautiful. It keeps your seats clean and self-cleaning is also extremely easy. You can wash it in the washing machine at low temperatures and use it for many years.

Each piece of furniture from Petguin is unique

We take our craft very seriously. Each Dog Couch Protector is produced with great care by our craftsmen. Since these products are handmade, each of them is special like your dog. 

Safe and Solid Packaging

We managed to create the best packaging system so this luxury cozy cave bed reaches you safe and sound. 

We prepare a solid package for each unique product. The packaging includes every information about the new favorite product of your pup. This way you know you have received the original piece of Petguin product.

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