Etna Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Etna dog bed is a product designed to provide comfort, quality sleep,...


Etna dog bed is a product designed to provide comfort, quality sleep, comfortable rest, and a sense of security for our friends and comfortable use for their owners. Removable covers are easily machine washable, so our product can serve you for many years and stay looking like new.

Unique Pattern & Elegant Design

This calming dog bed is perfect for interior design enthusiasts. You don’t have to fill your beautifully designed home with ordinary dog beds. Etna will be an eye-catcher for your guests with its ethnic pattern and a comfortable resting place for your pup. 

The Best Memory Foam Dog Bed For Your Best Friend

Our dog bed is 100% hand-sewn and made with fabrics that are soft and pleasant to the touch. In the production process, we only the best materials because we know that Your dog deserves the best! This high-quality memory foam bed that'll make your pup so happy to come home to! The perfect gift for every dog lover, this bed is an affordable way to spoil your pet and keep them in a healthy and hygienic environment.

Washable Dog Bed That Will Serve For Years

Etna Memory Foam Dog Bed is washable so you don't have to worry about hygiene. You can clean this high-quality dog bed with a vacuum cleaner daily. The zippered cover can be washed in a washing machine. Etna’s inside pillow is also machine washable for deeper cleaning. Etna Dog Bed is perfect for busy pet guardians who care about hygiene.

Handmade with Care for Pets

Petguin pet beds are handmade with care and love for dogs and cats. Our artisans are animal lovers, who take pride in creating the best pet bed we could imagine. With a unique design and pastel-colored ethnic pattern that fits any home decoration, and is made of high-quality material that will last for years, this pet bed is perfect for your four-legged best friend.

Safe Packaging System

Safe, secure, and fast - that's the motto of Petguin’s shipping policy. Our packaging system is designed to make sure that you get your product in flawless condition. That's why we provide durable and secure packaging so that your new bed reaches you perfectly.

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