Willow Wicker Cat Bed and Basket

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Stimulate your cat's natural instincts in a fun and safe way with this Petguin wicker cat bed. This modern cat...
Stimulate your cat's natural instincts in a fun and safe way with this Petguin wicker cat bed. This modern cat lounger offers a comfortable haven for safety and tranquillity. A soft cotton pillow is included for extra comfort. This cat bed basket is stable and safe and can support even the biggest cat breeds.. Give your furry friend a cat bed to sleep, lounge, and play in!

Petguin offers a classic pillow bed with a modern twist that any cat or dog will love. The Petguin Wicker Cat Bed is a comfortable, round pet bed basket that is also an ideal retreat for your cat or dog to relieve stress. This high-quality pet bed is built to meet the highest standards of comfort when sleeping. The low, easy-to-climb rim allows easy access for your dog or cat. Inside, your pet will find a soft cushion that can be hand washed with a mild detergent.

Wicker Cat Bed: A natural touch for your home 

Your interior design will definitely gain style with the Willow Cat Bed & Basket. Because its classic, the natural design gives every modern interior even more class. This handmade product is practical and comfortable. Its natural wicker material and sleek design are the ideal combinations for any modern animal lover. Your cat or dog is guaranteed to love this new pet bed. We wish all comfort-loving cats and dogs sweet dreams!

Every piece of this wicker cat basket is unique

The Petguin Wicker Cat Basket is %100 percent handmade. Carefully woven by master craftsmen, each of these wicker baskets are peerless.. This uniqueness due to the nature of the material is one of the things that makes the Petguin Wicker Cat Basket most special.

Safe and luxurious packaging

We care that the excellent bed you bought for your four-legged best friend reaches you in perfect shape. We use durable packaging so they get to you intact. The packaging also contains specific information about your unique pet bed. This way you know you have received the original piece of Petguin product.

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