What Smells Do Cats Hate? Unpleasant Odors for Cats

Cats, with their keen sense of smell, can be quite particular about scents in their environment. While they might enjoy certain aromas, there are others that they simply can't stand. Understanding these scents can help create a more cat-friendly space for your feline friend.

A red cat in a collar looks at a wildflower

The Scents Cats Hate: Understanding Feline Sensitivities

Surprising Smells That Cats Detest

Here are some odors that cats typically dislike:

Citrus Scents

The strong citrusy aroma of oranges, lemons, or grapefruits is one that cats tend to avoid. Cats find these scents overpowering and unpleasant, making citrus-based air fresheners or essential oils effective in keeping them away from specific areas.

Minty Fragrances

While humans often find minty scents refreshing, cats have a different opinion. Minty smells, like those from peppermint or menthol, are off-putting to cats. Using mint-based products can deter them from certain places.

Certain Herbs

Some herbs that humans enjoy, such as lavender, rue, or pennyroyal, are displeasing to cats. These scents can be used strategically to discourage them from areas you want to keep cat-free.

Strong Floral Scents

While humans may adore the aroma of heavily scented flowers like lilies, roses, or geraniums, cats generally find these floral fragrances overwhelming. Consider this when choosing air fresheners or perfumes for your home.


Eucalyptus, known for its refreshing scent for people, can be quite the opposite for cats. The strong aroma of eucalyptus oil or products containing this ingredient might deter them.

Pine and Cedar

The woodsy scents of pine and cedar, often found in some wood shavings used for bedding or air fresheners, can be unpleasant to cats. Consider alternatives in their bedding choices.

Strong Spices

Strong spices like cinnamon, mustard, or pepper are known to repel cats due to their intense aroma. Sprinkling these spices in specific spots can act as a deterrent.

Chemical Odors

Strong chemical odors from cleaning products or certain solvents can be overwhelming for cats. Opting for pet-friendly and mild-scented cleaners can be a better choice in a household with feline companions.


The pungent smell of vinegar is something that most cats dislike. Using a diluted vinegar solution in certain areas can discourage them from exploring or marking their territory there.


Surprisingly, the smell of bananas is one that many cats find unappealing. This fruit's scent can be used strategically to deter cats from specific areas.

Onions and Garlic

Strong cooking aromas, particularly those from onions and garlic, are aversive to cats. While these scents might not necessarily harm them, they might find them too overpowering.

Wet Dog Smell

Cats usually dislike the odor of wet dog, perhaps due to its association with another pet. Ensuring proper grooming and hygiene for any canine companions can help maintain a more cat-friendly environment.


The smell of alcohol, such as rubbing alcohol or strong alcoholic beverages, can be off-putting for cats. Ensure these substances are kept away from areas accessible to your feline friend.


Cats generally dislike the lingering smell of smoke, whether from cigarettes or fireplaces. It's advisable to maintain well-ventilated spaces if smoking indoors or to keep the cat away from these areas.


Spring bouquet of fresh flowers and curious kitty

Understanding your cat's sensitivities to various scents can help you create an environment where they feel comfortable and content. However, it's important to note that each cat is different, and while some may dislike these scents, others might not be bothered at all.

Creating a harmonious space for your feline companion involves considering their preferences, and being mindful of the scents you introduce into their environment. By being aware of the odors that cats dislike, you can help ensure a more pleasant and cat-friendly atmosphere at home.

Remember, a happy cat makes for a happy home!



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