What is your priority when you buy pet furniture? Is it how beautiful the furniture looks in your home, or how nature-friendly it is? You don't need to choose one of these. Because Petguin produces products that bring home decoration and pet needs together in the most eco-friendly way.

If you've spent hours decorating every room of your home you would want the pet furniture you choose to have this harmony.Petguin's products are created to be compatible with all the popular interior design styles. The brand, which uses wooden details intensively, is very assertive in this regard. Whether your home is minimalist, rustic, or bohemian, it's easy to make room for Petguin in your home.

Petguin is established in 2020, keeping 3 ideas in mind. The brand’s idea is to create products in a sustainable and nature-friendly way that will suit every home.

Petguin says they devote all their energy to designing pet furniture that respects pets’ nature and responds to their needs. Their pet furniture satisfies the resting, scratching, jumping, and playing activities that pets need. The brand believes that the way to introduce its products to more pets is to design furniture that will fit into every home.

 In addition to all these features, Petguin products that are created from sapphire oak are strong enough to be used for many years. Thanks to the nature-friendly certified coating materials used in the products, the furniture is not affected by water. It is sturdy and its wood material is also fire resistant, which makes Petguin furniture even more reliable.

When you see Petguin products in your home, you will experience the satisfaction of choosing a brand that gives importance to nature and sustainability. We have recently realized how important it is to consume products that are harmless to nature, which are the home of both us and all the creatures we love.