Extraordinary, Eccentric and Lovable Cat Devon Rex

  The Cat Devon Rex is not an ordinary cat: he is eccentric and very sensitive. These characteristics should make us think long and hard before adopting them: it is only suitable for those who have some experience with animals, who are endowed with great sensitivity, and who can devote a lot of time to it because the Devon Rex needs company and lots of attention. The specimens of this breed live well in cramped and well-heated spaces. They may be suitable for people allergic to their hair (because they do not lose any).


  The origins of the Cat Devon Rex

  The origins of the Devon Rex cat are recent and its history rather singular: in 1960, thanks to the union of a domestic cat, owned by Beryl Cox, and a street cat, a very strange black kitten was born, similar to a pixie, who had curly hair and big ears. Mrs. Cox, despite the kitten's strange features, kept it with her and named it Kirlee. After reading in a newspaper that a breeder named Brian Stirling-Webb was interested in a new type of cat with a wavy, very short coat called the Cornish Rex, Beryl Cox suggested Kirlee for the breeding program: mated nine queens, who gave birth to twenty-nine kittens in all.

  The result was very disappointing because the newborns had normal hair, but it was precisely thanks to this that it was discovered that Kirlee and the cats had different genes; so we discovered the existence of another gene, the Devon Rex. The experiments continued according to two different programs. Through numerous crosses, made in a distinct way, the Devon and the Cornish each specified their characteristics.

  Initially, the CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) accepted and considered the Rex breed without making distinctions between Devon and Cornish; in 1979, it granted them a separate registration and, in 1983, it granted them access to the championships. In Europe, the first copy of Devon Rex appeared in 1979, thanks to Jerry Weaver.

 Cat Devon Rex

   The ideal cat

   The appearance of the Cat Devon Rex is, as we have said, curious and atypical. The body, solid and muscular, is slender and of medium height, with an ample thorax. The head, small in size, is slightly longer than wide and the short muzzle is well developed, with a strong chin, prominent cheeks, and paws. The eyes are large, set well apart, lemon-shaped, and angled outward from the ear; their color is in harmony with that of the dress.

  The legs, whose bone structure is moderately fine, end in small and oval feet (the hind ones seem higher compared to the front ones). The tail, of medium-fine size, is long and tapers towards the tip. She is well covered with short, wavy hair. The coat is short with a fine, wavy texture. The eyebrows and mustaches are curly, rough, and of medium size.


  Hair color

  The particularity of the Devon Rex cat does not concern the color of the coat, but its texture and its length: it has short and wavy hair. The tonality that characterizes the basic color is very varied: we accept all variants of color and design, including the two-tone and the Siamese (Si-Rex) point dress.


   The character of the Cat Devon Rex

   The Cat Devon Rex is the exception to the rule that first impressions are always the right ones. He seems shy when in reality he is a lively player and a tireless runner (he seems to be among the fastest felines). The best house for Devon Rex is filled with cat trees and towers to play with. This atypical cat is, moreover, very sociable: it only takes a few seconds for a bond of reciprocal sympathy to be created between him and the man.

    It's an elf that suddenly jumps on your shoulders and settles there purring. The Devon Rex is singular not only because of its curious and extraordinary pace but also because of its character so out of the ordinary. He is a hugger, to the point that his dearest desire is to stay in the arms of his master (if possible under his sweater or the covers) whom he adores and whom he "covers" with purrs.

   A very cheerful and curious cat, he cannot bear to be left alone; indeed, his dependence on man is total, not only because he needs affection, but also because he could never survive without his care. He likes to play and can be taught, without difficulty, to retrieve thrown objects. He is always on the lookout and attentive to what is happening around him: he picks up, thanks to his big ears, the slightest noise! He likes to scratch the furniture so a good cat scratcher would help you to protect your furniture 

    It respects the mood of man, its fellows, and animals in general, with which it coexists without any problem, thanks to the unconditional trust that characterizes its good character.

  Hug: This poodle cat will appreciate being cuddled, and will seek the warmth of your body and your presence.

   Player: The Devon Rex will show you its feline agility abilities thanks to its slender and muscular body.

  Calm: His morphology does not make him the calmest cat but, don't worry, some individuals are calmer than others, especially when it comes to getting warm under a blanket. Ask the breeder well to know the least reckless of the litter.

  Clever: His clever side will encourage him to actively participate in your life and play funny tricks on you, like tricking himself into snuggling up to you in bed!

  Fearful/wary of strangers: This curly cat is more likely to be curious than fearful in front of an unknown person. But still, give it time to adjust. In many situations, a nice motivation as a reward will help a lot.

  Independent: He is more renowned for his presence with his humans than for his independence. He will remain a cat, free to choose to be with you or to sit on the edge of the window.

 Cat Devon Rex


  Talkative: The Cat Devon Rex appreciates your presence and seeks your attention. What better way to catch your eye than to meow softly and melodiously!

  Greedy/gluttonous: This breed is rather reputed to be lively, it is normal that this tomcat is a good eater. A great way to occupy him during these meals is to offer him an interactive bowl so that he eats more slowly without greed.

  Need for exercise: This feline needs to play alone with toys but also with you to be able to spend its energy on objects awakening its hunting instinct. It is important to be able to occupy him daily to prevent him from getting bored.

  Runaway: This breed is well adapted for apartment life, but due to the lack of hair, this does not make him a good candidate for life outside.



  The Devon Rex and the Dogs: His curiosity and liveliness will help your pets live better together. Be sure to make time for introductions, let your Poodle Cat climb to heights, and train your dog well.

  The Devon Rex and Other Cats: The company of a congener will amuse him and give him a little warmth. But don't expect them to accept each other from day one, it may take time to develop into a great relationship.

  The Devon Rex and the Children: His face will make more than one child laugh, not to mention his liveliness, which makes him a good playmate with respectful young children.

  The Devon Rex and the Elderly: A young, active Devon Rex may be too tiring for a quiet person. Then remember to ask the breeders if they are not looking to sell one of their adult cats.

 Cat Devon Rex


  Grooming: A light weekly brushing is more than enough to keep his hair shiny. It is advisable to clean your ears weekly because of the presence of a lot of earwax in your ears. It is also possible that it needs to be washed because of cats of this breed sweat. It should be accustomed gradually and as soon as possible to accept water.

Hair loss: The Cat Devon Rex hardly sheds.



  The Devon Rex cat is only available, happy, and lively when he knows he can trust his master. To gain his trust, you have to follow a few simple rules. He is confident by nature but he likes hidden and welcoming places, not out of shyness but because he likes the heat; he needs a lot of security and therefore, when we welcome him at home, we must not forget to have set up his little corner for him. Decorating your home with Petguin cat house collection is a good way to assert that. 

   Grooming does not require any special precautions because its very short hair allows it to clean itself. The cleanliness of its large ears, on the other hand, deserves special attention: being almost completely hairless, they can easily become a receptacle for dust. In winter, to avoid colds, don't forget to put a little woolen coat on him, but only in cold places and outside. In addition, if he has to participate in a beauty contest, he must be bathed two or three days before, otherwise, his hair will not adhere to his skin.

  The last recommendation concerns his diet: because of a robust and excessive appetite, he is often subject to intestinal disorders; to avoid this risk, he must be given all the food he needs, but at frequent intervals and in small quantities.

 Cat Devon Rex


  Life expectancy: Its life expectancy is between 12 and 16 years.

     Resistant/robust: The Cat Devon Rex will hardly appreciate drafts and the cold, so it is important to take care in winter to keep it in a well-heated home.


  Tendency to grow:

  Excess weight in the Cat Devon Rex will be seen very quickly. Giving him a diet adapted to his activity, offered in an interactive bowl, will help him to maintain his figure.


  Common illnesses:

  The Devon Rex can have the same diseases as our domestic felines, oral problems for example.

  He can also suffer from diseases related to his breed:

  Myasthenia leads to muscular dystrophy in the forelegs. The poodle cat will have its head carried lower, will have an abnormal gait, more visible shoulder blades, and will tire quickly. Being a disease of genetic origin, there is no treatment to date.

  A predisposition to dermatological problems is possible.


  The heats in the female are quite frequent and they can give birth to 4 to 6 kittens per litter on average. No mating with other breeds is allowed for the Devon Rex.

  Good to know:

It will be necessary to wait until the kittens are 6 months old so that the coat takes on its adult appearance.

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