Dexter Modern Cat Tower

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Are you looking for a chic and stylish way to give your cat a place to call their own? Wooden Cat House is the perfect product for your cat.
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Modern Cat Tower 

Soothe your cat with the safe, stylish, and healthy way to play! Our modern cat tower is designed to provide your cat with a private space for sleeping and playing. It gives your feline friend an escape from the fast-moving world and the freedom to be a wild animal when they wish. Imagine their delight as they sleep on faux fur and explore the nooks and crannies of this beautiful home!

3-Story Wooden Cat Tower: 

Cats need mental stimulation to stay healthy and this 3-story large cat tower provides an excellent spot for them to play, jump, and scratch. The 3-story design also easily accommodates different cat personalities. This tower is the best thing you can do for your cats' well-being.

It's the ultimate place for your cat to play and have fun. The cat climbing tower is designed to be a similar place as your home, so they can enjoy their time and safety in peace. Our cats tower is constructed with high-quality materials and the perfect spot for all their chasings and sleep. This is the ultimate spot for your cat to get all their energy out, feel safe, and most importantly- have fun!

Cats love the feeling of being safe and away from danger- this tower is perfect for your cat. Made with high-quality materials, this climbing tower is the perfect place for them to spend their day.

Modern Design

A modern cat tower does more than just look good. It's sturdy and well-crafted, with a large rectangular design that gives your furry friend plenty of space to lounge and play. The modern cat tower is build from natural materials and has a light color theme that will match your home's style.

Durable and Sturdy

Cats love to climb, but what they really need is a place of their own. Give your furry friends a tall, beautiful and modern climbing tower that'll give them hours of entertainment, without the need for any dangerous or expensive cat trees. Dexter modern cat tower is made with durable wood and will resist the endless energy of your cats but also their sharp claws. It has a stable design that prevents it from slipping or tipping over.

Ultimate Comfort and Fun: 

You deserve the best for your cats. You're a responsible pet owner and they deserve to have a cute, modern, & stylish home where they can play and sleep. Put your precious kitty's safety & happiness first by getting them this modern cat tower - they will thank you with purring loud enough to wake the neighbors!

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • 3-story modern cat tower;
  • Made with durable wood;
  • Includes a soft pet mat on every level;
  • Modern and chic style;
  • Durable and robust construction;
  • Super stable;
  • Great for cats, kittens, or even small dogs;
  • Light wood color;
  • Superior quality pet furniture;
  • Easy installation;
  • Disassembled structure;
  • Great present for cat owners;
  • Dimensions: 90 x 33 x 33 cm;

 Cats will love living in your house - and you'll love having them in your house! Our high-quality, designer cat tower is perfect for all-natural, indoor cats. Your new fur-baby will have a cozy place of its own.

This is the most A+ purr-fect cat tree you'll find. We've taken everything cats like and made it even better. Be the envy of all your friends with this chic wood grain cat tree with three scratching posts, a condo, and two dangling balls. It's the perfect place for cats to lounge, play, relax-or do whatever they want!

 So why settle for just any old tree? Get a outdoor cat tower that's made to order and safe for your furry friend.

Your cat deserves the best! Choose Petguin modern cat tower! 

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