15 longest-lived Different Cat Breeds (Brief Infomation About Them)

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Cats are great pets. Hugs, players, independent and magnificent, they fill us with happiness. That's why we want them to spend as much time as possible with us. Do all cats have the same life expectancy? The answer is no. The lifespan of a cat is 15 years on average. The average lifespan of cats is 13 years. Some different cat breeds live longer than others. What are these breeds? Here are the 15 cat breeds that have excellent longevity.

1 - The Manx

The Manx is an atypical cat since it has a different tail. This distinction is not genetic. Manx cats are sometimes born with a tail. Moreover, they are classified according to the size of this part of the body.

  The "rumpy" Manx is born without a tail.

The "stumpy" Manx has a short tail.

The "longy" Manx has close to the normal tail.

The Manx is a particularly intelligent, playful, and loyal cat. Moreover, the Manx loves to interact with his master. He lives more than 15 years!

different cat breeds

 2 - The Siamese

The Siamese originates from Siam, in other words from Thailand. This cat is magnificent, moreover, its name means "moon diamond". Siamese cats have an excellent life expectancy that can reach 20 years. It is one of the few cat breeds that can be trained. Contrary to the portrait painted in the famous Disney Lady and the Tramp, the Siamese are sociable, playful, and pleasant to live with.

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 3 - The Savannah

The Savannah is a cat from the United States. This breed was created by man in the 80s. The Savannah looks like a Serval. He, therefore, has a very wild side and a beautiful musculature. His coat has black spots. In terms of behavior, the Savannah is a cat that adapts to its masters. It suits everyone! He has a great need to move. It is therefore not recommended to opt for this breed if you live in an apartment. Because it exerts itself a lot, the Savannah must be well fed. These different cat breeds can live 20 years.

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 4 - The Oriental

The Oriental is a cat breed very close to the Siamese. He is short-haired and his coat can feature over 300 colors and patterns. Each cat looks unique! Like the Siamese, the Oriental is intelligent, curious, playful, and very affectionate. this different breed of cat can live even longer than 15 years.

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5 - Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat is exceptionally beautiful and very elegant. Her dress has a gray-blue color and her body is very thin. Les Bleus Russes are particularly present in commercials. It must be said that in addition to being very soft, they are easy to train. Very affectionate, the Russian Cat loves family life. If you take good care of your companion, it can live between 15 and 20 years.

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 6 - Bombay

The Bombay is a very beautiful cat with a black coat. It is sometimes possible to find sable-colored cats. this breed is pleasant to live with. The Bombay appreciates the contact and the interactions with his masters. Both intelligent and playful, this cat is very difficult to find. If you are lucky enough to adopt one, then you can keep it for twenty years.

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 7 - The Sphynx

 The Sphynx is an impressive cat. His very atypical physique is distinguished by the absence of hair. By the way, if you are allergic to cats, you can adopt this hypoallergenic breed. These different cat breeds need contact. It is not recommended to adopt a Sphynx if you are away for most of the day. The average lifespan of a Sphynx is between 15 to 20 years. Very thin, this cat must be protected from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer.

 different cat breeds

8 - The Persian

The Persian is a calm and elegant cat. Its fluffy coat is appreciated by masters, especially since this breed is very cuddly. As he is adorable, the Persian loves family life and children. Although he can live between 15 and 20 years, this cat has fragile health. He often suffers from digestive disorders. It must therefore be well monitored by a veterinarian. It should be noted that the Persian needs maintenance. Its coat must be brushed and combed because it loses a lot of hair.

9 - The Balinese

Like the Oriental, the Balinese are close to the Siamese. Besides, the cats look almost the same! The Balinese look like a Siamese cats but have longer hair. The Balinese cat has a character similar to the Siamese. He is intelligent, very active, playful, and agile. Small peculiarity: the Balinese are talkative. If you talk to him, he will answer you! If he is in good health, the Balinese can live up to 22 years.

 different cat breeds

10 - The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is a fairly recent breed of the cat since it was created in the 60s. Close to the Persian, it has a soft and long coat. Besides, he needs to be brushed every day. The Ragdoll is warm with its masters but also with strangers. He appreciates the presence of children but will also be happy with seniors. He prefers indoor life to outdoor adventures. Also, if you have an apartment, you can bet on this breed. Very robust, the Ragdoll can live up to 25 years!

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 11 - The Burmese

The Burmese are the cat that holds the official record for the oldest living cat: 35 years old. Generally speaking, this breed can live up to 25 years. The Burmese resembles the Birman but is stockier. Energetic, playful, cuddly, and sociable, the Burmese is ideal for families. They love children but hate the indoor life.

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 12 - Birman

The Birman is also named Sacred of Burma. Although it comes from Asia, its origins are unknown. The Birman has blue eyes and dark fur at the extremities. The Birman is a calm and gentle cat who enjoys living in an apartment. He loves the presence of these masters. This breed needs a follow-up at the veterinarian because it can suffer from many health concerns such as digestive and kidney disorders. The Birman can also be overweight. Be careful not to overfeed it! Especially if he was sterilized. If he is healthy, he can live for 20 years.

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13 - The Chartreux

The , also known as the Maltese cat, is a very old breed. This cat is powerful, elegant, and robust. It has a good life expectancy which can reach 20 years. The Chartreux is distinguished by its dense fur, the blue-gray color of which is typical of the breed. He loves family life and therefore children. He also has an irrepressible need to play constantly. The Chartreux needs exercise and if he doesn't get enough of it, he can become overweight.

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 14 - The Nebelung

The Nebelung is a cat with semi-long gray-blue hair that brings out its green eyes. Very affectionate, the Nebelung adapts to families provided that they respect its independence. These different cat breeds also need calm. He is suspicious of people he does not know. Its life expectancy is between 15 and 18 years if you manage to maintain a healthy weight.

 15 - The Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest breeds in the world since it already existed in ancient Egypt, more than 4000 years ago. Very affectionate, the Egyptian Mau adapts to all families. He loves the outdoors as well as the indoors. This breed also loves cuddles. It is very robust and can live between 15 and 20 years.


The life expectancy of cats depends on the breed but also the quality of life of the felines. To maximize their longevity. It is essential to feed them well but also to have them followed by a veterinarian. All different cat breeds have specific needs that must be identified and respected.

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