Cat Scratching Tips: Deal with the Cutest Scratching Monster!

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Cats are very fond of their comfort, so to speak; they are animals that act according to their pleasure. Even in a friendly atmosphere at home, most of the time, you will witness them being bossy. He acts as if he is the owner of the house, not you. Cats, who amaze us with their careless and arrogant ways, have a very tiring habit: scratching! Here are cat scratching tips for you.

cute cat claws is scratching furniture

Cat Scratching Tips

The scratching habits of these furry friends have driven many cat owners crazy. Newly bought sofas, carpets you fell in love with when you purchased, favorite furniture, and even clothes are shattered on the tips of a cat's nails. So is there any way to prevent this? Can't we prevent cats from scratching and damaging favorite household items? If you have a cat that likes to sharpen its nails on household items, you've come to the right place. As Petguin, we have long specialized in living harmoniously with our dear four-legged family members. And we have some ideas for directing your cats' scratching habits to the right place.

Cat's Scratching Habit

It is almost impossible to stop cats from scratching. Scratching is one of the most well-known cat natural behavior. The main purpose for cats to do this is nail exercise and territory marking. An odor is released during scratching from the tiny glands in the paws of cats. The cat marks its territory with the help of this scent which is applied to the scratched areas.

We know most of you try to eliminate this scratching habit by clipping your cat's nails, but this may not be very helpful. The cutest monster in your home can not be stopped with that pity effort. Since they live in homes with us, they can not trim their nails on trees. So whatever you do to stop the scratching behavior, you can't succeed. The only thing you can do is prioritize their nail care. 

Alternative Cat Scratches

There is another thing you can do. And that is to give your cat such a scratcher that he no longer wants to scratch anywhere but that scratcher. Of course, it's also important that it's something that won't drive you crazy with its sound. As an alternative to cats scratching on furniture, scratching posts can be a great solution. There are a lot of different styles of scratching posts. You may find modern and stylish ones, traditional cat trees as vertical scratching posts, even cardboard products. 

Petguin Stella Cat Teepee with Scratching Post

To guide a cat to a scratching post, the first thing to do is to place the scratching post near a place where the cat typically scratches. Of course, the scratching tower must be sturdy and of the type that will support the cat's hanging. If the tree is not solid, the cat will always remember this and try to stay away. Then, when your cat has a scratching urge or turns to where he usually scratches, you can guide him to the scratching board. Thus, after a while, he will only use the scratching board.

Another method you may try is to cover the furniture with something your cat does not enjoy touching, such as double-sided sticky tape. But we have to remind you that this will only work with the scratching post. Your cat turns to the scratching tree to stay away from this disliked thing and now prefers this place.

Best Products for Cats

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Is It OK to Get Angry at Cats About Their Scratching?

Cats are not very obedient animals. Scolding cats verbally or physically doesn't work most of the time. That's why you need to use a definite expression to keep a cat away from where you don't want it. For example, if the cat goes where you don't want it every time, you can get help from cat repellent sprays. If this continues for a while, your cat will take it as a definite sign that they shouldn't. This way, you can have your cat scratching any place or post you want. Of course, you should make sure the cat scratch spray is not harmful to your cat. We should also point out that we do not recommend this method as it is a method that can make your cat angry and stressed.

Cats are our friends with whom we share our home and enjoy life together. They help us to cope with the difficulties of daily life. They make us smile; they make our lives fuller. It is important to be patient with them. You should give your cat time to stop furniture scratching. Cats are animals that have habits and do not give up on these habits easily. Although sometimes they push the limits of your endurance, getting angry with them can backfire; Your relationship may deteriorate. You do everything in your power to make him change his habit, but if he continues to scratch the places you don't want despite all the insistence, remember that there may be other underlying problems. Excessive scratching could be a sign of more significant issues.  In such cases, it is necessary to seek help from a specialist veterinarian or a cat behaviorist.

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