Different Types of Dog Breeds Hounds You Didn't Know

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Since dogs began to live with humans, dogs have been used for hunting. There are many different types of hunting dogs used as aids in hunting humans. Read on to find out what these different types of hunting dogs are!

There are four different types of hunting dogs. Each of them has a different task. So let's take a closer look at what their duties are!


Different Types of Dog Breed Hounds

People refer to bloodhounds as tracking dogs. This is because they have a strong sense of smell that allows them to follow the tracks of prey. They bark while chasing the prey to alert other predators when they find prey.

These dogs can hunt alone or in groups. However, they always follow the directions of their owners when hunting. Their owners always command them to chase, capture or bring prey to them.

For large and small hunts, people prefer bloodhounds as hunting dogs. They are used in deer hunting in France, fox hunting in England, and wild rabbit and brown bear hunting in Spain. 


Hounds are renowned for their sense of smell, while whippet dogs are known for their keen eyesight. They can cut prey from very long distances. When they see the prey, they chase it until they catch it.

The method (modus operandi) of whippets is to be quiet and fast. This method is highly effective in hunting many prey as large as deer.

Hunters have used this type of dog for years. They are the underlying name of many successes during hunting seasons. Among the most well-known breeds in this business are Afghani Hounds and Azawakhs. 

Hunting Dogs

These dogs are specially used for hunting small animals. It is among the number one preferences of amateur hunters.

group of labrador retriever dogs


Retriever: These dogs are responsible for finding and returning birds that hunters shoot in mid-air. Retrievers are patient animals because they sometimes have to wait hours for a command to fetch a bird.

Dog Breeds For Hunting

 Setter: They find their prey by their scent. It is generally used for large birds such as pheasants and partridges. When they find prey, they stay motionless, so their guardians know they've located the prey.

 Spaniel: These dogs are an excellent choice for hunting prey in grassy areas with lots of bushes. They can also search for prey in the water.

Dog Breeds For Hunting

 Pointer: These dogs are a little different from the hunting dogs we've talked about because they point to the prey with their noses when they find prey. Expert hunters cherish these dogs, known for their "pointing instincts."

Water dogs: Finally, there are water dogs on the list. These dogs can chase and catch prey in the water. These dogs are used for hunting waterfowl or some animals that escape and hide in the water.


US hunters often prefer these animals for the big game. Therefore, special training is essential for these animals to develop a strong hunting instinct. However, these dogs can sometimes cause problems, such as attacking strangers.  

If you like the sport of hunting, you must have a dog with high hunting skills, good smell, good voice, ability to wait quietly and lie in ambush, be open to training, and intelligent with you when you go hunting. 

You can learn more about the dog you want to adopt by reading our hunting dog breeds and traits article. After the domestication of dogs, people began to hunt with dogs. For a dog to be good at hunting, it must have the traits of being open to training, stamina, athleticism, and finding prey.

General Breed Characteristics of v Dog Breeds

The most common hunting dogs, in general, are scent hounds and other hunting dogs. What you plan to hunt determines the type of dog that will be taken. 

Bird Dogs: These dogs, which are called hunting dogs because of their primary prey, sometimes hunt rabbits and sometimes very small animals. It is used to find the prey and to be thrown by the hunter's fire. 

Scent Hounds: This dog follows prey with its nose and makes a lot of noise when chasing it. The dog's calls allow the hunter to find it even if it is lost. Some scent hounds focus solely on the pursuit of prey. Others are dogs that chase their prey into a garden and wait at the base.


Hound Dog Breeds with Advanced Hunting Skills

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular bird dogs. This energetic, enthusiastic, and loyal dog breed is cold tolerant and can swim in cold waters. Labrador dogs are generally considered the best for duck hunting. When not on the hunt, they make good family dogs thanks to their willingness to please and sincerity. Their length is between 55 and 60 cm, while their weight is 25 kg and 36 kg. 

Golden Retriever

Similar to Labradors, Golden Retrievers are also bird dogs. They are perfect for hunting birds and other small prey. Goldens are loyal, enthusiastic, and trainable. They make great house dogs and are very good with children. Their length is between 53 and 60 cm, while their weight is between 25 kg and 34 kg. 

Beagle Dog

The Beagle Dog is a hunting hound with a great nose and a loud voice. This breed is mainly used for hunting small animals, especially rabbits. However, he is the perfect companion for any home and is suitable for children. He is quite affectionate and eager to please. Their length is between 33 and 38 cm, while their weight is between 9 kg and 11 kg. 

American Fox Dog

The American Fox Dog is a scent hound. These running hounds are famous for their chase. The breed, bred with English hounds, was first used for hunting foxes. In time, deer hunting was also included in this. Foxhounds are affectionate and loyal companions, but they need lots of daily exercise for high energy and stamina. Their height is between 53 and 71 cm, while their weight is between 27 kg and 31 kg. 

Springer Spaniel ( Britanny Spaniel)

The Springer Spaniel, of English origin, is a bird dog that is very good at hunting and chasing pheasants. This dog also has nearly the same level of field retrieving skills as the Labrador and Golden Retriever. In addition, his slightly smaller size allows him to roam in smaller areas while hunting. Their length is between 48 and 50 cm, while their weight is between 18 kg and 24 kg.

dog breeds hounds 

English Pointer Dog

The Pointer dog, also called the English Pointer, has a high prey drive and great determination. The pointer follows prey such as pheasant and quail. He is also highly resistant to heat. Therefore, he is suitable for use in warmer climates. Their length is between 43 and 53 cm, while their weight is between 20 kg and 34 kg. 

Chesapeake Retriever

The Chesapeake Hound is a determined and athletic bird dog. This breed is intelligent and highly attached to its owners. Heis suitable for swimming in cold water because his oil structure gives him a natural resistance. This hunting dog is very loyal to his family, so he can be wary of strangers. Their length is between 53 and 60 cm, while their weight is between 25 kg and 36 kg. 

Bluetick Dog

The Bluetick Dog is a scent hound that follows any creature it finds. This breed is described as chasing cougars and lions. These are hunting dogs with excellent noses and high energy. They can be vocal even when not hunting prey. Among the Hound Breeds and Characteristics, it is a hound that is feared by other creatures. In general, they are not ideal for apartment living. Their height is between 53 and 68 cm; their weight is between 20 kg and 36 kg.

basset hound as one of the dog breeds hounds

Basset Hound

French aristocrats frequently bred the Basset Hound in the 1800s because he is very similar to the type of Beagle dogs; he can be considered from the same family, has squat legs, long ears, is friendly, can get along well with children, dogs and all other creatures, quite intelligent and quiet, open to training and following commands. He is a hunting dog breed with high adaptability. 

Having a patient character and being quiet are the essential features of the Basset Hound breed, which make it one of the species suitable for hunting. 

Blood Hound Dog

On the other hand, this species with droopy skin and drooping ears is very talented in tracking due to the development of its sense of smell. Thanks to this feature, this breed, also known as the Bloodhound, is one of the prominent names in the hunting dog breeds category. Due to their tracking abilities, this breed, which, in addition to being a hunting dog, also undertakes duties such as search and rescue, and police dog in the field of drug detection, is a very adaptable and good temperamental dog breed, as long as it is not stepped on. 

The fact that these purebred dogs of Belgian origin are both quiet, patient, and adaptable and that they are a type of hound that can run quite fast are the features that make them stand out for being companions in hunting sports.


Gordon Setter

Originating in 17th century Scotland from the Setter family, this beautiful dog is very intelligent, has good ears, smells very well, is open to training and obedience, and has a patient character. However, it has the appropriate qualities to be a hunting dog, it is also quite good for being a family dog. It is a type of dog with long black hair that is suitable, affectionate, and patient. >He is a breed with high energy and can run fast also plays a role in being a successful breed in the hunting area. 

Shorthaired German Pointer (Kurzhaar)

Kurzhaar Hounds, also known as German pointers, because the instinct of being an Alpha dog is dominant, they must receive good training from the puppyhood, they have high physical energy, they are durable, they can withstand the conditions of terrain, mountains, slopes, rain and mud, long hours It is one of the most important species in the category of hunting dog breeds, as it is a dog species that can function under challenging conditions. 

Drahthaar (Fluffy German Pointer)

These dogs, also known as the Drathaar German Pointer, are very loyal and devoted to their owners, obedient, obedient, and have a high sense of smell and tracking skills. Since the problem of weight gain does not even occur at an advanced age, these dogs are one of the dog breeds used in hunting sports as a high-energy and durable species.  

German shepherd dog

Its story is about the 19th century. Although the first uses of German shepherd dogs, which date back to the beginning of the year, were not for herding sheep, they are among the breeds used today as both hunting dogs and K9 police dogs since they are highly suitable for hunting. This breed, which can display superior abilities with a good education, is generally quiet, patient, energetic, and resilient. 

Dogo Argentino

Despite being one of the breeds in the category of banned dog breeds in Turkey, Dogo Argentinos, which are frequently and successfully used both in Turkey and in the world, especially in hunting sports areas such as bird hunting that require maximum silence and patience, are also very good-natured thanks to appropriate training. They can be a pet and get along very well with children in the house.

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