Munich Velvet Cozy Cave Dog Bed

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European Quality...

European Quality of Cozy Cave Dog Bed

The royal velvet pet bed is twice as comfortable as your average pet furniture, and it's also a fabulous decorative piece for your home! With its corduroy cover and thick filling, this eye-catching bed is great for providing hours of comfort for your canine pal.

Designed for Both Small & Large Dogs

No matter what size is your dog, he can snuggle into this great dog cave bed. We offer several sizes from large to medium, so your pup can enjoy it. Handcrafted by our animal lover craftsmen, this reversible velvet cozy cave dog bed gives your pet the best care and love while keeping away any dirt or fuzz, keeping it looking clean all the time.

The Finest Quality for Your Little Majesty

This is a high-end dog bed! We use a velvet fabric as the base and that makes it more luxurious than your average pet furniture. With its corduroy cover, it has a cozy cave effect and your canine master will love falling asleep on it. Its thick filling makes this bed twice as comfortable as your typical pet furniture. Its four points are neatly stitched to maintain its shape, so it won't warp over time.

How to Clean the Cozy Cave Dog Bed?

Your dog will feel cozy and secure in their Münich Dog Bed. It's designed with high-quality fabric and can be machine-washed when it gets dirty. The durable fabric used in the bed will last for many years, so you and your pooch won't have to worry about a replacement anytime soon.

Every Munich Cozy Cave Dog Bed is Unique

Handmade to the highest quality, our dog bed and furniture provides a cozy cave for your pet. It's like sleeping in a five-star hotel if that hotel was designed just for your pet. Every Munich Dog Cave is unique and created by pet enthusiasts.

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