Dame Cat Cave Bed

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Cats will be happy and sleep better with this cat cave bed....

Cats will be happy and sleep better with this cat cave bed. Made of 100% wool, this is a great place for cats to relax and sleep. It's also perfect for them to play, hide and enjoy themselves. We've provided enough room in the design to accommodate up to 24lbs of cat!

Kindly check with the detailed dimensions given below.
Cats will be attracted to the Cat Cave due to the natural odor of the wool, making it a great place for them to relax and sleep.

They say that cats are the best company. But who wants to share their bed with a bunch of cats? With the Dame cat cave bed, you can have your very own private space to sleep in peace with your favorite furry friend. Your cat will love this cozy cave and you'll love sleeping without worrying about your cat crawling up on you.

This is an adorable cat cave with a great design! They are soft and comfortable. Cats are so they like to sleep on their own beds.

Things to Know: 

  • Due to its handmade nature, product size, thickness, and shape may vary slightly in actuality.
  • Due to different color resolution devices, the color can differ slightly in person.

Size : 17" x 17"

The wicker cat bed is the perfect bed for your feline friend. This bed will fit up to 24 lbs of cat and is made with natural wool, so your cat will be attracted to it. Your Cat Cave Bed comes with a removable cover that can be washed, as well as a catnip sachet so you can attract your cat even more. The Cat Cave Bed is also great for a second home or just a place.

The Dame luxury cat bed is a perfect spot for cats to have some sweet dreams. It's made with premium materials and is 100% eco-friendly for your kitty to curl up in and feel at home. Give your favorite feline the snuggly space they deserve with our wool bedding and a soft, fluffy lining.


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