Foxie Modern Dog House

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Wooden Dog House

You can change your pup's destiny with a Foxie Modern Dog House....


Wooden Dog House

You can change your pup's destiny with a Foxie Modern Dog House. They will have better living conditions with their own room, plus plenty of air circulation, light, and space for their comfy bed. The Petguin dog crate furniture is well constructed with solid pine wood, which is sturdy, durable, and rot-resistant.

Premium Design

Your dog deserves the best! They shouldn't have to be living in a pup-sized crate all day, limited to just that one room, when they could be lounging around the house and exploring. With our great selection of small dog beds, accessories, and modern kennels, you can make sure your pup has a paws-itively comfortable life.

•Easy Cleaning

Dogs are some of the most loving and loyal animals on the planet. They deserve a home to call their own, where they can sleep and play without feeling left out in the cold. That's why we created the Foxie Modern Dog House: to provide your pup with a comfy, secure home that you know is safe from the elements.

MODERN DESIGN: Our item is a custom designed for dogs..There is a fleece soft mat in the dog house, will keep warm for your dogs in winter another side of the mat is smooth for summer and the cover of mat is removable and washable.
- We create is an opportunity to integrate your pet into your life, as you can see, our item is a nightstand, coffee table, and side table to share space with your pets.
- You don't need to buy an extra bed for your dog! Also, use this product as a wooden dog bed.

•DIMENSIONS: The modern dog house measures 19.7''L × 19.7''W× 24''H, perfectly accommodates medium or small dogs weighing 50 lbs and under. It's spacious enough for your pup to rest and stretch comfortably.

Your little pup deserves a comfortable and warm place to sleep with all the amenities. The Foxie modern dog house has everything they need, including free air conditioning and a cosy bed. It's time to stop letting your dog sleep on the cold ground!

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