Mateo Natural Dog House

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Mateo insulated dog house is definitely a must in order to ensure your best friend’s comfort all...

Mateo insulated dog house is definitely a must in order to ensure your best friend’s comfort all throughout the day! Handcrafted with the highest attention to detail, made from superior waterproof and fireproof wood, with an included mattress that keeps them cozy and nurtured, this pet crate looks stunning in any room of the house, blending in perfectly with all sorts of decors including minimalist, Scandinavian or elegant!

Your furry friend deserves the very best of the best. That's why you need this all-natural, hand-crafted, fireproof, waterproof dog house that comes complete with a mattress. Mateo Natural Dog Houses are exactly what you've been looking for and will ensure your four-legged best friend has a comfortable place to call home.

Mateo's Natural Dog House is the perfect place for your pup to relax and feel comfortable. Not only does it look great, but it's made of the best waterproof, fireproof wood and can include a mattress.

Dogs deserve the best and we're here to help you provide them with it! Mateo is the ultimate natural dog house for your pup. Made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, and even includes a washable mattress! Not to mention the unbeatable price.


  • Dimensions: 34 x 25x 24 inches;
  • Material: sapphire oak wooden surface, wooden frame, non-toxic mattress filling;
  • Waterproof and fireproof;
  • Eco-friendly and pet-friendly;
  • A thoughtful present for dog owners;
  • Compatible with most breeds and sizes;
  • Modern, elegant design;
  • Comfy and nurturing for your dog;
  • Ideal for sleeping, nap time, playtime, lounging.

At the end of the day, when your furry best friend needs a place to rest, refresh, and relax - make sure they have a haven that keeps them warm and comfy! Indoor Dog House is a cozy home made with superior quality materials that won't disappoint. Intended for the safety of your pup's paws & mouth - this dog house will provide warmth & peace of mind.

Stop worrying about your pup not having a proper place to call his own. Warm or cool days, this insulated dog house protects against any conditions. Cleaning it is easy, and its many mattresses will keep your pup comfortable for years.

Keep your furry friend safe and cozy in the cold, harsh winters with this dog house. With an insulated dog house design that utilizes the latest in materials and technology, you'll be able to keep your pet happy and warm (and dry!) with just a simple adjustment to their habits. Let your hound enjoy a breezy evening out with you without any worries about their safety.

Your dog will fall in love instantly with this deluxe indoor dog house!

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