Milan Modern Cat House

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A minimalist touch to both your interior design and your cat's life: Milan Modern Cat House Indoor has the power of simplicity. This modern wooden cat house provides excellent coziness for your kitty. 

Whether your home is modern or contemporary, this cat house is a perfect addition. Its sleek, straightforward design will elevate the decor of any space. Your furry friend will love being able to do some indoor climbing and lounging - don't worry, they can also escape to the great outdoors when they want!

You will surprise at how good this wood house for cats blends with your room.


Nothing beats the wood when you want to bring nature to your home. Petguin pet furniture pieces' materials come from sustainably managed forests to give your cat the best experience. Your kitty will enjoy countless naps for many years to come in her favorite cat condo. 


Soft and comfortable cushion of Milan is also made from fur-repellent fabric. Your kitty will enjoy her daily naps on ergonomic cushion. 



Dexter doesn’t compromise the modern design while providing maximum functionality. You will not want to hide this cat furniture from your guests. Dexter has every potential to become an amazing object of your tastefully designed interior decoration. 


You will not have to look for any other cat condo for years. Milan cat house indoor is sturdy enough to host thousands of naps and countless plays for many years. The durable wood material stands tall and strong on the floor, making it impossible for Milan to slip.



  • A piece of pet furniture that blends perfectly with any style of home decor

  • Long-lasting and sustainable material

  • Soft cushion that is made from fur-repellent fabric

  • Modern and elegant style

  • Light and natural wood color

  • Easy installation

  • Disassembled structure

  • Great present for cat owners

  • Dimensions:  14 x 18 x 12 - inches

    Adding a kitty to your home is an exciting new stage in your life. And Milan Modern Cat house indoor is here to make that transition worry-free. This modern cat condo is designed with an innovative style assembly and a minimalist design that will fit in just about any home and look perfect in it. You will love how this cat condo provides excellent coziness for your kitty, keeping them safe, sound.

    This wooden cat house is perfect for those who want to have a minimalist touch in their homes. Made from 100% natural wood, this cat house is designed for your feline to enjoy. It's so easy and stylish to assemble, all you need is a screwdriver!


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