Nina Cat House & Scratcher

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Cat House & Cat Bed End Table

We all love our cats, but it's not always easy to find...

Cat House & Cat Bed End Table

We all love our cats, but it's not always easy to find a place for them in a modern lifestyle. The Nina Cat Bed End Table is made with you and your feline friends in mind. With a space big enough for your cat to sprawl out and plenty of places to sleep, the Nina Cat Bed End Table is the perfect way to give your furry friend some much needed space.

Who says modern living equals no space for your cat? Our cat furniture is designed for stylish humans and the cats who love them. Our multilevel cat tree provides a space for your furry friends to lounge, climb and play. With a variety of beds, perches and dens to choose from.

Finally, a way to get your cat away from your beautiful furniture. Cat scratcher house is perfect for any kind of cat and offers a space they can call their own. Coming in three different colors and designs, you're sure to find the perfect one for you and your cat. With a scratching post, cozy bed, an elevated perch, and plenty of scratching material, this is everything you need in a cat bed.

PERFECT FOR CAT PLAY – Let your pet enjoy the best of both worlds, where they can use this alluring Pet house for both fun and play and relaxation and sleep.

STABLE STRUCTURE - Surroundings of the modern cat furniture are made of lightweight and sturdy MDF boards. It can support various activities of pets. Cats under 15 lbs can jump and play freely. Stack these sturdy cubes high to build an entire configurable cat cave.

PERFECT SIZE - This cat scratching post compact size can be used in any room. The 9.8-inch large hole ensures that cats of different sizes can enter and exit easily. Place it next to your sofa, in your bedroom, or on a cube shelf organizer.

MOVABLE CUSHION - Cat house indoor includes 1 cube, 1 top cloth, and 1 soft cat cushion. The cushions inside are movable, providing great comfort in summer and winter. The top cloth is made of polyester fiber.

FOLDABLE AND EASY TO INSTALL -Closed cat bed, indoor cattery can be quickly assembled.
If you love your fur kids, they deserve the best. They deserve a place to call their own. Give them their own space to relax, sleep, scratch and play with the Cat Tree House. Featuring posts at different heights and wrapped in faux fur, your cat will be able to choose how high she wants to go.

You could use this wooden playhouse for cats both indoor and outdoor.

Wanna know how to make your home happy and your cat? Get our modern cat furniture set that'll give your furry friends a space to call their own. We'll have scratching posts to make sure they're doing their thing, and plenty of space for them to lounge in. Hang out with your furry friends anytime, with all the space they need, in style!

Give your cat a place to feel at home with the Cat Tree Modern. With renowned designs and top quality materials, your kitty will be happy, healthy, and purring all day.

All of your worries about finding the perfect balance between aesthetic and comfort are finally over. Get your cat the most stylish and functional furniture for their needs, regardless of their age. With our cool cat furniture, your furry best friend will no longer feel neglected in their own home.

The perfect balance of style and function for your pet. No more furniture for your pet to scratch. We designed our cat furniture with a combination of natural materials and durable, non-toxic materials to keep your home snag-free. Our design is easy to assemble with minimal tools and provides two levels of fun - the lower level is great for cats who want to lounge, while the upper level provides a space for climbing and playing.

Size: 25.6"x18"x14.6"


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