Ozzy Wooden Dog House

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A kind perception of the dog house; Ozzy creates an atmosphere to share with you and your pup. This modern...

A kind perception of the dog house; Ozzy creates an atmosphere to share with you and your pup. This modern indoor dog house will be the coziest spot for your dog and an extraordinary piece for your interior design. 

Ozzy is designed for people who are passionate about furniture while they prefer keeping their dog satisfied. Your hound will enjoy sweet naps and good resting in his indoor dog crate furniture.

Incredibly Functional 

We know how it feels to put ugly products in your home because your dog desperately needs a spot to retreat and relax. Any dog parent who cares about their pup's needs experiences this.

You don't have to purchase something you don't like, cause Ozzy's got you covered. Elegant and minimalistic design met with the functionality. Ozzy has a dog mat inside. Now your dog has a place to take a nap after a good walk. 

Modern Indoor Dog House

If you are looking for a dog house that has a spectacular design that is also suitable for the minimalistic style of your home, you are in the right place. Ozzy is a dream for handmade enthusiasts who look for a great piece to display in their house. 

You will enjoy seeing your cute dog sleeping in a beautiful natural indoor dog house. 

Handcrafted From Natural Wood

Ozzy has the best natural wood color. As Petguin, we use natural wood as the main material of our product. We are serious about protecting the nature that we live in harmony with our beloved pets. We only use materials that are acquired from sustainable forests. We handle the natural wood with care, our products are handmade with love. 


Why would I Prefer This Indoor Dog House

  • Perfect Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 23 inches;
  • Non-toxic mattress filling;
  • Waterproof and fireproof;

  • Eco-friendly and pet-friendly;

  • Non-toxic mattress filling;
  • A thoughtful present for dog owners;

  • Compatible with most breeds and sizes;

  • Modern, elegant design;

  • Comfy and nurturing for your dog;

  • Ideal for sleeping, nap time, playtime, lounging.

Your dog will fall in love instantly with this deluxe indoor dog house!


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