What Should You Do When Your Black Maine Coon Kitten Comes Home?

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If the arrival of your future black Maine Coon kitten worries you a bit, if you have questions about your home or the best practices for integrating your new companion as well as possible into your family, don't panic! This little guide should reassure you a little.

Preparation of the house for black Maine Coon Kitten

Before the arrival of your kitten, it is necessary to prepare your house. As with young children, the animal's living space must be secure.

Watch out for hidden dangers in the house!

Insecticides, rodenticides, chemicals, household products, petroleum products, drugs, tobacco, and plants.

Also, be careful about small objects your kitten can swallow (garbage bag strings, toys, medicines, etc.). Things can sometimes fall off the shelves and injure the animal. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you ingest a toxic product/plant or medication.

black maine coon kitten

The arrival of the black Maine Coon kitten

You have just arrived home with your new companion, a day full of emotion! Here are some tips to make this moment as pleasant as possible for you and your kitten.

First, remember that the day was full of changes for him: a journey, a new home, and separation from his mother and siblings. All this generates a lot of stress. So make sure that his new installation is done calmly, especially do not go too fast.

You will no doubt want to introduce him to his new home and the whole family, but you must resist this temptation, even if it is challenging! A failed first contact could remain etched in your kitten's head. The easiest way is to proceed in stages.

First, assign him a quiet and not too large room. A bedroom, for example, in which he will feel more quickly at ease. Arrange, then show him the "food" corner with a bowl of water and kibble, his "hygiene" corner with his litter box, as well as a "rest" corner with a small cat tree, and the "hunting" corner with some toys.

black maine coon kitten

If the black Maine coon kitten decides to hide, do not hesitate to wave a feather duster to stimulate it, speaking to it in a soft voice: even if it does not come directly to play, this will help to make it want to integrate! If he doesn't want to go out, don't linger. He will when he feels ready.

 Also, remember to leave the transport cage where he traveled (open); it will become his first refuge.

When he feels comfortable, leave the door open for him when you are in the house so that he can explore on his own and at his pace. Then, he can return to the room he already knows. These incursions will allow him to gradually meet other house inhabitants without rushing him.

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If you have other cats, you can wait until the 15th day to do a small quarantine. In any case, we recommend a veterinary visit for a simple check before making presentations with other cats (whether you want to wait a few days or weeks).

This transition period will last approximately one week. If you have the slightest doubt or question, do not hesitate to speak to your breeder or veterinarian. But rest assured, with the Maine Coon, everything is going very well, and they are very comfortable from the first hours in their new home. Their adaptability is incredible!


The presentation with the congeners may seem “violent” to you (spitting, paw…). NEVER intervene.

Leave the introductions to themselves, do not take the kitten on your lap, do not stay between the cats, and do not yell at the one who hisses or seems aggressive to you. In the event of a fight, stay calm, with no shouting or sudden gestures. Killings in cats remain very rare, even more so with a kitten.

  As said above, a failed first contact can remain engraved in your kitten's head; sometimes, the owner thinks well is the cause.

black maine coon kitten

Your Kitten's living space

 The food corner

  The food corner should be placed from the litter box or in another room. Avoid double bowls; kibble could fall into the water bowl and bother the cat. Instead, you prefer ceramic, stainless steel, or glass bowls. Plastic bowls retain odors and promote cat acne.

 The hygiene corner

The litter box or toilet house should be placed in a quiet corner. Using the same type of litter will be necessary to avoid disturbing the kitten and gradually switch to the litter you choose. If your toilet house has a door, we advise you to remove it for the first time. The litter box should be cleaned at least once a day and emptied, then cleaned and disinfected twice a week.

The rest area

Rest in the black Maine Coon kitten, and sleep is essential. You should never disturb a sleeping kitten (even if it is very tempting, they are so cute!). The kitten must be able to hide in a cozy nest (scratching tower, house, igloo) and stand up high to feel safe. For the first time, you can choose a medium-height cat tree or arrange your walls with shelves and put some cushions for its comfort.

The hunting corner

The hunting corner is the kitten's play corner. It can be coupled with the cat tree in the sleeping area. Toys are essential to the well-being and balance of your kitten. You can find all types of toys:

Bouncy balls some like to be thrown and fetched.

Circuits of games are enclosed balls that make light, and others with catnip so that they can play alone.

Feather dusters for play sessions with you

Wind-up mechanical mice

Various toys hanging from cat trees

"Intelligence" toys in which we hide food

In any case, the toys must be regularly changed, removed, and renewed so that the kittens retain their attraction.

black maine coon kitten


You'll want to start brushing your black Maine Coon kitten as early as four weeks old. The sooner he's used to it, the easier it is for him to tolerate it. Brush your cat's fur weekly to prevent knots and matting. For reasons of comfort, you can choose whether or not to trim your cat's claws with a suitable claw cutter.

Attention! Nail clipping will not stop a cat's instinctive need to scratch to mark its territory.

Your kitten should be dewormed every month until the kitten is six months old. Then every six months. The kitten will be handled, brushed, and washed. The cat can become unmanageable if you do not continue touching and holding it.

A healthy cat will only need one veterinary visit annually for its vaccines. However, we still advise you to make another simple visit during the year to ensure everything is going well.

The cat's pharmacy:
  • Digital rectal thermometer
  • Plastic syringes without needles
  • Disinfectant
  • Cotton and cotton swabs
  • Material for dressings (bandages and gauze)
  • Ultra yeasts
  • Physiological serum
  • Betadine
  • The telephone number of your usual veterinary clinic
  • Poison center phone number
  • The telephone number for veterinary emergencies

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