Comparative Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat ( With Pictures)

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Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cats are two large cat breeds. Both muscular, the Norwegian is more slender with longer legs and tail while the Maine Coon is squarer. If each kitten develops its personality, we see a very friendly personality in both breeds despite a pronounced taste for sporting activity. As adults, they both have long, dense fur. The Norwegian has a woolly, heavy, and dense undercoat, covered with long waterproof shiny hair, while the coat of the Maine Coon is finer and silkier.

 Wild Origins of Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat

Some speculate that the Vikings brought Norwegian forest cats back from the Caspian Sea in the 8th century. The distinction of its race is that it is not the fruit of human selection but the ancestral result of the natural selection of the cold Norwegian climates. On the other hand, the Maine Coon comes from an ancient natural breed from North America. Its origins have given rise to several legends. The best known, although biologically impossible, is that it results from a cross between a cat and a raccoon. One theory, which could explain their resemblance, suggests that he descended from American cats crossed with Norwegian cats imported by the Vikings. This resemblance may, however, come from the similarity of their climates of origin.

The two breeds have many similarities, but while the Norwegian cat has triangular facies, close to oriental feline aesthetics, the Maine Coon is more square, with marked angles.

Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cat includes many possible coats. Note that more importance is generally given to the texture of its fur, which is not definitive in kittens.

maine coon norwegian forest cat

 What is the difference between Norwegian, and Maine Coon?

We are frequently asked this question, hoping to answer it as well as possible, here are the differences noted.

Physical Characteristics of Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat


The Maine Coon: it has an average head. What characterizes this cat is its powerful and square muzzle, which is called a box because it stands out from the cheekbones. He has almond-shaped eyes, with shades ranging from gold to green (except for whites, who may have blue or odd-colored eyes). The Maine Coon's ears are wide and high, finished with plumes called lynx tips.

The Norwegian: The head is long; it has the shape of an equilateral triangle and presents a straight profile without a break. The ears accentuate their triangular shape by extending on the two sides of the face, which are flat (without pinch). They are high, broad at the base, well open, and furnished with hair inside, as at the end where the lynx plumes are sought.

maine coon norwegian forest cat


The Maine coon: is considered the largest of domestic cats. His body is muscular and powerful. Rectangular in shape, it is high on the legs and slender. His tail completes this look: it is very long and provided. Females are lighter than males: a male can weigh 7 to 12kg, and a female between 4 and 8kg.

The Norwegian: is a large cat with a long and solidly built body; it weighs between 5 to 7 kg. It stands tall on substantial boned legs, with the rear slightly higher than the front. The thick tail at the base should be as long as the cat's body, turned back towards the head, and reach the bottom of the neck.


The Maine Coon: The coat of the Maine Coon is medium-long, with an undercoat. All colors are allowed with him except chocolate, colorpoint, and lilac. It can also have a plain coat (solid) as tabby (tabby), with or without white.

The Norwegian: His fur is of the mid-length type. The hair is longer on the back, at the tail, at the back of the thighs where it forms panties, and around the neck where it forms a collarette and a jabot. It is double: the undercoat is very dense and woolly, and the outer coat is smooth and waterproof. All colors except the Siamese pattern (colorpoint), chocolate, and lilac colors are allowed. We find Norwegians united (solid), tabby (tabby) with or without white and Amber.

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maine coon norwegian forest cat

Character traits

The Maine Coon: The Maine Coon keeps its kitten side even as an adult. He likes to play. He can also be close to his master and loves hugs, characterized as a cat-dog.

The Norwegian: The Norwegian is always ready to cuddle, sleep with you, chat (he loves to express himself), to follow you in your travels. He is very tolerant of other cats in the house or dogs. He is a friend of the children.

maine coon norwegian forest cat


Let's look at the detailed health reviews of the Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cat.

The Maine Coon: is fragile at the cardiac level; about 35% of the breeders are carriers of a mutation that generates the HCM. As a result, hemolytic anemia (AHMI) and hip dysplasia, PKD, are among the most common genetic conditions encountered in Maine coons. DNA testing and X-rays can detect these diseases.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a robust, healthy, and natural cat. However, he needs to be screened for GSD IV (a fatal hereditary disease that disrupts glucose metabolism.), HCM, and PKD.

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