How to Find Cat Breeders Near Me (Choose a good cat breeder)

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Before the question “how to find cat breeders near me “you have to know what is the characteristic of a good breeder. Adopting a cat is a very different experience than welcoming one of the neighbor’s kittens into the house. You have probably informed yourself about all the existing breeds of cats and you have made your choice. You've made your budget and you're comfortable investing what it takes to find (and care for) the breed you have in mind. Now we have to find the breeder!

Unfortunately, not all cat and dog breeders have the same work ethics. Breaches of trust, misrepresentation, and lack of decent living conditions for animals can happen, and it's always a shame.

Do you want to make a responsible choice and not risk welcoming a sick cat or one with behavioral problems? Keep reading and you'll find our tips for getting there.

 cat breeders near me


    How to Find Cat Breeders Near Me And How to choose a good cat breeder?

    Characteristics of a good breeder

    If you want to choose the right breeder, you can check these features before searching for cat breeders near me. The breeder is a member of an association. The association does not necessarily testify to the good treatment of the kittens, but it proves at least a minimum the seriousness of the person.

    He does not sell his kittens before 12 weeks. According to the Chats Canada Cats (CCC) association, it is important to respect the 12 weeks to allow optimal socialization of the kitten. Educator, for his part, even suggests going to 14 weeks. The kitten will have better control of his emotions and he will be less fearful, antisocial, or aggressive.

    It offers a health guarantee. In the contract you will have with the cattery, you will be protected for at least 1 year against congenital and hereditary diseases. This means that the breeder agrees to take the animal back at his own expense if an illness occurs during this period. No one wants this, but it's protection against people breeding animals with bad genetics.

    He makes sure that the kitten's personality fits well with the family in which he places him. Some people prefer players, others affectionate, others independent. He will be able to see, in the litter, which kitten will meet (as far as possible) your needs.

    He questions you. Good breeders have their proteges at heart so they CHOOSE who deserves to adopt from them. They will want to know about your experience with cats, your lifestyle, your home environment, etc.

    He saves his kittens. He will also take care of vaccination, deworming, and sterilization, which is also non-negotiable.

    He is well aware of the health defects specific to the breed he is raising and he does everything in his power to minimize the risks of these being transmitted through his lines.

     cat breeders near me

    Questions to ask to before searching for cat breeders near me

      The idea is not to bombard your breeder from the first meeting but to get to know him throughout your exchanges, before entering into a transaction with the person. In addition to checking the items presented in the previous section, here are some additional questions worth asking. 

    1) What health tests do you give parents?

       The "purebred" is known to be at risk of having certain health defects transmitted by its parents. Especially exotic breeds are prone to have various health problems.  A conscientious breeder tests his breeding stock to ensure that the main transmissible diseases are not present in the genetics. Do some preliminary research on the breed's health defects yourself so you can gauge the level of seriousness of his response. 

      2) Can I meet the parents?

    The temperament of the parents will give you a good first idea of ​​how your future kitten might behave. 

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    3) How do you socialize your kittens?

    Socializing a kitten when it is very young is the best way for its temperament to develop harmoniously. When he is exposed to different human beings, and other cats, he is likely to adapt better to different life situations. 

    4) What are the vaccines received? Has he been dewormed?

    These are routine veterinary care to take care of the kitten's health. This is also a good time to talk about the follow-up your kitten has had with a vet so far. 

    5) Can I have references from past clients?

      A trusted person will have no problem letting you talk to former adopters. You can be reassured about the support they have received, the state of health and the temperament of their cat, etc. It is best to talk to them on the phone.

     cat breeders near me

    6) How long have you been breeding? Do you participate in exhibitions?

      There is no recommended minimum or maximum year, it is a good starting point to talk about the experience this breeder has with the breed. Participation in exhibitions helps in particular to demonstrate the interest given by the breeder to the conformity of the breed. It's not a red flag if he's not making shows, but combined with other factors, it should raise some doubts in your mind. 

    7) What papers do you give with the kitten?

    Registering the kitten within an association does not cost very much and it is proof of seriousness. The registration certificate partly justifies the "premium" you pay for a purebred cat. In some cases, obtaining the pedigree also allows you to know the lines in more detail.

     cat breeders near me

    8) How do we proceed with the reservation?

    You will normally have to pay a deposit to reserve a kitten in an upcoming litter. Also, the breeder wants to you sign a contract. Knowing these clauses in advance will allow you to make sure that you agree with the adoption process at this breeder. 

    Before the search for cat breeders near me, also think about shelters

    Thousands of healthy cats are euthanized each year because they cannot find a new family to welcome them. If you are not completely closed on the type of feline to adopt, why not give a second chance to an adult cat? He will pay you back a hundredfold.

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