Cornish Rex Cat (Learn Everything on this Endearing and Rare Cat)

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The Cornish Rex Cat is rare but endearing and attached to his guardian. He behaves like a dog since he does not hesitate to follow his owner everywhere in the house. Indoor cat, his fragile appearance that hides an athletic body and an excellent resistance to everything. Throughout his life, he has had a kitten character and is active, cheerful, and playful. The Cornish Rex cat also has an exciting feature: meowing regularly, in a piercing voice! If you are a talkative person, the Cornish Rex cat might the best companion for you. 

Hair type: Short

Origin: UK

Hair loss: Weak

Behavior: Calm

Weight and height

Female From 5 to 8 pounds From 12 to 13 inches

Male From 8 to 10 pounds From 12.5  to 14 inches


Breed history Of Cornish Rex Cat

The Cornish Rex as we know it today was born on July 21, 1950. Serena, the cat of Nina Ennismore and Winifred Macalister, gave birth to a litter of which one of the kittens had an astrakhan coat, big ears, and a skinny tail. This kitten is named Kallibunker. A geneticist advises Nina Ennismore to breed him to confirm descendants with the same coat. Bingo!

The three cubs of Kallibunker had the same characteristics, but a female escaped, and one of the two males died. Only Sham Pain Chas remained. A few years later, a small group of breeders crossed Sham Pain Chas with fellow plain-coated breeds.

 cornish rex cat

Physical Features of Cornish Rex Cat

His body: the Cornish Rex has an oriental format body. It is long and has a deep rib cage. His back is arched a bit like a Greyhound. We notice a rounded and muscular rear end. He has thin, firm, and muscular legs as well. Moreover, this cat has the particularity of running very quickly.

His hair: the Cornish Rex cat is distinguished by a fur that, to the touch, resembles silk. Here we are talking about its short-haired variety. His coat is soft, dense, and lush. Small wavelets dot the body. He also has small mustaches. Finally, there is a long-haired variety, which is called the Californian Rex. His fur has the same characteristics as the Cornish Rex. Both have an undercoat but no guard hair.

His color: the standard of the Cornish Rex, like the Californian Rex, is quite flexible. Indeed, it is possible to find this breed in all possible colors and combinations. Even cinnamon and fawn are tolerated.

His head: it is quite long, in any case not very wide.

His eyes: are medium in size and oval in shape, wide open. They are placed at an angle. The color of his eyes will be whatever color your fur is.

His ears: are conical in shape, quite large, and placed high on the head.

His tail: is rather long and whip-shaped. It is covered with fine, notched hair, like the rest of the body.

 cornish rex cat

Behavior and character

The Cornish Rex cat is generally a more or less meowing cat. He has a pretty shrill voice. Moreover, he is a very active, intelligent, and curious cat. He keeps a kitten character almost throughout his life, which makes him endearing, but above all, dependent. He is very attached to his owner and acts like a dog.

One might think that his very thin coat makes him fragile. It is quite the opposite, the Cornish Rex is a fairly solid and, above all, athletic breed. He is charming and playful and will get along ideally with children. However, he cannot do without the company of his owner.

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Suitable Living conditions

The Cornish Rex cat is suitable for apartment living as long as it has several accessories to keep busy and active, such as a modern cat tree. He can go back and forth on a balcony, if his owner has one, or in the garden. As he is a cat that likes to roam and appreciates human company, it is recommended to watch him outside and have him identified. He does not enjoy solitude and is therefore not suitable for people who are often absent. If you work from home, the Cornish Rex may be very happy with you. Just place a cat condo on your desk and watch him come and spend time there regularly during the day. Equipping your house with cat furniture where your cat can play and rest when tired will strengthen the relationship between you.cornish rex cat

Health and Care Tips

 The Cornish Rex cat is endowed with solid health but fears low temperatures. Although he has few genetic predispositions to such and such a disease, he can, however be affected by:

retinal atrophy

hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a syndrome characterized by thickening of the heart muscle;

patella luxation, which can cause problems walking;

dermatoses, which, as their name suggests, attack the skin.

All cats should be vaccinated against rabies, typhus, leucosis, and coryza.

Hypoallergenic Breed: Yes 

Maintenance and hygiene

The maintenance of the Cornish Rex cat is relatively easy and requires basic gestures, which should be carried out regularly for the well-being and health of the cat.

A weekly brushing, not very intense, is enough to preserve the beauty of his hair. Remember to inspect her skin frequently to make sure there is no redness or other worrisome appearance. The bath must remain exceptional..

cornish rex cat

In addition, ears and eyes should be cleaned weekly with a cotton ball soaked in a special lotion recommended by your veterinarian. Using a cotton swab is to be banned, as it could damage the cat's ear canal. 

How to Feed a Cornish Rex Cat

The Cornish Rex cat's diet should be complete and balanced. Thus, croquettes or pâtés must be able to meet their daily energy expenditure and adapt to their age and morphology. Finally, he must always have fresh water at his disposal to hydrate himself.

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