The Elegant and Exotic Kitten: Oriental Shorthair Kitten

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The Oriental Shorthair, which creates a mysterious atmosphere due to its appearance and character, has aroused great interest and became famous worldwide in a short time. They are also known as the collection of many modern breeds in a single cat for being a relative of the Siamese, Abyssinian, British Shorthair, and Russian Blue cats. The Oriental Shorthair, who is close to his owner and sees nothing but his family, is domestic. Similar to dogs in many ways, the Oriental Shorthair enjoys a routine life. Doing the same things at the same time every day gives him happiness.

 If you are looking for a smart, loving, playful, and elegant-looking cat suitable for apartment life, this is the right time to adopt an Oriental Shorthair kitten. First, let's take a closer look at this beautiful cat breed.


Closer Look To The Oriental Shorthair

Height: 18 inches

Weight: 7 to 11 pounds

Hair: Short

Colors: All colors except color point, mink, and sepia

Life expectancy: 10 to 13 years

 oriental shorthair kitten

Origin and history of the Oriental Shorthair

Originally from Thailand, the Oriental cat was imported to Great Britain at the end of the 19th century. At the time, the bourgeoisie, very fond of exotic cats, particularly loved them. Over time, the Oriental was abandoned by the nobles in favor of the Siamese, who seduced the crowds with his sapphire-colored eyes and his original dress. It was not until the 1950s that a British breeder, after having created the Havana, gave birth to the Oriental cat we know today, following various crosses. The breed was finally recognized in 1972 but remains rare and valuable.


Varieties of the Oriental Shorthair

 The Oriental, a refined and elegant cat, is characterized by his fine frame and elongated lines. His triangular head and snout sit alongside almond-shaped eyes, a broad nose, and a strong chin. His tail is very tapered, especially at the tip, while his hair is very short.

 oriental shorthair kitten

  Ideal Home of the Oriental Shorthair Kitten

The Oriental is an intelligent and affectionate cat which shows a deep attachment to his guardian. At the same time, he likes to receive a lot of attention and savors moments of tenderness and sharing. The ideal master of the Oriental must be able to be sufficiently available to devote time to his pet. Games, cuddles, and daily moments of complicity allow the Oriental cat to flourish fully within its home. Of course, there are some things you can do to make your cat happy at home. One of them is to decorate your house with sufficient cat furniture for your cat. Modern cat towers, cat trees, and cat houses are ideal for this task.

 If he is satisfied with apartment life, the Oriental Shorthair kitten does not appreciate loneliness. It is, therefore, better to have the possibility of being at home often during the day to interact with him.

Dynamic and playful, the Oriental adapts relatively well to children. But he can be annoyed by the presence of the young and pushy children. We do not recommend leaving your cat and children unattended. After teaching the child that the cat has certain limits and there are things that he does not like, they can form a very good friendship. Teaching your child how to communicate with your cat can be very helpful.

 oriental shorthair kitten

 The Oriental, male or female

There is no fundamental difference between males and females in the Oriental breed, whether in behavior or physical appearance. As lively, even turbulent, one as the other, the two genera have more or less the same development and the same size. 

The evolution of the Oriental according to the age

Around 8-12 weeks, the Oriental Shorthair kitten leaves his mother and siblings to join its adoptive family. Then comes the education phase, during which the animal must learn to live in a community with its new owners and cleanliness. It is essential to show him as many things as possible and species, such as dogs and rabbits, during these first weeks.

Around 12 months, the Oriental has reached adulthood and the maturity necessary for possible reproduction.

With a life expectancy of between 10 and 13 years, the Oriental is considered senior at around 8 years old, at which he must notably receive a diet adapted to his age.

oriental shorthair kitten

Size of the Oriental Shorthair

With his slender and graceful silhouette, the Oriental is one of the large cats. He measures around 18 inches, for a weight between 7 and 11 pounds, males and females combined.

Oriental Shorthair Colors

In the Oriental Shorthair kitten, almost all colors are recognized. We meet in a white, chocolate, black, blue, or tabby Orientals. There are only three prohibited exceptions: the color point dress, reserved for the Siamese cat, the pink dress, the color of the Tonkinese, and the sepia dress, found in the Burmese. 

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Oriental Shorthair Kitten Behavior

Although he has a strong character, sometimes leading him to be stubborn, the Oriental is a cheerful and sociable cat. He is very alert and has the attributes of a hunter and likes to play with his masters.

  Always looking for signs of affection, the Oriental shows excellent attachment to its owner. He can go so far as to offer an almost limitless devotion to him as long as he feels loved. Unfortunately, this character trait causes him to also be possessive, and he does not appreciate sharing his master's attention with another animal.

  The Oriental is a very clever cat but also very talkative, capable of producing various vocalizations.

 oriental shorthair kitten

 Suitable Diet for the Oriental Shorthair Kitten

As with any other breed, the Oriental cat's diet determines his health. If household preparations are distributed, the mixture must be rich in meat and contain a share of vegetables and starchy foods. If you want to feed your Oriental cat this way, talk to your veterinarian: he will give you sound advice.

In the case of industrial croquettes or pâtés, the range and daily rations must be adapted to the animal's age, activity, physiology, and state of health to ensure nutritional intake. Adequate while reducing the risk of being overweight.


Oriental Shorthair Health

Although sensitive to the cold due to his very short hair, the Oriental Shorthair is a cat that is generally in good health. However, some breed-specific conditions are recognized as progressive retinal atrophy. It is a hereditary eye disease that induces a progressive loss of vision at night, then during the day, which can go beyond total blindness. It can be detected quickly with a DNA test.

Finally, renal amyloidosis is also a hereditary disease affecting the Oriental. It results from the deposition of the substance amyloid in the kidneys and liver. Accumulation of amyloidosis can lead to tissue sclerosis. A progressive and often irreversible kidney infection results and there is no possibility of screening for the disease.

The Oriental Shorthair Kitten requires very little maintenance other than occasional brushing. Regular cleaning his nose with a cleaning product for cats also protects him from obstructing the nostrils.


Reproduction of the Oriental Shorthair

One of the particularities of Oriental-type cats is the precocity of sexual maturity in the female. Puberty usually occurs around nine months but can appear as early as four months. The heat, which lasts from 4 to 10 days, is then frequent. Despite this precocity, it is better to avoid breeding cats that are too young (less than 12 months).

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