The Fluffy Siamese Cat: an original for all cat lovers!

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The Siamese cat is undoubtedly the best known of house cats; its elegance and unique character make it a companion with many qualities. The Siamese cat has a strong personality and endless love for its family and is very close to its Owner. Known for being very good with people, this beautiful fluffy Siamese cat can even be a little too talkative. How about getting to know this sophisticated cat that will surprise you at any moment with its brilliant, beautiful, and lively character?

fluffy siamese cat
History and origin Of The Fluffy Siamese Cat

Along with the Persian, the Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds. Fluffy Siamese cats are native to Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand. Various theories circulate concerning their origin. These fluffy Siamese cats are also thought to have come from sacred Siamese temples. The latter received special attention within the palace and were exclusively reserved for members of the royal family.

At the end of the 19th century, the breed was observed for the first time outside the Asian continent thanks to the consul general of Bangkok, Edward Blencowe Gould, who brought back from his travels a pair of Siamese cats.

In the 1950s, this cat was exported to other European countries and the United States. Since then, the physique of the Siamese has changed. Nowadays, we find “modern Siamese and other cats of the same breed, closer to traditional physical characteristics.

 fluffy siamese cat
The character of Fluffy Siamese Cat

  The Siamese cat likes comfort and security. He is a very affectionate cat, endowed with a strong temperament, and very attached to his family and his master. However, he is suspicious and sometimes even jealous of strangers.

  He does not support loneliness well, and one can quickly be taken everywhere. Indeed, he prefers to leave the family home rather than stay alone without his master. It is, therefore, preferable to have another cat companion with whom your Siamese can have fun! It is also possible to walk him on a leash if he has already been used to it as a child.

  A Siamese companion is not immune to scratches! He is very intelligent, talkative, and communicative! This cat's intelligence and good character make him the perfect companion. Why not have your fluffy Siamese cat try intelligence games?

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The appearance of the Siamese

Tastes and colors are indisputable! The same is true with the Fluffy Siamese cat. Some people appreciate its appearance, others less. You should know that cats of the breed have an albino gene. We can say that the classic or most common color of the fluffy Siamese cat is its trademark. A darker coat characterizes this type of dress at the extremities of its body. Other coats include classic chocolate, blue, lilac, tabby, cream, or even tortie coats. His hair is rather close-cropped, and his coat is fine, silky, and lustrous.

The Siamese is a medium-sized cat. His body is thin and slender. His head is fine but proportional to his body, his head carriage is elegant. Finally, he has beautiful blue eyes.

fluffy siamese cat
 Care and well-being

The Siamese is a short-haired cat, so its coat is almost maintenance-free. However, it is recommended to brush it from time to time. If you have two Siamese, then you need to spend time with your four-legged friends less. Indeed, they take care of their coats.

These cats love the heat and are always looking for a bit of resting place near the radiator or in the warmest spots in the house. So a heating pad will undoubtedly be a hit with your cat! In any case, do not leave your companion exposed to drafts.

fluffy siamese cat

Diseases Specific to Siamese

The breed is also prone to gastrointestinal problems, anemia, metabolic disorders, and heart failure. To meet the nutritional needs of cats of this breed in the best possible way, discover a range of special breed kibbles: foods specially adapted to the fluffy Siamese cat!

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