Ragdoll Cat : A Blue Eyed Beauty ( Questions And Answers)

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It is not easy to see a Ragdoll cat with his gleaming sapphire blue eyes and silky fur and not be impressed. But this is not the only feature of these striking-looking cats; Ragdoll is a cat breed that quickly attracts people with its soft and harmonious character. Ragdoll, also among the largest cat breeds, is a big, aesthetic, and good-natured friend who gives endless happiness to the people he lives with, like all cats.

Who wouldn't love a cat who loves to snuggle? There is a reason why they are called "ragdolls." Because they love to be in their owner's lap and cuddle there. How cute is that?! This smart-paws cat breed has a lot of lovable features. 

Are you ready to learn about Ragdolls? Let's dive in. 

ragdoll cat

 What Does A Ragdoll Cat Look Like 

Ragdoll cats stand out with their beauty. One of the largest domestic cat breeds, the Ragdoll's body, has a muscular structure. But the long hair that covers their body and their magnificent fur make them one of the fluffy cat breeds. No one can resist a Ragdoll cat that wants attention by looking sweetly at you with his blue eyes.

Ragdoll's head structure is large in harmony with the body. Medium size and upright ears contribute to their cuteness. In addition, they have fluffy and big tails that make them adorable. 

Ragdoll Size vs Normal Cat

We mentioned that Ragdoll is one of the big cats, the average weight of a male Ragdoll varies between 15-20 pounds. A female Ragdoll's average weight is between 10-and 15 pounds. Of course, some Ragdoll cats can be heavier than that. Their weight can carry their big muscular body and fluffy fur. 

Ragdoll Cat Colors

Ragdoll cats come in many different colors and color patterns. Their coat color ranges from seal to blue to dark brown, chocolate to cinnamon, and even black. Ragdolls' eyes are always blue. 

Characteristics of A Ragdoll Cat

They are famous for their ability to communicate easily with people. They have a pretty affectionate nature. They don't prefer an active lifestyle. They don't like to move too much. They love to come to people's laps and get petted. They enjoy following their human around the house. Thanks to their advanced intelligence, they are highly trainable. With the proper training, they can learn many games. They are very fond of people. They get along very well, especially with children. They are slender compared to their large build. For this reason, he is more appropriate to look at indoor areas such as houses instead of open areas such as parks and gardens.

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Are Ragdoll Cats Friendly With Other Cats

Yes! They are also easygoing with other cats in the house. They like to cuddle and sleep together with their fur siblings. They are good companions for each other. They also want to play games with other pets in the family. So be ready for the scenes that will melt your heart! They are not aggressive towards other animals and even tolerate dogs. They will get along with also dogs if they are introduced well. 

Is a Ragdoll cat a good pet

A Ragdoll is a good choice if you are looking for an affectionate cat. You would cuddle with your kitty during online meetings, read your book, or lounge in front of the TV. If you have a Ragdoll kitty, he will probably be following you around every room. They love to get attention and are never bored of demanding it.

Ragdoll cat


How Long Do Ragdoll Cats Live

Ragdoll cats have an average lifespan of 13-17 years, and although they are generally a healthy breed, some health problems may be encountered.

Obesity: We said that ragdoll cats are not very energetic, which can bring the problem of obesity. For a Ragdoll cat to live a long and healthy life, it is essential to prevent it from gaining excess weight.

Hairballs: Like all long-haired cats, the Ragdoll is at a high risk of having hairballs. Hairballs can lead to more difficult situations than thought, so it is recommended to give malt paste, which will allow them to easily remove hair from their bodies, in addition to regular combing.

In addition, polycystic kidney disease, cystitis, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, one of the most common heart diseases in domestic cats, are among the health problems that can be encountered in Ragdoll cats.

Ragdoll Lifespan

If looked after carefully, the average lifespan varies between 13-and 17 years. Their transition to adulthood is slower than other cats.

Are Ragdoll Cats High Maintenance?

Their general maintenance is also easy as their fur care. They do not need to be constantly washed cause cats lick themselves to clean. Ragdoll's nails don't grow quickly. For this reason, it is sufficient to trim their nails in 2-3 week periods. Giving your cat a scratching post are also a good idea to care for their nails. Oral care is also important. They have a tendency to develop dental and gum diseases.

Ragdolls are not a type of cat that is described as active. They would love to stay in their cat house, napping and sleeping. And because they are not so active, they must be encouraged to play daily. Their bodies are prone to obesity, so they need regular play and exercise. You can provide cat toys for your Ragdoll to play with. Cat trees and cat towers would be the proper positive reinforcement for being more active.

Your Ragdoll should drink enough amount of water to their kidneys. They should be taken to regular veterinary clinic visits for bladder stones as they age.

What is special about Ragdoll cats

Do Ragdoll Cats Shed A Lot

The silky coat of this breed, which is a dense and bushy coat, is actually quite easy to care for. Brushing their fur twice a week is sufficient. Being combed from a young age will cause them to love this activity. In general, the shedding tendencies of this breed, which is described as low - medium, increase in shedding tendencies in spring.

What is Special About Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are one of the most popular breeds of cats in America. They are known for their gentle nature and friendly personalities. They are very sweet-natured cats who love attention. That makes them a perfect companion for people who would like to spend time with their cats. They also get along with children and other pets. they are great for family life. Their affectionate nature and warm temperature are what make them so special for cat lovers.

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