16 Tabby Breed Cat You Will Want to Take Home [With Cute Photos]

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    There are many breeds of tabby cats, which have stripes, rounded spots, or marble-like patterns. Collectively, they are known as the tabby or brindle pattern and are most common in wild and domestic cats. This is because it gives them a great evolutionary advantage: they camouflage and hide much better, both from their predators and their prey.

    Additionally, over the past century, many breeders have struggled to find unique designs that will make their cats look wild. Today there are cat breeds that look just like tigers and even mini ocelots. Do you want to know these tabby cats? Do not miss this article, where we have gathered all the breeds of tabby cats.

Which Cat Breeds Are The Common Tabby Breed Cat?




 tabby breed cat

  American Bobtail

  The American Bobtail is one of the most well-known tabby breed cats, mainly due to its small tail. You can have medium or short hair, with different patterns and colors. However, cats with tabby, striped, speckled, or mottled patterns are highly prized, giving them a wild look.


 tabby breed cat

  Toyger: Toy Tiger Tabby Cat Breed

  If there is a breed of cat similar to the tiger this is a Toyger. This tabby cat has patterns and colors identical to those of the largest felines in the world. This is due to a rigorous selection that took place in California at the end of the 20th century. A few breeders have crossed the Bengali cat with tabby cats, achieving vertical stripes on the body and circular stripes on the head, both on a bright orange background.


red merle australian shepherd

Maine Coon

 The Maine Coon cat is a large and affectionate breed of cat. After being detected for the first time in the North East America region, it was thought to be of interest to people in other parts of the world, and it began to spread.
These cats, which have extremely bright fur, have managed to attract the attention of all animal lovers with their long hair and ostentatious physical features.
The rude behavior of the cat, which can establish a strong bond with its owner and understand all the commands over time, has been rarely witnessed.
Maine Coon cat; It has the intelligence to establish a strong bond with its owner and to understand all the commands given over time. They usually do not show rude gestures and attract attention with their affectionate demeanor.
Because it has a very muscular build, it will show itself in every way, especially with its rectangular and molded body when compared to cats on the street.

It takes 3 to 5 years for the world's largest domestic cat Maine Coon to develop its body structure at its most developed. Cats of the Maine Coon type, which have pointed ears, thick legs and paws, have a rather wide body length.

Their hair have a bright appearance in colors such as black, white, gray, lilac, tabby, chocolate. With the chin, cheek area and side parts of the ears, it will be possible to predict that it will be a huge cat when it is younger.


 tabby breed cat

Pixie Bob

The Pixie-Bob cat was bred in the United States in the 1980s. Thus, an average feline was obtained with a very reduced tail, which can have short or long hair. It is always in brown tones and is covered with dark, attenuated, and small spots. Its throat and belly are whiter and it may have black tufts at the tips of its ears, like lynxes.



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    European Shorthair

   The European cat is the best-known tabby cat breed. It can have many patterns and colors, but brindle is the most common.

  Unlike other types of cats, the wild appearance of the European was not selected but arose spontaneously. This is because their selection was completely natural, thanks to the domestication of the African wildcat (Felis lybica). This species approached human settlements in Mesopotamia to hunt rodents. Little by little, he succeeded in convincing them that he was a good ally.


The Best Cat Furniture for Tabby Cats


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  The Manx cat was born from the arrival of the European cat on the Isle of Man where the mutation appeared which caused it to lose its tail and which made it a very popular cat. Like its ancestors, it can be of different colors and have various patterns. By the way, Manx cats should be on the list of tabby cat breeds as it is the most common pattern of them.


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  Although called a tabby breed cat, the Ocicat or "ocelot cat" is much more like the leopard of the same name, Leopardus pardalis. Although it started accidentally, his breeder wanted to get a wild-looking breed. Starting with an Abyssinian cat and a Siamese, American Virginia Daly continued to cross breeds until she got a spotted cat with dark spots on a light background.




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Sokoke Cat

  The Sokoke is the least known of all tabby cat breeds. This tabby breed cat is from Arabuko-Sokoke National Park, Kenya. Although it originated from the domestic cats that live there, their populations have adapted to wildlife, where they have acquired a unique coloration[1].

      The Sokoke cat has a black mottled pattern on a light background, which made it better camouflaged in the jungle. Thus, it avoids larger carnivores and stalks its prey more effectively. Today, some breeders are trying to increase their genetic diversity to preserve their lineage.


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    The Bengal cat is one of the most special tabby cat breeds. It is a hybrid between the domestic cat and the leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), a type of wild feline from Southeast Asia. The appearance of this tabby breed cat is very similar to its wild relative, with brown spots surrounded by black lines arranged on a lighter background.


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    American Shorthair

   The American Shorthair cat is native to North America, although it originated from European cats that traveled with the settlers. These felines can have very diverse patterns, but more than 70% are tabby cats. The most common pattern is marbled, with a wide variety of colors: brown, black, blue, silver, cream, red, etc. Without a doubt, this is one of the most admired tabby cat breeds.



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Exotic Shorthair 

Exotic shorthair cat breed is very popular in our country and in the world. This breed, which emerged in the 1960s, was obtained by the combination of Persian and American Shorthair cats. This cute cat breed, whose appearance is more reminiscent of the Persian Cat, has also taken a large part of its character from the Persian Cat.

The average lifespan of the Exotic shorthair cat breed varies between 8 and 15 years. These sweet cats, which are among the medium breed cats, do not grow very much in their adulthood and their average weight can vary between 3.5 and 6 kilograms. The most distinctive physical features of exotic shorthair cats are small ears and chubby cheeks compared to their large and round head. These physical features make them look pretty sweet. Their round and large eyes usually have vibrant colors such as gold, copper and orange. The fur of these cats, which has a very dense hair structure, has a short and soft structure. It is also worth noting that there is not a certain color for Exotic Shorthair cats. They can come in different patterns and colors such as white, black, tabby, orange tabby, calico.


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 Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cat breed is generally smart, well-behaved, calm, docile and friendly. The feather structure consists of dense and short hairs. The most important feature that distinguishes it from other cat breeds is its inward curved ear structure. This situation actually emerged as a result of a genetic mutation. Body structure is of medium size; too big or too small a cat is not considered. The tail is short and slender.

They are quite calm, intelligent and have a character suitable for the home. They are preferred more often by families with children, as they can get along very well with children. The gamer is one of a kind and will never turn down your urge to play. They just choose the people they play with.

This unusual breed; It is an easily trainable, intelligent and adaptable species. Unlike other cat breeds, they are not territorial and aggressive towards strangers. Since he is not a very energetic cat type, playing with him for a while will help him sleep through the night.


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 Scottish Straight

Scottish Straight is a cat that will never leave you alone thanks to its extremely docile and very cute character. It is very attached to its owner and will accompany its owner until the energy is exhausted, as long as the owner is not sleeping in the house.

Scottish Straights are intelligent, curious and loyal to their families. This cat breed does not need a lot of care, as well as having an extremely friendly and calm nature. It is a shy and loyal cat breed that always manages to attract people's attention. They do not tend to hide around the house or be shy. On the contrary, they will always be around and follow you even from room to room.
It has a thick coat, but there are also cats with long or short hair. They may have any of the British and Scottish colors and tabby is one of them. 


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Egyptian Mau

   Although there are still doubts about its origin, it is believed that this breed comes from the same cats that were revered in ancient Egypt. The Egyptian Mau arrived in Europe and the United States in the middle of the last century, when it left everyone amazed with its pattern of dark stripes and spots on a gray, bronze, or silver background. The lower part of its body stands out, which is whiter, as well as the black tip of its tail.



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The Angora Cat

Angora Cat has long, athletic and oriental features due to its body structure. Their long and silky hair is thin, shiny, single layered and lacks a second layer. Its long feathers are especially magnificent under the chin, on the abdomen and on the tail.

The Angora Cat, whose hair changes according to the seasons (it sheds to prepare for summer in the spring and replaces it with short hairs), is at its best in its third age.During this period, the length of the feathers under the neck also reached a striking size. 


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Savannah Cat

 A hybrid of the medium-sized wild African cat and native breeds, the Savannah breed is a formidable but equally impressive breed.
If you're looking for a sedentary, calm cat, Savannah cats are not for you. The Savannah breed is known for their active nature and need to be constantly on the go. Having a very muscular and athletic body allows this breed to jump to very high points easily.
Savannah cats are a very hardy breed. Savannahs, who want to play with everything that interests them, may have a hard time getting used to people. This breed, which can get used to living with you at home within an average of one week, feeds great loyalty once it gets used to its owner.

Since it is a very intelligent breed, you should be ready to deal with different activities at home. Savannah breed, who enjoys activities that challenge their intelligence, enjoys interactive toys.


  Other Tabby Cat Breeds

  As we already stated at the beginning, the brindle pattern is the most common, as it occurs naturally as an adaptation to the environment. Therefore, it appears frequently in certain individuals of many other breeds of cats, so they deserve to be on this list as well. They are:

Tabby Breed Cats:
  • American Curl
  • Cornish Rex
  • Oriental Shorthair Cat
  • Munchkin
  • The Cymric Cat

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