Chloe Cat House

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Cats are living creatures that need a place to call their own. They need a cozier...

Cats are living creatures that need a place to call their own. They need a cozier place to sleep and feel safe. The Chloe cat house is designed with an enclosed design and made from natural wood, which will provide your pet with a cozy sleeping place.

Petguin has dedicated entirely to offering practical and affordable solutions to make your pet feel happy and safe and your life as a pet owner easier and more enjoyable. We are focused on selecting only top-quality materials from reliable suppliers and innovative designs that enable us to provide a wide and diverse collection of pet accessories and products that will never cease to impress with their durability, comfort, and cute styles. Not completely satisfied with your order? Don’t worry, we are always at your service to address any issues or concerns.

Offer Your Cat a Private and Cozy Place to Rest

With this cute and comfortable cat condo, your cat has everything it needs to relax and enjoy good quality sleep. The Chloe cat house is built with natural wood and has an enclosed design that can help calm your pet and relieve stress, by providing a private cozy spot. Our cat bed cube doesn’t come alone, as it arrives equipped with a fluffy pet mat that provides amazing comfort and warmth. Super chic and modern, this compact cat condo will fit just right in any corner of your house, being ready to shelter your cat for a well-deserved and restful sleep.

Some of the amazing features of Chloe Cat House:

  • Includes a fluffy plush pet mat;
  • Dimensions: 19.3 x 15.4 x 15.4-inch;
  • Made with durable MDF;
  • Robust and stable construction;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Cute design with cat-themed cutouts;
  • Washable cat mat;
  • Comfortable and cozy;
  • Can help relieve stress and provide a sense of calm and safety;
  • Great for adult cats and kittens;

Your cat will love this Chloe Cat House!

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