Full Grown Catnip Plant: Growing Catnip At Home Or In Your Garden

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Catnip comes in several versions, including catnip, wheatgrass, or papyrus. The effects on the cat vary from plant to plant. The master can choose according to the needs of his little companion but also the spaces in which he wishes to grow them. Zoom on the different types of the full grown catnip plant.

full grown catnip plant

Grow full grown catnip plant : Which catnip to choose?

Catnips have many benefits for small felines. However, it is recommended to inquire before buying because not all catnips have the same virtues on the animal.

Catnip is highly appreciated for its euphoric property on the animal. It promotes the establishment of a feeling of well-being and joy. Before going to the vet, for example, putting a few leaves of this catmint in the animal's carrying bag will relieve it. According to one study, full grown catnip plant is to cats what cannabis is to humans. Nevertheless, it does not cause any side effects or addiction in the feline. Moreover, the plant only has an impact on 50% of cats. Old cats and kittens remain indifferent to this mint.

The grass is another catnip meant to be eaten by the cat. Once swallowed, it is regurgitated, taking with it the hair ingested by the animal during its grooming. Again, this action is a need for the feline. You might have to tweak the application timing depending on when your grass grows, but the results you'll get are worth it. You can either pick a plant native to your area and see if there are any unexpected benefits or find an eco-friendly plant that will grow in the winter (e.g., Nepeta faassenii!).To maintain your apartment, it's recommended to use papyrus. They are also more accessible to maintenance.

While some plants have many benefits for the cat, others are prohibited because they contain toxins for the animal. Therefore, Holly, rhododendron, autumn crocus, and philodendron are to be laid away from this feline.

full grown catnip plant

Growing catnip or catmint

Catnip is very easy to grow. Those interested can buy seeds to sow or ready-to-plant plants. These are available in garden centers or pet stores. The stages of planting are as follows:

Prepare the soil and bury the seeds about 3 mm;

Space each shoot 40 cm apart;

The seeds will germinate after about ten days. Meanwhile, water daily until small green shoots appear.

If catnip is grown in the garden, it is best to sow it in spring and autumn because it is most active in these months. The seeds can be sown in spring or autumn if you are growing indoor plants. Make sure to plant them somewhere with sunlight.

Prick out the tiny green shoots in the chosen location. In the garden, space each foot 45 to 50 cm apart.

A universal potting soil is recommended if they are transplanted into a pot. Garden soil may also be suitable. On the other hand, compact or rich soils are not appropriate.

Water regularly until the plant adapts perfectly to its new environment. After 15 days, when it develops favorably, only water if the soil seems dry.

When healthy, full grown catnip plant can quickly invade the garden. Installing a stone barrier can prevent this amplification. Planting weed in a pot is also a great way to control its development. In addition, catnip is more fragrant when planted in sandy soil. It develops favorably when the soil is quite dry. In addition, too-wet earth rots the roots.

full grown catnip plant

Grow grass for your cat

Grass catnips are eaten by the feline and then regurgitated. They carry the balls of hair swallowed by the animal during its toilet. Liquid catnips are commercially available. Nevertheless, cultivated plants remain an effective and natural solution. In addition, ingesting these grasses provides the feline with vegetable fiber, folic acid, and vitamins.

You can plant different kinds of grasses in the garden and indoors. These cat grasses can be young wheat, barley, or oats shoots. In the trade, they are offered in young shoots or grain. In the latter case, it is recommended to sow the grain in the spring. Here are the steps:

Plant the seeds in the ground and water frequently until they germinate.

If planting in a pot, pierce the bottom of the container to prevent the plant from rotting. Once the plant has grown well, transplanting is recommended. It ensures the proper development and continued greenery of the grasses. Only show the grass to the feline when it is well developed.

Like catnip, grasses love the sun. If they are placed indoors, it is recommended that they be placed in a sunny location. Alternatively, they can be illuminated with a fluorescent lamp. These plants also like heat.

full grown catnip plant

Growing papyrus for your cat

To care for house cats, papyrus is a perfect substitute for grasses. It is easy to maintain and provides beautiful greenery all year round.

To cultivate it, the steps are as follows:
  • Take a pot with a minimum diameter of 25 cm, because this plant develops very quickly.
  • If a hole has been drilled at the bottom of the pot, put a pebble in it to keep the substrate.
  • Start by spreading a first layer of clay balls.
  • Take the root ball and place it in the center, making sure that its collar is at the same level as the edge of the pot.
  • Pour in a mixture of potting soil with garden soil and compost.
  • Lightly press down the soil around the collar.
  • Water.

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 This green plant loves water. It is also not recommended to let the soil dry out. She also needs light. To do this, place the papyrus from time to time on a window exposed to the sun. On the other hand, strong midday sunlight can burn it, especially if it is placed behind glass. Papyrus is a beautiful green plant that pleasantly decorates the interior. However, the master should not be too attached to it if the objective is to promote the digestive hygiene of the cat. Indeed, the little feline will eat it and play with it. On the other hand, it will leave the sofa and the curtains alone.

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