Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: (A Complete Guide)

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What can you expect from an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix  when you get home? The Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross is part of the growing trend of crossbreed dogs. Both Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are extremely popular working and companion dogs. Perhaps the Australian Shepherd crossing the Golden Retriever was inevitable.But how big will he be? Which parent will he most resemble? Will he be healthy and a good pet?

Some breeders are opposed to crossbreeding because it takes away the predictability and reliability of purebred litters. They also worry that some crosses will fall victim to their own popularity and end up in puppy mills and pet stores.

On the other hand, crossbreeding expands the genetic heritage of puppies. It can increase the survival rate of newborn puppies, prolong their lifespan and reduce hereditary diseases.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

Where did the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever cross come from?

Golden Retriever dogs originated in Scotland. They were first bred by Lord Tweedmouth at his castle in Inverness-Shire in the 1800s. Originally, the Golden Retriever dog was used as a guard dog, fetching waterfowl from estates and beyond.

Despite his name, the Australian Shepherd dog originated in Europe. He was first raised in the Pyrenean mountains by Pyrenean shepherds. Due to their excellent herding skills, unwavering work ethic, and pleasant nature, these dogs were taken wherever people migrated. The Basques first took them to Australia; then they made the long journey to America. He was in California when the modern Australian Shepherd dog was developed.

Size Of Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

According to the AKC, Golden Retriever dogs measure between 22 and 23 centimeters (at the shoulder). Australian Shepherds measure between 18 and 21 centimeters, depending on whether they are male or female.

Male Australian Shepherd dogs weigh between 22 and 29 kg, while females weigh between 18 and 25 kg. Males weigh between 29 and 34 kg. Females weigh between 25 and 29 kg.

So you can expect your Australian Shepherd Mixed Golden Retriever to be a medium-sized dog.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

Appearance Of Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

As with all hybrid dogs, it is impossible to predict exactly what your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix will look like. He could look like a Golden Retriever, be a carbon copy of an Australian Shepherd, or be a mix of the two.

The only thing you can vouch for is the qualities the two dog breeds share. Both dogs are water-repellent and have an undercoat. And the coat of both dog breeds can be either straight or wavy. Both dog breeds also have a collar on their necks. Therefore, the offspring of this crossbreed will have a warm double coat, a straight or wavy coat, and a mane around the neck.

But Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix eye and coat color can vary. The Golden Retriever dog has brown eyes, while the Australian Shepherd has a variety of eye colors.

The Golden Retriever coat comes in a range of bright caramel hues. The Australian Shepherd dog can have blue, red, or black fur, with tan or copper markings and merle or white spots.

The eye and coat color of the offspring resulting from this cross may be close to that of either parent or be a mixture of the two dogs. However, since the offspring is a crossbreed of dog breeds and genes, it is difficult to predict the physical characteristics of the puppies.

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Temperament Of Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Golden Retriever dogs are generally considered to have excellent temperaments, although a few aggressive individuals have been recorded. It could be partly genetic, but more research is needed. Australian Shepherd dogs were originally bred to be herding dogs, while Golden Retrievers were originally hunting dogs. This means that both dogs and the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix enjoy working alongside humans and showing off their mental and physical agility.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

The Australian Shepherd is very intelligent but often behaves like a herding dog, such as biting people's heels. The golden retriever may have hunting dog tendencies (for example, he likes to chase after balls). However, this may depend on whether the dog is from a working line.  

In a 1985 study of 56 dog breeds, the Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd scored lower than many other breeds on excitability. The Golden Retriever also exhibits significantly less barking guard dog behavior than the average Australian Shepherd.

Training Of Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

A study of 56 dog breeds found that the Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever were easier to train than most other dog breeds.

The Golden Retriever has demonstrated a greater ability to assimilate obedience training than most other dog breeds. The Australian Shepherd also exhibits this tendency.

The Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd are intelligent dog breeds, which may explain why they are easy to train. However, early socialization is important for your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix, as with all dog breeds. This will prevent behavioral issues around people, environments, and other pet dogs when your pup is older.

According to the Kennel Club, a puppy needs 5 minutes of exercise every month. He must have the opportunity to exercise twice a day. As the puppy grows, the amount of activity can be increased.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

Health Of Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

 Energetic and healthy litters have always been a priority for Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever breeders. This means that both dog breeds are fortunately free from conformation faults.

 But some diseases are more common in Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers than in the general dog population. Your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy could also inherit these conditions from his parents, so let's take a closer look.

Australian Shepherd Dog Health

Among other health issues, Australian Shepherd dogs are prone to:

Abnormally small eyes (microphthalmia)

Hip dysplasia

Abnormal white blood cells

Hereditary cataracts

Although the proportion of Australian Shepherds with cataracts is low, it has increased over the past 40 years.

Golden Retriever Dog Health

Golden retriever dogs are prone to:

Hip dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia

Allergies, atopy

Heart disease


Inverted or outward-facing eyelids


Inactive thyroid

Both dog breeds are prone to eye conditions and hip dysplasia. Both (potential) parents should therefore be tested before breeding. Good breeders will show you the certificates from these tests and answer your questions.

Finally, a quarter of the golden retriever population is estimated to carry the genetic mutation for progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Fortunately, this mutation is very rare in Australian Shepherds.

But let's say a litter of Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix has golden on both sides of their family tree. In this case, both parents should be tested for the gene (PRA) to ensure that at least one of them is free.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

Does the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix make a good companion dog?

Many people consider the Golden Retriever the ideal companion dog, mainly because of its excellent temperament. So it's not surprising that the Australian Shepherd Golden retriever mix is often used as a therapy dog.

The Australian Shepherd dog is also valued for its friendly and affectionate nature, as well as his ability to work. However, as the Australian Shepherd is a herding dog, he may bite children he mistakes for members of his "herd". Therefore, this dog may not be suitable for families with young children.

However, a dog's suitability for family life depends on a variety of factors. These include your lifestyle, how much time you have to train and reinforce appropriate behavior, and whether your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is ​​more of an Australian Shepherd or Golden Retriever.

Raising a Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy

As with all dog breeds, bringing home an Australian Shepherd cross Golden Retriever puppy is an expensive and time-consuming commitment.

As with all pure dog breeds and crossbreeds, the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is ​​not for everyone.

Here is a summary of his qualities, the best and the worst:

  • Both parents of this crossbreed are known for their affectionate natures, so their puppies are likely to be affectionate too.
  • They are generally intelligent and easily assimilate training and new commands.
  • Australian Shepherd dogs were bred to work all day and can need a lot of mental stimulation.
  • They may have gregarious tendencies.
  • Golden retriever dogs are prone to several hereditary diseases, which they can pass on to their puppies.

Is the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Dog Right for You?

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix combines two popular dog breeds. For all mixed-breed puppies, it's essential to remember that you won't know which parent they look or behave the most like until their adults.

If you have an active lifestyle and enough time to give this crossbreed dog the mental stimulation it needs, it could make an excellent pet for you.

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