The Brindle Cane Corso, An Energetic Dog For A Balanced Master

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 An effective guard dog, the Brindle Cane Corso is also a very caring companion, especially with children. Faithful to his master and his family, he is also a gentle and placid dog.

 A Cane Corso is not a categorized dog. It does not come within the scope of the law as an attack or defense dog. However, beyond the various problems you may encounter when going anywhere to buy your dog, if your dog is not LOF, it falls into the first category. And there, it is a completely different legislation.

Presentation of the Brindle Cane Corso

He is a real working dog. The Cane Corso is tough, able to run and normally has no breathing problems. This dog is also capable of intensive work. However, today we are dealing with a problem that affects all hounds: the hyper type.

 This hyper type is a problem for the breed. Indeed, it is characterized by mouths with chamfers that are crushing. The dog can then hardly breathe, no longer looks like anything and finds himself with many folds on his head. They are then no longer able to be healthy and can no longer work. Indeed, once they have traveled 15 or 20 m, they are tired, out of breath and are no longer capable of anything.

 As with all breeds, the choice of breeder is very important, and even more so on large breeds like this. Indeed, if your Cane Corso has physical problems, since you have not selected the breeder well, it will cost you a lot of money. In addition, the dog will present behavioral problems. These behavioral problems are much more visible since a mastiff does much more damage than a bichon.

Brindle Cane Corso

When you have a future master coming to your house, tell them that he won't stay a puppy all his life. In addition, it must be provided with the activities necessary for its proper development. Warn them that when the  Brindle Cane Corso reaches adulthood, like all large dogs, with congeners of the same sex it can be a little complicated. To avoid this, take your responsibilities, and apply them correctly from the first days. But, when you tell your customers that he will never have any problem with his congeners, you take them a bit for idiots. Indeed, the Cane Corso can become a bit silly. In these cases, you have to make him understand that it is not because you lack education that you have to attack everyone.

 As long as things are clear, your Cane Corso will not bother anyone or cause any damage, whether attached or unattached. That's why you have to tell people the truth. When they know the truth, they can educate accordingly. Indeed, when you have very large dogs, it is still more interesting when they are educated rather than when they are not.

When individuals take a Cane Corso, they really need to be aware of the dog they are acquiring. Indeed, you take a dog which, in adulthood, will weigh around 45 kg. You also take a pot of glue and that, you have to accept. If you don't want a glue pot dog, don't get a  Brindle Cane Corso and don't get a hound as a general rule. They are perfectly stable dogs if you find them with good breeders and if they have a life that allows them to be stable. Indeed, it is necessary to properly socialize them, make them do activities and give them the right to live.

Brindle Cane Corso

 Another point that touches a lot of Cane Corso, but also other molossers, is the somewhat macho behavior that you have with your dog. Indeed, everyone wants the biggest in the neighborhood. All you will gain with this behavior is having the deadliest Cane Corso on the block. Indeed, if it is too big, it will die faster than the others. Then you are going to have Cane Corsos who are uncomfortable and sick. If they have joint problems, they may develop a bit of aggression, due to their pain, and be a bit irritable. Try to make a little effort to have a Cane Corso that grows normally and without too much fat.

In this battle, breeders and breed clubs must make an effort to stop showing misshapen models at shows.

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In the past, the Cane Corso was a dog that was used for hunting. Then it was used as a herding dog, then as a farm dog. We quickly realized that the Cane Corso could be used as a utility dog. Over time, it gradually disappeared from armies. It is still present in the army of Italy and Argentina. It is a shame that there are few Cane Corsos dedicated to work. He is a dog that is really designed for this task. He is intellectually stable enough to perform high intensity work. They understand what they are doing and have phenomenal skills. Do not lose sight of this information and think that, when you have a Cane Corso, you can open it to several activities simultaneously.

Brindle Cane Corso

 Who is the Cane Corso intended for?

Instinctively, we want to tell you everyone. In reality, it is not to be put in all hands. If you've had dogs before, you won't have a problem with him. For first-time buyers, it's not a problem either if you are pragmatic in your way of doing things. If you are not used to dogs, you can very well be accompanied by a dog trainer. Indeed, do not wait until the dog is 8 or 10 months old before taking an interest in his education. 

Health  Of The Brindle Cane Corso

The brindle Cane Corso is a rather resistant dog. Indeed, he has iron health. However, he may be prone to certain health problems. Of course, not all cane corsos have the disease. However, be aware that these can occur. Thus, among the most common diseases in this dog we find hip dysplasia or stomach torsion.

More specifically, the cane corso can be subject to anomalies affecting his eyes. Thus, some specimens may experience entropion and ectropion problems. These diseases concern the lower edge of the eyelid. Entropion wraps the lower edge inwards of the eye. This problem can cause severe irritation as well as inflammation to the dog. Ectropion is the opposite! The eyelid droops and rolls outward. Here too, redness and inflammation are to be expected. These problems can be treated surgically to avoid any risk of chronic conjunctivitis.

Brindle Cane Corso

To avoid any health problem with the cane corso, it is important to choose your animal from a serious breeder. Indeed, a good breeder is able to provide all the health certificates certifying that the puppy is free from eye diseases.

When you type brindle Cane Corso on the internet and look at pictures of the dog, three-quarters of what you see are Cane Corso with no ears and no tails. However, nowadays the cutting of the tail and ears is no longer allowed. The breed club is very involved in this battle. The Cane Corso now keeps its ears and tail. The only case where the ears are cut off is in the case of chronic ear infections. Of course, in these cases, on medical advice and for medical reasons, it is possible to have your dog's ears cut off. That's the only reason you can do it.

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