Bully Pitbull: Sweet, Lovable, And Intelligent A great Family Dog

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The Bully Pitbull is a dog that people are afraid of at first with its strong and muscular structure. However, it will emerge as you get to know its unique temperament. Sweet, lovable, and intelligent, the American Bully makes a great family dog. Bully is also known by different names such as American Bully Pit, and Bully Pitbull. It is a very loyal and devoted breed to its family, eager to please its owner. They are very sensitive to children. The American Bully is extremely tolerant of children and makes good playmates. With their self-confident nature, they put forth all their strength to protect their family and home when necessary. The Bully Pitbull protects his family but is not a very good guard dog. With its extrovert, affectionate and obedient nature, it is a pioneer among the Bully (bully) dog breed with its positive features.

Personality & Character Traits

The American Bully is a happy, outgoing, lovable, and loyal dog. The American Bully breed, which people are afraid of in the first place due to its physical structure, is a friendly and extremely loving dog, contrary to appearances.

Bully Pitbull

He is affectionate, loyal, and loving towards his family. With its high energy, Bully also increases the energy of the environment it enters. As a brave, protective guard dog, he wants to protect his family. While maintaining the sociable, sweet and outgoing character of the American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Bully reflected the high loyalty and stability of the American Pit Bull Terrier towards its owner.

The Bully Pitbull is very intelligent and attached to its owner. It is an easy training process as it is eager to make its owner happy. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an aggressive dog. They approach people with kindness and respect. As you can see in every dog, only when necessary and when it senses danger, its innate protective nature may emerge to protect its home, owner, and loved ones. Positive reinforcements, patient and consistent approaches that you will apply in training will make the Bully a more well-behaved adult and calm dog.

Therefore, the person who will own this dog must be a good leader, without leaving this authority to the dog. When you manage to be a good leader; With its strong body, the American Bully will not be a leader, but a playful and cute dog as much as a clown. First-time dog owners may find it difficult to train an American Bully, despite its positive traits.

The American Bully is the friendliest of the Bull breeds. It is a breed that gets along well with other dogs and pets. Although they do not get along well with pets from time to time, you can overcome this situation with socialization activities and training that you will start early when they are puppies.

Relationship with strangers progresses more positively after meeting and trusting the other person. It is normal for them not to be friendly and warm to people they have just met first. The American Bully, who has a very high tolerance for children, takes great pleasure in making friends with children. Because they are so resistant to pain, you may find that children do not respond to accidental behavior without the intention of harming them.

Bully Pitbull adapts to apartment life as long as his exercise needs are well met. If he does not exercise enough, his active nature can put his owner in a difficult situation in the home environment. Therefore, you should pay attention to meeting their daily needs so that they do not exhibit negative behaviors.

Bully Pitbull

The American Bully is a versatile breed. He will be successful in different tasks with his will to please his owner and his intelligence. With his loyal, affectionate, strong nature, he is an excellent friend, watchman, and protector who will do anything for his loved ones.

However, due to the legal regulations in some regions, strict regulations have been determined against the ownership of bully-type and guard-type dog breeds called "Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL)". In this way, they try to test and reduce the biting and aggression of the dog breed. This legal process is difficult to enforce for a dog of mixed origin and cannot be identified.

These developments are opposed by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). He opposes the BSL, stating that testing and origin research can be an unreliable, ineffective means of preventing dog bites. It is possible for any dog ​​to bite or attack instinctively, it is not correct to attribute this legal process only to bully, bully and guarding dog breeds. The American Veterinary Medical Association emphasizes that good training and socialization are the most important methods of breeding good-natured dogs. This is the historical development of the American Bully breed and its place in history from past to present.

The Bully Pitbull, which is loved by those who know it, is a loyal friend and protector, is among the popular dog breeds.

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Physical Qualities of Bully Pitbull

Body: The body of the Bully Pitbull dog ​​is of medium length. The neck is heavily built, slightly curved, narrowing from the shoulders to the back of the skull. Their shoulders are broad, strong, and muscular. The body has deep and well-sprung strong ribs. All ribs are close to each other. The chest is deep and wide. There is no laxity in the skin. The back is quite short. Straight, sloping from shoulder to rump or slightly short sloping from rump to base of the tail. The high back can be seen, but not very common. Although it scares people at first glance with its muscular, imposing body, it is a very playful and affectionate dog.

Bully Pitbull

Head: The American Bully's head is of medium length. It has a rather large, deep, broad skull, prominent cheek muscles, and facial features. They have distant eyes and high ears. The muzzle is of medium length, slightly square under the eyes, and rounded at the top. Nose color black, brown, etc. All colors are accepted. Its jaw is strong and robust. Its lower jaw is capable of making its bite stronger. The upper teeth close together outside. The lower teeth are anterior or a scissor bites tooth shape is seen. His lips are closed, but there may be laxity due to the tooth structure.

Ears: The American Bully dog ​​has high ears. Their ears may or may not be cropped. Legally, not every country allows clipping. This is why you can see the American Bully with uncropped ears in these areas. The uncropped ears fall on both sides of the head, with the tip near the cheeks.

Eyes: The eyes of the Bully Pitbull breed are between round and oval shapes. It is located a little lower on his head, at a distance from each other. Eye colors can be any color except albinism. The most common eye colors you will encounter are brown, hazel, and amber.

Bully Pitbull

 Legs and Feet: The front legs of the American Bully are widely separated to support the developed and muscular chest. The front legs, which are at a distance from each other, are flat on the ground. It is acceptable, but not very desirable, to have their feet pointing outwards. The hind legs are muscular, turned neither inwards nor outwards. Their feet are of medium size, curved, and grabbing. The American Bully gait is rear-wheel drive, confident and springy.

Tail: The tail of the American Bully dog ​​is short compared to its body length. The Bully tail structure is low set and tapering from thick to thin. It is positioned unfolded at the back.

Coat: The coat of the Bully Pitbull breed is smooth, short, and hard. Their dense and hard hairs have a shiny appearance. In cold weather, it is seen that they get cold very quickly due to their short hair. Their grooming needs are not so much because they shed moderately.

 Color: The Bully Pitbull attracts attention with its short, shiny, and smooth fur. The Bully breed stands out with its wide range of fur colors and patterns. It can come in light brown, brown, white, brindle, silver, gray, cream, red, pied, sable, and black colors and tones. Occasionally, spots and markings may be seen. It is a dog breed where all colors and patterns can be seen. The only colors that the ABKC does not accept in the American Bully are merle and albino.

Bully Pitbull


 The Bully Pitbull dog ​​breed should consume the high-quality dog ​​food recommended by the veterinarian. In addition to ready-made foods, you can also give homemade foods that are suitable for dogs to eat at certain intervals and portions. However, it is not possible for home meals to meet the daily nutritional and calorie needs of the Bully dog ​​alone. Therefore, do not feed your dog only home food. Definitely avoid fatty foods, and cooked bones, and do not give your dog to eat.

It is important to control weight and calories in the diet of the Bully Pitbull dog. His small and muscular body should not eat more calories than he needs. Otherwise, your dog may gain excess weight and experience obesity.

You can give 4 scoops of high-quality dry food in two meals to meet the daily nutritional needs of the American Bully dog ​​breed. This measure is generally indicated for those who are of ideal height and weight. If the owner needs to adjust the amount of food your dog needs according to his physical characteristics, he should seek help from the veterinarian.

Do not hesitate to get information by consulting your veterinarian if you have any questions or problems about weight control, diet, and plan. Good nutrition is essential for their healthy growth and development.

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