How long is the cane corso lifespan and how can we extend it?

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 Although known for having reasonably solid health, the Cane Corso is not infallible either. Find out what the Cane Corso lifespan is and how to keep it healthy throughout its life.

cane corso lifespan

The average Cane Corso lifespan

The Cane Corso lifespan is between 9 and 12 years. It is relatively short, but other giant breeds, such as the Bernese Mountain Dog or the Great Dane, live even less, between 6 and 9 years. The Cane Corso is known for his rather stocky build, which fortunately protects him from some severe genetic issues.

 Unfortunately, however, your dog is not unbeatable, and specific pathologies such as cancer can appear even in a healthy animal. Likewise, you can always have an accident.

cane corso lifespan

How to extend my Cane Corso lifespan?

The good news is that you can take some precautions that will help you prolong the Cane Corso lifespan. These recommendations are, in fact, valid for all breeds of dogs.

Choose quality food

Your dog's diet plays a fundamental role in its health. Therefore, we must make sure to choose a high-quality diet based on animal proteins, especially non-vegetables. Stay away from the dog food sold in big box stores. The products they sell in supermarkets are of poor quality. Learn to interpret labels and choose foods without preservatives or sweeteners. A good feed or a good pâté is not necessarily more expensive. You can even opt for a tailor-made diet for your dog, created especially to cover all his needs. Don't forget that food should evolve: a puppy will not eat the same as a senior dog. Respect the nutritional needs of your puppy!

cane corso lifespan

Do not forget the veterinary follow-up

Of course, food is not everything; A good veterinary follow-up is also necessary. Your Cane Corso must be updated annually, with its vaccinations and treatments against fleas and ticks. The latter, in particular, can transmit severe Lyme disease. It is also essential to deworm your four-legged friend because intestinal parasites can weaken his immune system. Also, take care of its coat: fortunately, the short coat of the Cane Corso does not require much maintenance. Also, pay attention to their eyes and oral hygiene. Finally, with age, a minor annual check-up will not hurt.

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Educate your dog

The education of the Cane Corso contributes indirectly to its health. Why? Simply because it is thanks to it that you can keep your dog under control during walks and thus avoid accidents. Therefore, it is essential that your dog knows how to obey you, responds well to his name, and stops when you ask him to. In any case, training is an important stage for the Cane Corso, given its imposing size. With a friendly character but sometimes stubborn, from time to time, your Cane Corso will want to do what he pleases. Therefore, training a dog of this size is essential, whether a companion dog or a guard and defense dog.

cane corso lifespan

What are the common diseases of the Cane Corso?

All dog breeds are different when it comes to health. However, large and giant breeds of dogs tend to suffer more problems. And it affects Cane Corso lifespan. And although the Cane Corso is quite robust, it is prone to several pathologies.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia: Unfortunately, this joint problem affects many large dogs. It is characterized by a poor fit of the hip or elbow bone in its respective socket. It is a disabling pathology requiring surgery. Usually, the breeder should examine the parents of the puppies before breeding.
  • Essential epilepsy: Essential epilepsy is when the causes of the disease are unknown. Seizures, partial or generalized, characterize critical epilepsy. It is a frequent disease in the Cane Corso. There is no treatment to make epilepsy go away, but medications can reduce the frequency of seizures.
  • Stomach torsion: The Cane Corso is at greater risk than a large dog. It must be treated urgently because the animal will die in hours if nothing is done. During stomach torsion, the stomach twists and obstructs the entry and exit routes, causing the accumulation of gases. As a result, the dog drools and tries to vomit without success.

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