Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix: All About Auggie Dog

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Any breed mixed with a Corgi tends to make a splash, including the adorable Auggie! This Corgi Australian Shepherd mix became famous thanks to the traits he picked up from his favorite parent breeds. Find out what makes this mix so adorable!

The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix is the Aussie Corgi, Auggie, or Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix. The Aussie Corgi is a charismatic ball of energy, which is often small like the Corgi, with the colors of the Australian Shepherd. But this little guy has a lot more to offer than his good looks.

In this guide, we are going to talk a bit about his parents, their main appearance, and temperament characteristics, so you will have a better idea of ​​what you can expect from their puppies. Like any designer dog, you need to be aware that the Aussie Corgi can take on any characteristic from either parent, in any combination, so you need to be a little open about it mind before welcoming one of these guys into your home.

What you can expect is lots of fun, lots of energy, and some seriously cheeky guy! Does he have the physique? Yes. And he has a great personality? Yes. Is he the dog breed for you? Well, let's find out!

Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix General Information

The popularity of the Aussie Corgi is growing rapidly, and for a good reason. They are great family dogs, and they can have extremely unique looks. This is what sets them apart from many other designer dog breeds. Let's take a look at what makes designer dogs so great.

To understand the Corgi Australian Shepherd mix, it is crucial to know a little about the parent breeds and what they stand for. Although some smaller Australian Shepherds may resemble Corgis slightly, they are quite different and come from entirely different backgrounds.

Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd does not come from Australia; they are the product of itinerant farmers and herders. Their final destination, where they are believed to have been bred, is North America. Nonetheless, he is described as intelligent, work-oriented, and exuberant. Created as a herding dog, he has a lot of energy, is very intelligent, and is easy to train.

This breed is often found on ranches alongside cowboys, sniffing drugs, as therapy dogs, and for search and rescue. His energy and versatility make him an intense dog who cannot sit still for very long.

This cowboy companion stands between 18 and 23 inches tall and weighs between 45 and 60 inches. The Aussie has become one of the most popular parent breeds to mix with others to achieve unique-looking mixed-breed puppies.

Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

The Corgi

There are two types of Corgi, one being the Pembroke Corgi and the other the Cardigan Corgi, and while they are very similar, there are some subtle differences between them. The Aussie corgi can have either parent.

Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi have very similar temperaments, health problems, and lifespans. They both come from England, across the pond, and are also herd dogs who use their small size to hound cattle. He is described as effective, intelligent, and alert, and he is still an intense little guy everyone loves.

İn 2020, the AKC ranked this breed the 13th most popular dog breed. This short and long little boy is 10 to 12 inches and weighs up to 30 inches, so much smaller than the Australian Shepherd parent. Corgi mixes are also become more popular, although creating design dogs with this parent breed is challenging due to their unique size and shape.

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The temperament of Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix is naturally an excellent herder, with both parents being some of the best. With their small stature, they can inherit the tendency to pinch the ankles or stick with the classic Aussie look, but either way, they'll keep the cows going until the sun goes down! It's fantastic if you're looking for a herding dog with a bit of quirkiness, but it's a behavior that should be discouraged at home if you have a young family.

As he is an affectionate dog, he will enjoy spending time with his family, and he can be very affectionate, too, so you can expect a big hug after a hard day's work. The Australian Shepherd can be a little aloof around strangers, but thanks to the bubbly personality of his Corgi parents, he'll warm up in no time. As he is very social, he doesn't like to spend too much time alone, so be sure to invest in a crate if he is anxious.

In addition to his herding abilities, he can also be a territorial dog if he feels you are imposing on him and interfering with his family. Because of this, he can be quite a barker pup, which is perfect if you're looking for a watchdog.

You can expect this dog to be full of energy, so you'll need to match their energy. If you prefer the company of a lap dog, the Aussie Corgi is not the one for you! On the contrary, if you like interactive games, canine hide-and-seek, agility lessons, and long weekend walks, he could be the breed for you.

Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

Size and Appearance of Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix will usually have the elongated shape of the Corgi with the coat of the Australian Shepherd. It will of course be a little larger than the Corgi and will measure between 30 and 40 cm. He will weigh between 25 and 45 inches, which makes him a medium-sized dog.

His cheeky Corgi parent will pass on his cheeky smile, and combined with his large round eyes and larger-than-life erect triangular ears, he will have a mischievous demeanor. There is also a good chance that he inherits the different colored eyes of the Australian Shepherd, which is not only a strikingly beautiful feature but comes at a price, as it is a unique look and desirable.

Coat And Colors of Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

The Aussie Corgi dog, just like both of its parents, will have a thick, dense coat that is designed to keep it warm when working in its herds. However, this thick coat moderately sheds throughout the year, and you can expect a full rash during shedding season, so have your vacuum ready!

His coat usually takes after the Australian Shepherd parent, in that it is a bit longer than the Corgi parent, and it also takes after its beautiful color.

Exercise and Living Conditions Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix will need around 60 minutes of intense exercise each day, and unless you want him to destroy your home and belongings, you need to be able to guarantee that. As he is a workaholic who is also very intelligent, you will need to vary his exercise regimen, so be sure to include running, agility courses, and fetch in the exercise equation. A happy Aussie Corgi is a busy dog, so be sure to keep him alert.

If he takes after his Corgi parent and inherits shorter legs and a longer spine, he may be suffering from intervertebral disc disease, and as such, he might need a little help to climb sofas or climb stairs to avoid injury. So if you have something very high that he might climb up or down, be sure to help him out or invest in some dog ramps; he needs an observant and helpful family.

The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix will suit a home with small children and pets, as long as he doesn't herd them. Again, it's about discouraging this behavior, which we'll cover in the next section. But in general, the Aussie Corgi is affectionate with all family members and wants to be everyone's friend.

Training of Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

He will need obedience training to ensure he doesn't bring his herding techniques home. While anyone can achieve this with these tips, he will often need professional obedience training to overcome his natural impulses. It is also much easier to manage if he is well socialized as a puppy, as he will quickly learn from other dogs that this behavior will not be tolerated while ensuring that he grows up to be a confident and polite puppy.

As mentioned earlier, the Corgi Australian Shepherd mix may not like being left at home for too long, and as such crate training is advisable. Not only will this give him a haven in the house, but it will also make your life a whole lot easier knowing he's happy and can't eat your furniture when you're not home.

Positive reinforcement training is also advised here, and if he's like the Corgi, he'll love a treat or three, but if not, lots of praise and encouragement will do wonders. The Aussie Corgi may not listen at first, but that's just because of his boundless energy, but be persistent in your training, and his intelligence and drive will soon take over.

Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

Health of Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix is a healthy dog ​​that will live between 12 and 14 years. He is susceptible to any health issues that affect either parent, but here are the main issues to watch out for:

Intervertebral disc disease in dogs is a disease that affects dogs that have the shape of the Corgi or the Dachshund. Compared to other dogs with more proportionate bodies, shorter legs and a long spine mean he can't tackle heights, like going up or down stairs or jumping off the couch. Her spine bends abnormally, which can cause ruptured discs that are very painful and can lead to paralysis.

Hip dysplasia is a common health problem that most dogs are prone to, and both Australian Shepherds and Corgi are prone to it. It is caused by the abnormal formation of the hip joint, which again can lead to severe pain and paralysis later in life.

Progressive retinal atrophy is a condition that both parents are at risk of due to poor eye health, and progressive retinal atrophy, also known as PRA, is quite common. Eventually, it is characterized by the deterioration of its retina, which can lead to total blindness.

Feed of Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

The Aussie Corgi will do well on high-quality, high-protein kibble as it will not only keep his muscles in top condition but will also provide him with the energy he needs to keep his little body alive.

A typical Corgi Australian Shepherd mix needs 2 to 2 ½ cups of kibble daily, or even more if he's a working dog. As we mentioned earlier, if he is following in his Corgi parent's footsteps, he will always be craving snacks, so watch his treat intake to prevent him from becoming an overweight dog.

Aussie Corgis can be picky eaters, so you need to make sure you stick to the foods your pup likes. They also have sensitive stomachs, so your vet may recommend that they stick to dry kibble with extra fiber to support gut health.

Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

Grooming of Corgi Australian Shepherd mix

The Aussie Corgi will need brushing 2 or 3 times a week to stay clean, tangle-free, and healthy-looking. A bath will be required every 6-8 weeks, depending on how much dirt he has accumulated during his adventures.

His small mouth and narrow teeth will also need to be cleaned weekly to prevent periodontal disease. Their large ears will also need to be cleaned weekly as they retain a lot of dirt. Using an anti-shedding shampoo can help reduce hair loss and flakiness.

As a Family Pet

The Aussie Corgi needs at least 60 minutes of intense exercise each day.

He is very sociable and affectionate with his family and friends.

He is a natural herder and would make a fantastic herding dog.

He must be placed with a family who will be present most of the day.

He may be prone to separation anxiety, so don't leave him alone for long periods.

This mongrel dog will love herding. Start training him early so he will behave well.

His family should be aware of potential height risks if it is a short and long puppy.

Final Thoughts

The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix is a fantastic little dog who will love being put to work and put to the test. Not only will you have to make sure he gets all the exercise he needs, but you will also have to be there often to give him love and cuddles.

If you think it fits you and your lifestyle, then the Corgi Australian Shepherd mix is a fantastic dog, and you can be sure you'll have a best friend for life!

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