What is the Mini French Bulldog? (Size Health And Lifespan)

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 There is much speculation about the actual origins of a Mini French Bulldog, but he is very likely that the breed originated from a toy or miniature bulldog that is a cross between English bulldogs and terrier-type dogs. They were brought to France by Nottingham lacemakers during the revolution.

French bulldogs are rightly considered the most popular dog breed in the world. They are playful companions with lovable personalities who will always be by your side. These adorable Frenchies come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, which is why we decided to represent them with the cutest among Frenchies. Meet the mini French bulldog, the smallest dog with the biggest heart.

Why are Mini French Bulldogs so popular?

Mini French Bulldog has been “raising a lot of dust” lately. However, they are still considered to be one of the most popular dogs in the world. Although they are not accepted by the AKC and EKC, that hasn't changed people's minds about owning miniature French bulldogs. They attract attention not only for their appearance but also for their personality. He is shown that they act very well with children and adapt easily to any type of family.

mini french bulldog

What do you need to know about Mini French Bulldog?

Before deciding to own this dog, you must find out how breeders these furry friends are. If they are not raised properly, there are great chances that they will suffer from different health problems in the future. Unfortunately, some "breeders" only have one thing on their minds: how to make a lot of money. The more unique the dog, the more expensive he will be. That is why you must always buy a dog from a trusted breeder who assures you of the health history of a dog and its origins. It does not matter if you have a standard or Mini French Bulldog, it is highly desirable to pay for health insurance as they are prone to different health problems. It doesn't have to be a serious health problem. Your lovely bat pig may show allergy symptoms or some other type of minor health problem.

Size of the Mini French Bulldog

Mini French Bulldogs are slightly smaller than standard Frenchies and usually weigh 5 pounds. They may also have non-standard coat colors and different body proportions. In other words, the appearance of your mini-frog dog will very much depend on the breed he has been crossed with.

 mini french bulldog

How is the Mini French Bulldog made?

Well, there are a few ways to "do" a mini french. The first is to mate the smaller dogs of a litter (runts). When choosing the appropriate dogs for mating, breeders need to make the selection of the puppies. To get healthy and quality mini puppies, reliable breeders need up to 20 years. Next, breeders use so-called "runts" for breeding. Since this way of breeding also carries risks, breeders should check the puppy's health first. Runts are not only the smallest pups but also the weakest in a litter. This means that these dogs may have serious health problems in the future and a shorter life.

Dwarf Dogs

Let's continue with the second way to get mini French bulldogs. This form should definitely be banned as these dogs suffer enormous pain throughout their lives. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable breeders who mate dwarf dogs. Dwarfism is a genetic mutation. And this genetic mutation causes a skeletal disorder. Dwarf French Bulldogs suffer from respiratory problems and chronic pain in the joints, hips, and back.

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Characteristics of the Mini French Bulldog

The features of this little furry one are more or less the same as those of the standard French. The first thing to keep in mind is that this little dog is strongly connected to his loving family. The Frenchie is a fun-loving and freethinker. He is easy to train with positive training tactics. hie is a fun-loving and freethinker. He is easy to train with positive training tactics. 

  • Single Layer: Teacup Frenchies have a single coat, which means they can withstand being in cold weather conditions for a long time. If you live in a cold climate, provide your furry mini friend with extra coverage.
  • Low energy need: French Bulldogs are generally considered the best apartment dogs as they don't require much exercise. This breed of dog is not likely to burn much energy, so it is extremely important to regulate their weight and feed them an appropriate caloric diet. Otherwise, they may have a serious respiratory problem.
  • Children lover: Mini French Bulldog is the best dog for children. They are capable of entertaining children for long periods of time. However, it is advisable never to leave them with children without supervision.

mini french bulldog 

Life Expectancy Of Mini French Bulldog

The French Bulldog remains a breed of dog that is unfortunately rather fragile due to his physical particularities. Indeed, his flattened muzzle, so typical, can, unfortunately, cause more or less severe problems in him. 

What is the life expectancy of the French Bulldog?

The lifespan of the French Bulldog is between 9 and 14 years. It is very little, especially for a dog of this size. This is because small breed dogs normally live much longer than large or giant breed dogs. Unfortunately, the French Bulldog, due to sometimes hazardous crossings, is in relatively fragile health. You are also not immune to accidents or diseases such as cancers or tumors. 

The Problems of Hypertypes

Selection and crossbreeding have caused some breeds to develop exaggerated physical characteristics. This is particularly the case for dog breeds such as the Boxer, the Pug, or the English Bulldog, known as brachycephalic breeds. They are recognizable by their flattened muzzle. Unfortunately, this physical peculiarity is accompanied by more or less serious respiratory problems. It is not uncommon to hear Bulldogs snore when they sleep or start huffing at the slightest effort. The situation is such that these brachycephalic breeds have been banned from air travel after dramatic accidents.

How to improve the life expectancy of the French Bulldog?

Certain precautions will allow you to protect the health of your little doggie. 

Focus on food

The good health of your four-legged friend depends above all on his bowl. For this reason, it is necessary to choose quality food for him. As the dog remains a carnivore, go for products made mostly from premium animal proteins. If possible, avoid buying in supermarkets or supermarkets, because the quality is far from being there. Don't forget to adapt your French Bulldog's diet to his age: a puppy should not be fed in the same way as an adult dog. Use food supplements on veterinary advice, and if in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a canine nutritionist. 

Pay attention to physical exertion

The French Bulldog is known for his rather homely character. It is absolutely necessary to avoid too intense efforts because your dog simply will not support it. He must stretch his legs but in moderation. Also, beware of heat: the French Bulldog is very sensitive to it. Avoid letting him sleep outside when it is very hot and install his basket in a cool corner of the house. 

Train your dog

Education indirectly contributes to the health of your hairball. Educating your French Bulldog is, therefore, essential. This will allow you to get it out safely. He must learn to walk on a leash and come back to you as soon as you call him to protect him against accidents. 

Consult a veterinarian regularly

Finally, do not forget to consult a veterinarian at least once a year to ensure that your dog is doing well and to carry out the necessary vaccine reminders. Administer fleas, ticks, and dewormers, and regularly maintain your French Bulldog's coat and his ears, eyes, and teeth.

mini french bulldog 

What are the common diseases of the French Bulldog?

Unfortunately, the health of the French Bulldog is not as robust as other dog breeds. He is affected by several diseases. 

  • Obstruction of the respiratory tract: this is the consequence of its flattened muzzle. The dog snores have difficulty breathing and run out of breath with the least effort. These respiratory problems are generally caused by the abnormal length of the palate, which then compresses the larynx. There is nothing to do, except take care of your dog and avoid the heat and intense sports sessions.
  • Pyloric stenosis: again, this disease is associated with brachycephalic races. This is an obstruction of the pylorus, part of the stomach. It is incapable of draining itself. The treatment is based on taking medication, a quality diet, and a corrective operation.
  • Herniated disc: it is characterized by the displacement of the intervertebral disc upwards. It is a painful disease, which causes pain and difficulty in moving which can go as far as paralysis. The treatment is surgical.
  • Gliomas: Unfortunately, this is a common tumor in dogs. It affects the central nervous system. Alas, the prognosis is often very bleak.


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