French Bulldog - Dog Breed Characteristics And Care

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Either you, a very close friend, or a neighbor probably share their house with them. Because they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA. With their small size, bat-like ears, super-cute faces, and their stubbornness; we are talking about French bulldogs.

French bulldogs have a unique cuteness that will conquer everyone's hearts.

Let's get to know them better. 

A Brief Look At The French Bulldog

This breed, which does not need much exercise and is alert to what is going on in the environment with its uplifted ears, can generally be easily trained. However, it should not be forgotten that he has a stubborn nature and a free spirit. This breed, which tends to drool, does not bark too much. The fact that they adapt very well to apartment life has increased their frequency of preference by families today.

They are very good with children and it can be said that they have a loving heart. When it comes to their families, their world changes. They are very loyal and love to play with their owners. It is important to socialize with this breed from a young age. Their colors vary from black to white, blue and brown. They do not swim well, so it is recommended not to leave them alone near deep waters. Since they are genetically predisposed to joint and heart diseases, their diet and exercise regimens should be set up correctly.

 French bulldog

French Bulldog History

The French Bulldog name is misleading. This breed is smaller than the American and English Bulldog breeds, originating in England. You are surprised, aren’t you?

The homeland of the French Bulldog breed in England. It was bred by lace workers in Nottingham as a smaller, miniature version of the bulldog breed. Since it was very popular, he immigrated to this country alongside the workers who immigrated to France to work under better conditions. This breed became very popular in France. His name remained the "French Bulldog" because he was loved for his cuteness, little need for exercise, and his tolerant nature. There are many different discourses about its origin. One of them says that the dog came from Spain or Portugal. Another one says that it originated in Germany. The most accepted theory is that the dog was born in England.

In any case, the French Bulldog is considered an important part of the family. They love being with their owners, and they have been known to follow their owners around everywhere. Their loyalty is impressive. That makes them save their spot as trendy family pets.


English Bulldog breeds


How Much Should a French Bulldog Weight?

Small breed French Bulldog dogs can weigh 28 pounds in adulthood. Their height varies between 9 inches and 13 inches. They are known to tend to gain weight, so it is recommended that they walk for up to 30 minutes a day, although they do not need much exercise. Activities supported by games will be sufficient for their weight control.

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How Many Puppies Does a French Bulldog Have?

If you have a "Frenchie" female, you cannot expect her to have many offspring at one birth. Females, who usually give birth to 3 cubs in each delivery, can give birth to 5 from time to time. However, the birth of 7 puppies is extremely rare. Among the factors that cause the number of puppies to be low is their flattened nose. The same is true of breeds such as Pekingese, Pug, Chihuahua, and Chow Chow. When this breed gives birth to more than three puppies, the general health conditions of the puppies can also be problematic. As a result, births are mostly performed by cesarean section. 

How Many Hours Does a French Bulldog Sleep?

They spend 18 hours a day asleep during their infancy. As they get older and step into adulthood, their sleep hours decrease. An adult Frenchie spends about 12 hours a day sleeping. He prefers to spend 4-5 hours of his remaining time playing and 6-7 hours hanging around or being petted. It cannot be said that there is a specific sleep pattern. He can sleep at any time of the day. Our cute snoring friends can sleep with their eyes open due to the nose structure.

white French bulldog

How to Train a French Bulldog?

Like others, training should start at an early age. Since they love to play very much, adding games to the training process will make them learn much easier. If you can make him have fun, you can give him very successful training with the help of his intelligence. It is possible, however, that you may find it difficult to control your free spirit and stubbornness. Treats can make your job easier since they are highly food motivated. 

Care for a French Bulldog

Allergies, hip dysplasia, joint problems, and intervertebral disc diseases increase their healthy nutritional needs. You can choose from quality small-breed foods for your Frenchie. The amount of food should be determined in accordance with her age, developmental stage, and activity level.

The French Bulldog is not one of those dogs that shed a lot. There is moderate hair growth. They can shed throughout the year, and the amount of shedding may increase in seasonal periods. They need to be brushed once a week. It should not be forgotten that their nails are cut regularly, and the inside of their ears should be checked. These cute and muscular friends, who are very easy to care for, will be advantageous in every respect for families living in apartments.

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