19 Golden Retriever Mix Breeds Brief Info (With Pictures)

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 Some thought it would be a good idea to choose two breeds, in particular, to create a designer dog. There are plenty of Golden that has a hint of a passing stranger somewhere in their past. However, they can still have the Golden Personality and character traits of a Golden Retriever. Often, a Golden Retriever mix can be best for a pet.

Now let's get to know these wonderful Golden Retriever mix dogs together.

Popular Golden Retriever Mix Breeds

golden retriever mix

Golden Lab (Labrador Retriever / Golden Retriever mix)

An athletic cross made for fun in the sun (and water), the Golden Lab is an all-around family dog. The Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever breeds are loved for their laid-back nature, so it's no surprise that the Golden Lab is a crowd pleaser. 

However, these guys need a lot of exercises, which means they're best suited for parents who don't mind taking lots of walks and playing lots.

golden retriever mix

Goldendoodle (Poodle/Golden Retriever mix)

A walking teddy bear, the Goldendoodle is a curly-haired cutie who is too adorable for words. This playful pup comes in various coat types, from tight curls to long, loose waves, so be sure to have a groomer on the speed dial!

golden retriever mix

Gollie (Collie/Golden Retriever mix)

Good Gollie! How cute is he!

The Collie Golden Retriever Mix is a sweet soul with long, luscious locks and a sweet spirit. His golden roots make for fierce games of fetch, while his collie-side mix promises strong herding instincts and plenty of stamina.

golden retriever mix

Golden Cocker (Cocker Spaniel / Golden Retriever mix)

Two adorable long-haired mixes equal one precious puppy! Playful and energetic, the Golden Cocker is the ideal companion for those who like to explore.

Just be aware that his coat will require regular grooming. That said, a shorter cut can prevent tangles between brushings.

Golden Setter (Irish Setter / Golden Retriever mix)

A handsome pup always ready for his close-up, the Golden Setter is a royal mix with a hunting background. When he's not chasing his feathered friends from the brush, you can find this whimsical four-footer foraging or cuddle with his family.

His coat is beautiful, but owners should brush him regularly to avoid matting.

 Goberian (Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mix)

 An energetic cutie with thick, luxurious fur, the Goberian ( Husky Golden Retriever mix) is a go-to partner for winter fun. He is a hiker's dream dog, ready to take on every trail enthusiastically.

Just note that, as he is full of energy, he needs an owner who can regularly keep him occupied with walks and games.

Golden Shepherd (German Shepherd / Golden Retriever mix)

A smart pup with lots of cutes to do, the Golden Shepherd is a hard worker with a big heart. He learns tricks and commands quickly, which means he can become a master of obedience competition with the proper (and continued) training.

Golden Chow (Chow Chow / Golden Retriever mix)

A distinguished dog with fur for days on end, the Golden Chow is a large pup, as fun as he is furry. He is an excellent watchdog that protects the home from squirrels and postmen.

His coat needs regular brushing, and owners should socialize him early with people and other dogs to prevent him from becoming a golden grouch.

Golden Saint (Saint Bernard / Golden Retriever mix)

A jumbo floof with dense fur and a carefree temperament, the Golden Saint is named after a T. He is a darling Saint Bernard mix whose gentle spirit makes him an excellent family dog.

His luxurious coat needs regular brushing to maintain his beauty, and paw-parents-to-be should be prepared for a bit of drooling.

Golden Mountain Dog (Bernese Mountain Dog / Golden Retriever mix)

With a name like the Golden Mountain Dog, it's no wonder these big furry herds are the king of the trail! This mix is ​​a family doggo with a robust build and glorious coat.

He's also an easy-going pup, who is equally happy hiking with his puppy parents or relaxing on the couch with the kids.

Golden Aussie (Australian Shepherd / Golden Retriever mix)

A hardcore shepherd and retriever in one guarantees a pup with enough energy for everyone!

The Golden Aussie is a playful pup that needs a positive outlet to avoid becoming destructive, making it a great buddy for jogging or regular agility competitions.

Golden pit (Pitbull / Golden Retriever mix)

The Golden Pit is a powerful pup with a heart as golden as its fur.

His incredible energy and his playful side make him an excellent family dog. In fact, joggers and hikers will find him a great companion, as this Pittie mix is ​​more than happy to put the miles on your side.

Golden Pei (Shar Pei / Golden Retriever mix)

Whether he inherits a silky golden coat or wrinkles galore (or both), the Golden Pei is a unique mix that turns heads. A goofball with watchdog instincts, he's a great companion that will make you laugh.

So, make sure your Shar Pei Golden Retriever mix encounters lots of people and animals while he's young.

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Golden Akita (Akita / Golden Retriever mix)

The Golden Akita is a strong and confident dog with a regal bearing. Powerfully built and naturally aloof, the Golden Akita makes an excellent watchdog who won't hesitate to scare off a pesky squirrel or two.

Like many Akita mixes, he needs extra socialization from a young age to ensure a confident canine companion.

Golden Newfie (Newfoundland / Golden Retriever mix)

Now that's a stream!

The Golden Newfie is a gentle giant who can look intimidating but promises nothing but love (and maybe a little drool.) His thick coat is excellent for winter, though frequent brushing is necessary to keep him fresh.

Golden Boxer (Boxer / Golden Retriever mix)

Adorable and goofy, the Golden Boxer is an excellent choice for those who lead active lifestyles. However, he is a high-octane dog who is always on the go, so daily walks must keep him happy.

And as you might expect, given the breeds in this pup's family tree, he has a super sweet personality that makes him a great dog for the kiddos.

golden retriever mix

Golden Doxie (Dachshund / Golden Retriever mix)

 A short-legged cutie with long, beautiful locks, the Golden Doxie has the soft side of a golden with the toughness of a dachshund mix. He's a natural clown who loves cuddles, equating to an ideal furry friend for the family.

He may be a little willful, but regular training sessions help keep a dog friend happy and engaged.

Goldendale (Airedale Terrier / Golden Retriever mix)

  This adorable pup looks similar to the Goldendoodle with his coarse coat, but he has the fiery flair of a terrier that can make training a little tricky.

But even though he can be stubborn at times, his heart of gold makes up for it!

Golden Pyrenees (Great Pyrenees / Golden Retriever mix)

A guardian you can't help but love, the Golden Pyrenees is a big dog with a thick, winter-hardy coat that needs heavy brushing. This Great Pyrenees Golden Retriever Mix is ​​a sweet-tempered pup at home in the living room or yard, protecting his herd.

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